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18 May 2019:
ubuntu takes control windows style
Ubuntu WTH!

I have an old laptop with Ubuntu on that had been buried under a stack of paper for a few months. Finally fished it out and started it up.

First job update APT cache.
sudo apt-get update
... ran fine
next actually upgrade the packages installed.
sudo apt-get upgrade
something about the lock file for frontend being in use.

Try again and again and then check if anything is using frontend
lsof | egrep frontend

Double check any other apps running, you know like the Software Updater. There is nothing other than my terminal!

Time to reboot

Unattended-upgrade in progress during shutdown, please don't turn off the computer

AGHHHhhh...!! I am not running Windows!


All the Ubuntu devs had to do was have the Software Updater GUI showing, like they do normally, but apparently I am not allowed to know what my system is doing :(

I would love to switch to another distro, but this machine runs Ubuntu to make sure it runs bog standard.
18 May 2019:
blender vse fight scene at start frame
Quick note to myself about Blender animations that contain Videos and Scenes.

Loaded a 30min video into the Video Sequencer and then created a Scene with animated elements. Added the Scene to the VSE and everything worked well. Started the render going ...
12hrs later the drive ran out of space (19G) and the render stopped. Then I moved everything to a new drive and set the Start frame to be the "next" frame and set it rendering again.

I noticed that the progress information kept flicking from one value to another for the "current frame". After 6hrs I realised this was rendering the Scene frame well ahead of the video frame.

When you set the Start frame in a normal Blender animation that is the frame Blender starts rendering from. But when you have a VSE setup the video frame matches the Start frame but the Blender Scene instead renders frame n+Start frame.

The fix, of course, is to make sure the "overwrite" checkbox is cleared and just restart the render from Start frame 1. Blender checks for the frame file names before it happily continues from Start frame.

And this is a reminder to ALWAYS render to PNG/JPEG not MPG/MP4 and then ffmpeg it back to a movie at the end.
loading results, please wait loading animateloading animateloading animate
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