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II2D.ZIP - 51k download, includes DOS executable and full source code.

II2D - Images in2 Dreams
Released 26/01/2001 - cman -
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Updated 2017/06/10 - - 64 bit binaries
This update now includes a 32bit/64bit windows binary and a 64bit only binary cross compiled from linux using mingw -

II2D is designed to allow you to create and edit image files on a computer and then convert them into Dreamcast compatable images file that can then be used in Jet set Radio as Graffiti.

The program was created because many people have no access to the internet with there dreamcast or they can not upload images created on computers to then be downloaded by the Dreamcast.

Create or edit a cool bit of Graffiti on your computer and then save it as a JPEG image file.
Only "Standard Encoding" rather than "Progressive Encoding" as the JPEG save method is though to work.

Keep the image sizes small or create special files that you can use from larger images.

A standard VMU has 200 free blocks of space and a 56k file takes up more than 110 of them so do not run out of space.

Do not worry to much on the shape of you image as Jet Set Radio will squash it and squish it to fit in the different size Graffiti standards.

Once you use II2D to convert your JPEG image you will have a VMS file, you will need to convert this to a DCI file to upload it to the Nexus Card, I recomend "DCI_VMI.COM" ( A. Sanasi (
Make sure you name the file in the "DC_VMI" options to "DREAMKEY.P??" where the ?? are any number between 00 and 99 i.e. "DREAMKEY.P09" else JSR will not reconise the file although the Dreamcast file manager will.

Then when in Jet Set Radio goto the Graffiti option and "Select From List", as well as any graffiti you have collected created you should see a "DL" option for each image on your VMU.
Remeber, you do not need to use the same VMU (or memory page) as your normal JSR save and once the raffiti is selected it is loaded into memory and you will not need to leave that VMU connected.
If all has gone well when you return to the "Garage" the new graffiti will be display everywhere.

Source code is include and should build on any file system.

feel free to email any questions/queries -

II2D.ZIP - 51k download, includes DOS executable and full source code. - 80k download, includes 64bit DOS executable and 32bit mixed executable and full source code.

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