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11 Dec 2018:
a dust machine eats zombie drives
I did something very rare a couple of days ago. I rebooted my machine, total up-days 116, which is my expected estimate/average.

I have a old spinning rust HDD that I only ever kept to use as a scratch drive and every year I marvel that it still works. It holds things like Raspberry Pi disk images and random stuff that is not really important but often is big. The drive is slow.

One of it's jobs is holding podcasts downloaded by podget/cron in expectation that I will insert a USB key and run my podcast scripts. Then it stopped working, dead, linux did not recognise the drive being connected :(

But what was worse was that when I rebooted the machine my original SSD (48GB) also failed to show!

I shut the machine down and opened it up. Hmmm, it is full of dust! So I then spent 30mins just carefully blowing in compressed air and hovering up the dust that came up. All the fans were pretty gummed. Then I wiggled all the cables, nothing felt loose and then sighed and said goodbye to the drives :(

Booted up and magically both drives came up happy as anything. Not to mention the machine is now whisper quiet!
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