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First off I would just like to say Quake III Arena on the Dreamcast is not just good it is absolutly amazing (and great fun).


1: get a mouse and keyboard, the controler is OK, but you NEED the mouse and keyboard to get the most out of this game.
2: Do not stand still, always keep moving.
3: Never move in a straight line or directly towards weapons/objects,
4: Once you pick up an object/weapon expect to be attacked, Q3A has great sound listen for others collecting objects.
5: Setup your controls to allow you to easily run backwards and still shoot anyone following you.
6: Once you get used to killng the computer controlled bots in one player mode you will find online humans much easier prey.

And one last thing, the most important peice of advise I can give to to stay alive longer....

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Remeber to use the F-keys to change the color of your name and chat text !!

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