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30 Apr 20020 5:20 -- seti total : 1230 -- dnet : 42,291
Of course daily updates are only possible with electricity being continually available.
We have lived here for over two years without so much as a light flickering and then last night <blink> all the power went out of not only our house but as far as the eye could see.
Needless to say I am now considering purchasing a UPS, I could get one from work at a reduced rate but are UPS's noisy, then couple I looked at today both had quite high Dba ratings and I do not need more fan noise !
I had loads of problem with the firewall before everything went dark.
The firewall machine could see the internet but the machine behind it could not, in fact the other machines could see each other but not the firewall at all and it was then I realized that only one NIC is setup by DHCP the other was fast asleep, woke that up and everything was fine.
I downloaded the DNS how-to from http://www.tldp.org but left it at work :(
Surfing the web via IPs only is possible it is just a total pain in the wotsit.
Halo is still good, only a seem to be going through the same areas over and over again, which is odd, because the rest of the game has been so good at being totally dynamic.
Sarah is watching TV at the moment so I am booting all the machine to check for damage, they all complain of being badly shutdown but nothing appears to have been fried(famous last words).
I still have to run my firewall rules manually, have not had time to locate somewhere to install them to, /etc/ looks like a good place :)

28 Apr 20020 0:31 --
i should warn u this means daily updates again :)
I bought an XBOX with Halo for the new reduced European price, which seems much more reasonable.
First impressions of the Xbox - HEAVY (and big), the cables all seem very chunky and solid.
Halo is amazing when you get into it, the graphics and physics are second to none, however the controls system is problematic until you have been using for sometime.
Bad point also include the poly counts in the cut scenes, they look very out of place with the rest of the game.
No time to play with the firewall today, Sarah wants here scanner working :(

27 Apr 20020 9:20 -- seti total : 1191 -- dnet : 39,823
Ooo and update, what does this mean, that I have the Linux box plugged into the cable modem once more and the PC on the internal network.
I found after some tinkering that the Debian 2.2r2 kernel I had from the default installation did not have the IP masquerading I needed.
Had lots of fun recompiling the Kernel, first without any IDE HDD support "doh!"then forgetting to compress it and trying to modulerise everything to get it smaller.
To finally finding my kernel source directories were setup wrong and having to recompile the natsemi drivers.
But, as if by magic it all works now.
Did have a problem in the DHCP service kept re-enabling my NIC after I downed it with ipchains all set to ACCEPT "doh!". At the mo only DHCP traffic and port 80 traffic is allowed, need to spend sometime working out all the other things I need (SMTP/pop3/dnet/etc..)
I think my job situation is sorted, just waiting for revised contract, they want me to start ASAP when I finish, so no break for me.
Still means I can channel the redundancy money into an XBOX !!!!
Course I still want a gamecube :)

26 Apr 2002 21:44 -- seti total : 1191 -- dnet : 39,823
Oh, and the stats are not updating cos the win98 machine is not connected to the internet at the mo.
Speaking of connecting to the internet, I setup the DreamKey3 and connected to http://www.jumpstation.co.uk and the virtual rob Dreamcast specific stuff works but the home page did not !!?
Except the url I linked to for the Dreamcast is wrong , doh !!
I played Burnout on my brothers PS2 on Monday, very cool game, pity about the PS2 pixelisations, but it has to been seen near perfect 200MPH crashes with deformed cars and broken glass and the crashes you make today become the pile ups for every one else in the race, classic.
Of those last few urls i posted 90% seem to be good, which is cool and one is the online java disassembly page I thought I had lost.
I think I know what I am doing with ipchains now but I am just resetting the cable modem (power cable in my teeth) so the win98 box can do surfing while I setup the Linux system seperatly.
Doh!, now the win98 box is reconnected I can not do updates :(
http://www.linux-firewall-tools.com is where I will be for the next few days :)
Oh, and I got Ranma 1/2 (the movie) and Shenmue II the movie from http://www.coolvcd.com and I only ordered a couple of days ago !!
Shenmue II is 4 VCDs !!

2 Apr 2002 19:49 -- seti total : 1156 -- dnet : 37,559
So it is 11 (possibly 12) days since my last post, why?
Because I am lazy and I was trying to get the Linux machine to play ball with the rest of the network, in fact to to this update I have had to do all sorts of odd configuration changes to the win98 machine.
Soooo...... I did get the ISA 3com 3c509b into and working on the Linux system and I could ping either network card from this laptop and they could ping each other.
Problem was the install seems to have killed off the sound card (get IRQ errors at boot up even though the IRQ IS free, I even disabled the printer port in the BIOS !!).
But my major problem has been the pull of the broadband, its like a drug, just can not put it down.
I managed to get 80k download (a) (usually is steady at 50k) and I have been collecting RTCW maps ever since (although they never get above 15k and usually sit much lower at 8-10, but thats to allow the game servers go on serving games !)
I also tried a file sharing util called bearshare, but I will get to that later.
I used the isps online self help utils to add the network MAC address of the card in the linux machine and after downing the cable modem (power wise) the DHCP (dhcpcd) client worked a treat and I could ping http://www.google.com and its IP address, automagical !
But, (and its a big butt) while reading my Linux Complete book (excellent value for money) and following the security/internet information I found that ipchains is set to accept EVERYTHING by default !! so i did a quick ifconfig eth0 down and that is where we are now !
I was surprised that I could ping out to the internet with /etc/hosts.deny set to deny everything and /etc/hosts.allow empty but maybe those are for incoming connections only.
I now need to work out how ipchains works and add all the necessary rules, the nice thing is I should be able to allow the machines inside the network full access and machines on the internet will be strictly vetted.
In other news my oil filter was ruptchered and I had to skip work this morning to get it fixed, luckily it was Very non-expensive although if I had let it go and the engine had seized then it would have been a different story.
Oh, yeah, bad news, I have a dream, and it will not let me go "will not let me go, let me go" (think Waynes world) in the same way http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/misc/virtual_rob/virtual_rob_launcher.html had to be created.
This one is an animation system displayed via a java applet in the form of enlarged pixels like a scoreboard system (but its better than that.
Right now I need 12(13?) links to list hmmmmm.
I just copied and pasted these without testing them so sorry if they are all dead .)

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