Memory game

Losing your memory ?

lose it here with the *FREE* Java game, Match !

Simply match the pairs without losing your head !
You can download this game and customise for your own webpage *FREE*
Here are a few samples, Some easy, some not so easy !

Nice and simple,
bright and colorful
kids version
Boxes of Sega®
Dreamcast games
small version
Classic playing cards,
quite difficult
only version
Its no kids
large version
Lots of boxes
of Sega® Dreamcast games
large version
Strip mode
mini cards
More strip mode
big tiles
easier to see

Use your own images and setups, large or small, easy or hard the choice is yours.
You even get the full source code to play with !

To get this cool applet on your web page, just follow these simple instructions.

1: download the zip file containing all the files including all the samples.
2: unzip the files to a new directory.
3: Create a plain text file listing all the images you want to use (or use provided examples).
4: Work out a grid size that will have an equal number of pairs for each image.
5: setup the params in the HTML file to reflect your new .dat file and grid layout.
6: set the size of the cards and the over all display to something reasonable
7: Test and tweak, then upload all the images .class files and the HTML file to your website
8: sit back and relax.

More information can be found in the readme.txt file include in the download, including error messages and more detailed instructions on setting the applet up.

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