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I have a varried history with computers so I though little of installing Linux, little did I know !

Linux has been sucessfully installed (to my satisfaction) on a P70 laptop and a P200 desktop (neither were capable of running a nice desktop, but that was fine for what i wanted them to do)

But recently I have had a hankering for installing Linux properly on a reasonable machine and have a complete windoze replacment.

The target was (is) a 1.4ghz AMD Thunderbird with 512mb, 30gb (plus a 20gb), CDRW, CDR and a Nvidia gForce2 MX. modded

It is important to note that these files contain steps that I took that FAILED so please read each one completly before copying any actions !!

I wanted to install Debian, here is how it went down

linux_install_part1_initial_boot.txt all I had to do was partition the hard disk, how hard could it by ? VERY HARD !!

linux_install_part2_packages.txt install the basics

linux_install_part3_x_up.txt setup the desktop

linux_install_part4_modem.txt the modem

linux_install_part5_sound_network.txt sound and network setup

linux_install_usb_webcams.txt still on going work trying to get webcams to work

linux_install_extras.txt just some notes and stuff

CyMotion details how to get the USB Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboards extra keys working.

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