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It was a troubled time, I had just sold all my StarWars figures to the local model shop for at most a tenth of their original price, things had moved on.
or had they, I found that my peers had stored their related merchendise and now they expected there collective value to grow.

Down but not out I decided to join them. Prices had skyrocketed in a very short space of time, there was no way I could rebuild my empire, what with hundereds of figures and tens of vehicles.
A decission was made, I am not sure it when, or if it was the right one to try and corner the market in just one of the collectable items.

Some four years earlier I remember being bought my first StarWars figure, Han Solo in his classic black and white garb. I had scoffed at my brothers purchase of figure that not only looked unlike anything from the StarWars universe but that I had never heard of, FX7.

It was sometime before I ever saw FX7 on the big screen, being to young to see "Empire Strikes Back" in the cinema, I had to wait for the obligitory StarWars special at christmas on the TV.

I knew where to look but even so, in the standard non widescreen format you see only a few failing arms for a very short amount of time.
The years past and adventualy I managed to procure a copy of the video in letterbox format, at last I could see the great FX7 in all his glory.
As an rebel medical droid FX7 is seen assiting Luke when he is recovering from hypothermia.

Suspicisly, FX7 bars more than a passing resemblance to the Imperial probe droid seen earlier in this movie.

In total I have amassed thirteen FX7s and I was surprised to find that there seem to have been an number of different models produced.

The unopened FX7 has unequaled worth in this collection, which includes two store sealed figures and a MicroMachines version.

It has been some two and a half years since I purchased the last of these great icons, but I will go on.

(but only if I find them cheap <g>)

All donations happly recieved.

WARNING update follows!

I have a new FX7 making the total 14 !! For some reason Hasbro (since Episode One The Phantom Menace) have re-released SOME new figures based on characters from the past movies, including my very own FX7 (but why not one of the hundereds of other characters ??).
Still sealed in the box is my new released FX, who looks a bit different, with alot more detail on both the arms and body and much more muscaly apperance !!
I even updated my fun Java applet to include him !!

The saga continues ......

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Group photo

The gangs all here (except the new one)


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