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17 Sep 2018:
poc blue page curl animation
Yay! all the frames are done.

I have been planning an intro and I need to make sure my ideas are not to involved or it will just take too long.

The blueprints I did in April will unfurl under a spotlight.

I created a POC by adapting a Bezier Circle and adding more vertices so it resembled a spiral. Applying this curve as a Curve Modifier to a plane and you get the page curl effect.

But not so fast. First I rotated the Curve and then manipulated it's local location and then secondly I had the camera and spotlight follow an animated Empty. Because each time I animated the page curl curve the page itself would move.
16 Sep 2018:
kids try and microwave house
18 frames done, 12 to go.

In other news I was ill most of last week and yesterday the kids tried to burn down the house via microwave popcorn. sigh
09 Sep 2018:
the persistence of good enough
Good enough Raspberry Pi HiRes project

I really REALLY need to put the whole Raspberry Pi HiRes project to bed. With that is mind, here is the completed "The Persistence of Pi"
Dali homage to the persistence of memory substituting clocks with raspberry pis

There are many bits that are not right, but I have been tweaking it for a while now and I am marking this GOOD ENOUGH!

That image rendered at 1920x1080 2000 samples took 2hrs 38mins and I have a animation planned to give the image a sense of depth.

Speaking of samples. I was getting a lot of fireflies on the tree from the Pi pins on the branch. I set the Preview Sample to 0 and just let it keep on going. By 1000 samples most of the main really string white fireflies had gone and by 2000 it was just not that noticeable anymore.
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