JVMU Animator

the java methods used in the applets seems to have been depreciated and only work on a local machine but not via the web, i can see no reason why.
the javascript interaction was a bit non standard but I have updated it and again for no reason it only works on a local machine not on the web, sorry

this a quick and dirty couple of webpages just to premote my JVMU animator

What is the JVMU animator?
It is a java applet capable of reading .LCD, .VMI and .VMS(indirectly) file formats.

So what is the JVMU animator?

For more info try the links in the top frame or some of these


distribution zip file now contains FULL source code

email me comments and .LCD,VMI/VMS files u would like me to host

No more wrestling animations please !!! (u know who u r !)

I have had a number of requests from Java web sites and recently a CDROM distributor to include this applet and its source code.
I look back and find that this is actually a good bit of code as apposed the hacks I normaly come up with.
I hope others can learn from it, information wants to be free.

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