Planet Ring Myths and Legends.

This is just some info I have summerized after playing around on Planet Ring and in no way should seen as official documentation.
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Ball Bouble
Button A fires a white ball that when it lands raises the landscape.
Button B launches a black ball that lowers the landscape when it hits.
Analog stick moves your player around.
L/R spins view(arena automaticly slowly rotates)
How to win:
simply convise the most balls to fall off your colored side.
Collect three black & white diamonds to get the power ups (see below) to work in your favour.

Power ups:
GOD: stores up the balls and then drops them all at once, make sure stray balls come your way <g>
Tornado: This twister picks up as many balls as it can and them dumps them on you.
Earthquake: Shakes the landscape flat and then tips in your direction.
Bombs: Blow up(or down) large areas, can be extremly anoying or very helpfull.

Things to note:
When moving your player around, the point always rests on the landscape, so you CAN get stuck in big holes etc.
If you are the blue player then the ititial title screen will obsure you before play starts, this can be confusing as everyone elese moves freely.
Everytime you launch a white or black ball it will shake the landscape as well as lowering/raising the area.
So if you are fight someone i.e. you are trying lower the land and they are trying to raise the land the resulting vibrations may have undesired effects.

How I play:
I simply make a small hill in the middle opistie my colored area and then make a shallow trench to my corner, I then spend hte rest of the game fending off un welcome attackes.
Screw ups:
This game appears to be pretty good at sorting itself out and nicly dumping you back in the game room if things go wrong.

Button A 'farts' you along.
Analog stick moves your thruster around.
L/R spins view

How to win (Ballon crash):
Burst everyone elses ballons with your craft before they do.
How to win (Sky high):
Get to the top before anyone else.
How to win (Grand Prix):
Get through ALL the gates first.

Power ups:(only in Grand prix)
Boosters, look like buttons and pop you off in one direction or another.
Tunnels act like fans and force you along at speed.
Fans, blow you when you get in the way.

Things to note:
Don't fall off the edge or you will lose by default
Get as many people to play on your dreamcast as possible, you each have one thruster on the main craft and then fall about laughing as you spin around and upside down as no one can control the thing on their own.

How I play:
Nothing here, try and get loads of people for a ballon crash its a laugh riot

Screw ups:
All the characters names are empty, everything has failed, press Start and then quit or just play yourself.
Your Character name is somebody else! that person is no longer connected to this game, best to quit.
It hangs on loading screen for either game select or waiting for others, first of all if you wait absolutly ages it WILL timeout and send you back to the game room, one of the players is not responding.
Remember, sometimes humans take ages to understand the message at the bottom saying Press A to start, Doh!

Digital stick controls cursor on game grid.
Button A is used for select ship/launch attack etc.
Button B is used to select MOVE ship
Button Y is cancel selection
L/R spins view.
Mic is on all the time so you can shout at your appointent(unsure if this works if only one person has mic)
How to win:
Sink all your enemies ships before they sink you.
Each time you fire a message will relate either
No result - no enemy ships here
Bullseye - you have hit but NOT sunk an enemy ship
Congratulations - hit and sunk enemy
X ships near by - in the spaces around your hit enemy ships lurk

Things to note:
The mic is on all the time, you do not have to press anything
You can move your ship, most people do not seem to reliase that BULLSEYE means hit but NOT sunk.
Each turn has a limited time and a clock indicates yours in the top left corner, not your enemies
Use the grid in the top right to work out how strong ships are and how far they can move.

How I play:
If you are hit, move another ship, your enemy will see and arrow of movement and presume you are saving the hit ship.
Try and think as your enemy, most people have a plan, work out what it is.
I you like minesweeper you will love this game and visa versa.
Shoot yourself, if you have enough power left and you are sure the enemy is in the same space as you.

Screw ups:
Can hang waiting for the other player, but again if you wait long enough it will time out

Either Stick (analog/digital)
Mic is on all time you do not have to press anything to make it work

How to play:
One person can do nothing but talk but can see the whole maze and the other player can only see a small section of the maze but can talk and move.

Things to note:
Get as much treasure as possible back to your getaway car (Dorobo means Thief in Japan) you can only carry three things and the more you carry the heavier it is and the slower you go.
Avoid anything that moves, dogs, whistles (don't ask me), etc.
If you get the Helium upgrade, prey :) (as with the other traps it is invisable)

How I play:
Madly, this game is just silly, both people will shout at the same time and you have no chance, but its still fun.

Screw ups:
The only problem with this is the lag, dogs catch people before they should etc.

the little pink girl holding a gold envelope in the top left hand corner is the sign that a message is waiting to be read, also a sound is played which you can hear even if you are in a game.
There are three ways to send messages: One: highlight the person you want to send to using the user list and the digital thumb pad and then press X
Two: Press B to start the message menu and select send.
Three: Read a message and then reply.
I strongly suggest you use a keyboard for all this.
Setup Templates for questions you get commonly asked like "Where did you get the mic from?", they are save to the VMU but take up little space.
Remember that your messages are not saved after you have read them so expect odd messages if you are talking to lots of people.
Also if you dissconnect any unread messages are lost.
You can check the profile of the user but selecting that option, shows their stats/color and where they are in the Planet Ring world.
If you read a message and then reply but get a message stating the send failed this is because that person has dissconnected and messages are not stored.
If you have not got the option to read messages and one is waiting then you are seated or to close to a table, move away.

Green chairs must be all filled before the game can begin.
Hang around tables four and five to insure you get at least three players
Most games are more fun the more players you get, eight play soar is a riot!
L/R buttons can be used to spin your view even while seated so you can scope out the tables next to you.

The World / Connecting
While you are waiting to connect you can explore the world, you will not be able to play any of the games until you have been to the Information center and registered.
As you move around day will become night and you can find all the games.
L/R buttons can be used to spin your view.

Im not on them, so they must be down <g>

Server Usage
Always reads 30%, which is a lie.

Don't connect and after a few minutes you get cool fireworks.

Why is this page incomplete/bad spelling etc, are you going to finish it?
Its not designed to bring me money so its very ruff, I just got Quake 3 Arena so I may never play Planet Ring again.
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