Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2002

Jan the flog is started
Maverick preposes to Karen
HeadHunter, Shenmue 2 and Quake3A for the DreamCast
t-shirts go live
New office
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
laptop power button pings off and I am stuck (still) with starting it with an alumn key
Feb DVD player (at last)
Sarah blows up the cooker
Shenmue 2
Password hack
New t-shirt designs
Dreamcast coders cable
Sarahs bike/bike shed
New website
Debian install
served my redundency papers
fun with X(linux)
Mar completed Shenmue 2
new CD writer
Sarah passes bike test
fun with sound (linux)
Netgear FA311 card fun (linux)
virtual rob goes live
bad cable modem
Broadband enabled
Apr New NIC (linux)
Oil filter(car)
XBox + Halo
Power cut
May New job
Laptop(tosh 1gig)
20gig HDD
DNS (linux)
Complete Halo
firewall fun (linux)
Machine over heats
Case mods and fan fun
get my own t-shirts
Powersshot S30
JVMU is published and eongenius.com send me the CD, free !
Jun Recompiling the kernel(linux)
Evil Twin(dremacast)
Holiday in the states
Desktop Rover
flog script fail
Jul completed wreckless(xbox)
AfterBurner install (GBA)
Munch's Oddysee(xbox)
ten dreamcast games
Parents move house
Aug completed Munch's Oddysee(xbox)
Broken Sword(GBA)
Sep Selling house
Toy Commander(Dreamcast)
"that" cartoon
Black & White (PC)
SQL web backend/ASP
Oct upgrade to postgresQL 7.2.2 (linux)
folding@home stats start
firewall scripts(linux) main firewall script dhcp firewall script DVDwall started (concept)
Dark Summit (xBox)
img2html2 example and another example
Nov Completed Dark Summit (xBox)
DVDwall built
Flashing and hacking for a region free DVD player
Case lights pic
Blinx the time sweeper(Xbox_
Singing Xmas lights
Dec http://www.mindcandydvd.com/
case mod complete pic
hole in the door
Sleep in a Box
GameCube/Mario SunShine
wrote this page :)