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The above t-shirts are now available from a cool [* FREE *] service called

Each custom designer garment has one of the following logos on the front.

Licenced 2 Frag
Licenced 2 Code
Licenced 2 Hack

With a matching dictionary style descriptions on the reverse.

(if you click on the above images you can zoom in on the designs via the store interface)

Licenced 2 Frag has

Pronunciation: 'frag
Short for: fragment (fragmentation)

Pronunciation: 'frag-m&nt
Function: noun

intransitive senses: to transform a whole into pieces
transitive senses: to break up or apart into fragments 

practical sense: to blow the living shit out of things ! 
Licenced 2 code describes

Pronunciation: 'kOd
Function: noun
 Middle English, from Middle French,
 from Latin caudex, codex trunk of a tree,
 document formed originally from wooden tablets

1: a systematic statement of a body of law
2: a system of principles or rules
3: a system of signals or symbols for communication
4: a system of symbols used to represent assigned 
   and often secret meanings

transitive senses : 
 to put in or into the form or symbols of a code
intransitive senses : 
 in reference to a style of computer programming 
 [to code] (see hack)

Licenced 2 Hack shows

Pronunciation: 'hak
Function: verb

transitive senses
1: to cut or sever with repeated blows 
2: ANNOY, VEX -- often used with off
3: TOLERATE <I can't hack this>

intransitive senses
1: to make chopping strokes or blows 
2: to cough in a short dry manner
3: LOAF -- usually used with around
4: to write computer programs for enjoyment 
5: to gain access to a computer illegally 
6: to seek understanding of a proprietary 
   device/standard through its disassembly

There are also a couple of mouse mats made with my old desktop backgrounds that you may enjoy.

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