MinGW OpenGL quick start guide

MinGW is the perfect command line based windows development enviroment, avoiding Microsofts Visual Studio.

Getting MinGW
goto http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/ and choose to download MinGW-5.0.2.exe (or equivilent latest version).
(its tiny, 134k) run it and choose "download and install" with the install type set as "current"

[x]mingw base tools
[x]objective C compiler

it will then download and setup the required files.

Setting up the development environment

Add the folder to the PATH environment variables via
start/control pannel/system/advanced/
click "environment variables"
edit the path by appending ;C:\mingw\bin\ (or what ever path you installed to)
Once you have OK'd all the open dialogs you can run the command line via.


to test the install type
you should get an error about input files, if you get a "command not found" then check the step above before continuing.

now open notepad and enter the following very quick test code.
   #include <stdio.h>
   int main(int argc, char **argv)
       printf ("mingw made this !!\n");
             return (0);

save it as test.c in a convenient location.
cd to the folder you saved test.c to and run
gcc -o test test.c
if there are no errors run
tada !

now we are ready to explore using openGL with MinGW
goto http://mywebpage.netscape.com/PtrPck/
and read more about MinGW then scroll down to the section titled NeHe which is about a great openGL resource at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ and download the examples, lesson 4 is good one to try.

extract the zip file into its own folder, cd to that folder and type
del lesson4.exe

that builds the lesson4.exe using the makefile
you can also use the command
gcc -Wall -s -O2 -mwindows -o lesson1.exe lesson1.cpp -lopengl32 -lglu32
to run the newly built code type

that gives you NeHe's lesson number four which is two 2d objects rotating.

I then copied and hacked the lesson4 code to include as much as possible of my topblock code.



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