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17 Nov 2018:
live pi really
And just like that the Raspberry Pi HiRes Project is live!

The video is also live.

The file has been uploaded to https://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/92876 (currently in the moderation queue).
17 Nov 2018:
you disolved what limited
The Raspberry Pi HiRes Project bug bit me today(finally)

Went through the model looking at the geometry and there was quite a bit of wastage. But I found a new way of removing obviously extraneous geometry, Limited dissolve.

Here you can see the CSI connector made of lots of faces and then again after the Limited dissolve.
two screenshots showing blenders limited dissolve

Go into Edit mode and select the faces, click the Delete button in the Tool Shelf and from the options select Limited dissolve

Spent a hour repeating that and also removing duplicated or old geometry that was hidden inside other parts of the mesh.
14 Nov 2018:
who is blocking the project me me me
I am getting really fed up with a certain person. They are the sole reason I have not yet released the Raspberry Pi HiRes Project

I am, of course, talking about me. From illness to family concerns, I have no excuses.

I know it is bad, because rather than work on the project I watched "Howard the Duck" last night. Unfortunately I can point to many opportunities lost to TV and film.

Am I really afraid of completing the project?

I certainly have seen this sort of behaviour in the past, but I usually just get over it after a bit.

Maybe this post will spur me on...
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