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14 Oct 2017:
what nth select blender not checker deselect
I needed a Sun shape in Blender I had thought of crafting in Inkscape, but I wondered how easy it would be to create a mesh circle and scale every other vertex ...

Having created Blender Python scripts before (saltshaker) in the distant past, I expected a hard slog to find the required code. But Blender has Templates in the Text editor window and they cover almost any simple task you might require.

So it was a simple process of

Creating a Mesh Circle
Setting it's Vertices = 16
and Fill = Ngon

Then in the Text editor window selecting

Templates - Python - Bmesh Simple Editmode

and adding a 6 lines of code, all the rest was in the template

# This example assumes we have a mesh object in edit-mode

import bpy
import bmesh

# Get the active mesh
obj = bpy.context.edit_object
me = obj.data

# Get a BMesh representation
bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(me)

bm.faces.active = None

# Modify the BMesh, can do anything here...
i = 0
for v in bm.verts:
    if ( i % 2) :
        v.select = True
    else :
        v.select = False

# Show the updates in the viewport
# and recalculate n-gon tessellation.
bmesh.update_edit_mesh(me, True)

My code being

i = 0

    if ( i % 2) :
        v.select = True
    else :
        v.select = False

Which just selects every other vertex based on the remainder when divided by 2

set of blender screenshots showing how my python script created a nice Sun shape from a circle

That worked how I wanted but then I found Blender has "Checker Deselect" in the Select menu that deselects every other vertex and produces the same result. Same code?
Not quite. On a UV Sphere my code creates this pattern.
set of blender screenshots showing how my python script affects a UV sphere
(note that on each Ring two selected vertices are always together somewhere)

Where as the "Checker Deselect" selected each Ring and ends up like this.
set of blender screenshots showing how the Checker Deselect affects a UV sphere

Finally I took an ICO Sphere, used my selection script, did a Extrude Individual plus Scale and ended up with a odd hairy object. Then added a Skin Modifier to convert the "Hairs" into fingers and a Subsurface Modifier to smooth them all out. Then playing in the compositor I got this.
abstract blender render created from extruding vertices

Oh, and you can change the script where it says bm.verts to bm.faces to select every other face.
09 Oct 2017:
ethernet connector for pi
Raspberry Pi 3 HiRes
(home straight)

[X]Board in Blender
-[X]Measure board
-[X]Components on the bottom
-[ ]Components on the top
--[X]GPIO pins
--[X]Camera connector
--[X]Display connector (identical to the camera connector)
--[X]Broadcom chip
--[X]Other chip (networking and USB, I think)
--[X]USB power connector
--[X]HDMI connector
--[X]Headphone jack
--[X]Ethernet connector
--[ ]USB connector pair x2 (making four)
--[ ]Micro components, like capacitors (loads of these)

Ethernet connector was a nice collection of Mirror Modifier, Bevel Modifier and Solidify Modifier. I also added a material to the side faces that is the logo as a mask for the metal roughness.

rendering of raspberry pi circuit board highlighting the ethernet connector and its logo
09 Oct 2017:
blending up a reverse build glare world
The problem with Blender is the shiny factor.

It was just too easy to;

Delete the default Cube
Add a UV Sphere with Segments=128 Rings=64 and Generate UV's ticked
Switch to Cycles
Move the Point lamp into the Sphere and increase the strength
Add a Material and select a Equirectangular map of the world
Add a Build Modifier with Reverse ticked
Add a Cube and scale it to encompass the scene (later found could do without this and just use the Background Nodes)
Set the Volume to be a Mix node of Volumetric Scatter and Volumetric Absorption
Add a Glare Filter in the Compositor(never played in the Compositor before)
Render, render, render
Play in VSE to edit the video.

Had some problems, in that the videos produced by Blender do not load into Blender very well. Adding a Speed Affect worked for most cases, but to do the split screen x4 I had to manually convert the videos to force the frame rate.

Adding Movie Strips with a Speed affect AND a transform AND repeating it 4 times really screwed things up.

And back to the "It was just too easy to" it also took bloody ages as I made numerous costly(time) mistakes.

I have some actual homework related Blendering to do and I have added the Ethernet port to the Pi, so expect those soon.
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