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These random URLs are from my private collection and the whole should be suitable for all audiences, however the pages that this system may link you to are completly beyond my control and I can not garenty there content.
(let me know if there are dodgy pages and I will remove them)

If you want some more randomness try;

Random urls my personal favourites.

<-- Random urls generated from combining word lists (could take you anywhere).

--> Random urls constructed from 8 bit binary values (supprising how many of these are registered).

Random urls made from odd characters, very simular to AlphaNumericWeb.

No more Java applets, try JavaScript system that will take you to more random urls generated from numbers or letters. AlphaNumericWeb

Or get the answer from the magic YES/NO coin

Or spin the fortune board (Java again)

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If you like the AlphaNumericWeb which is pure JavaScript simple visit the page and choose FILE/SAVE from your browser window (all the code is in that one little file).
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