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14 Dec 2017:
pi component state update one
Pi is progressing
grid of pi components tracking current state

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10 Dec 2017:
gopro git script is the real timelapse hero
So, I keep forgetting I own the GoPro Hero, but I took it out for "work" today. It snowed and it NEVER snows around here, kids went mad and we all built a massive snowman.

I set up the GoPro Hero on the windowsill and started a time-lapse. This being the cheapest of the GoPros there are a number of limitations.

Fused case; cannot take camera out of case.
Battery fixed; cannot remove battery, have to charge camera directly.
5mp at 2592x1944; square shots.
Max SD card size of 32gb (class 10).
All time-lapses are fixed at one frame per 0.5 seconds.
Time-lapses are stills not a video.

But as it is often as much as 1/4 of the price of other GoPros I can let all that slide and the waterproof case is good to 131ft. Not to mention it was a gift, so cost me nothing.

So I spent my time building the time-lapse stills into a movie and ... It is boring, really boring everything moves too slowly. So I got to wondering if there were any hacks to fix the frame rate.


has a collection of script files that you just save to the root of your SD card and it just works!

Here is the 30 second per frame script.

sleep 1
t app key mode
sleep 15
t app key record
sleep 1
reboot yes

Looks like it switches modes waits 15 seconds takes a picture and then reboots to repeat it all over again.

15 seconds?? No idea how it works but a test recording of 5 mins of a clock showing the seconds, confirms that each still is taken at exactly 30 seconds. The other scripts at that location are for 10 seconds per frame, where the value is 5 and 5 seconds per frame where the value is 1.

It is worth pointing out at this point that after adding the script (with the special name "autoexec.ash"), turning on the camera will immediately start executing the program, which caught me unaware as the time-lapse screen still said 0.5 and I ended up recording my confused face.

The GIT repo has a ton of other hacks for all types of GoPro cameras.

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