So-dU-OK v2.2

Welcome to my little So-Duko puzzle solver.

You can click on the squares to setup a game or load a predefinied one.

When the board is ready click the "Solve" button.

Once running you can pause and print the board.

Number of checks performed in solve :

Can this script really solve all So-Duko puzzles ?
Actually no. If you set the board up with all the squares empty you would not expect it to solve would you ? Well what about if ten of the sqaures were set ? is that enough to solve the puzzle ? Well it might be and it might not the only way to tell is to try every single possible variation and would take poor old browser based JavaScript for ever.
Of course this script would do a good job of taking So-Duko puzzles and whittling down the initial possiblities for you.

The premise is simple, get each of the nine rows columns and blocks to each have every number 1-9 with no duplicates.

Could the code be optimized ?
Without a doubt, just removing the graphical stuff would increase the solve time a plenty, but wheres the fun in that ?
Don't you just love the look hollywood has for futuristic computers where you can see all the processing visually ?
Totally impratically but much more interesting.

Disclaimer: This script is not guaranteed to solve puzzles, to work with your browser or to not crash your browser !

Although in tests it did seem to work in IE6 and FireFox solving at least some puzzles.

This .html file containing all the HTML/JavaScript/CSS is released under the GPL licence (see comments for more details).

email me at sod-u-okATjumpstationDOTcoDOTuk if you want.

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