A set of Java applications for converting Image files (GIF/JPG) to text based files.

First there was IMG2BYTE : which converted simple black and white images into binary for inclusion in VMU assembly projects.

Then, just for fun, I changed IMG2BYTE to output HTML files where each pixel is a HTML table element.
It was not a serious peice of code so when I submitted it to the last thing I expected was for it to win CODE OF THE MONTH !

And finally to compliment my Space Invaders game on the VMU I created IMG2ICONBYTE which built up a 16 color palette and the nibble pairs nessesary for a Dreamcast Icon.

Much more info is in the readme.txt files contained in these zip files.
If you do not like the way these programs work, full source code is included for you to hack about.

IMG2BYTE.ZIPCreate include file for VMU screens.
IMG2HTML.ZIPConvert images to HTML
It won an award so it must be good
IMG2ICONBYE.ZIPAlot more complex than the previous two
Creates an include file with 16 color palette and nibble pairs


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