Space Invaders
(VMU style)

Section One : THE GAME

Aliens are invading our solar system and you are earth's only hope.

The aliens use the military tactic of always attacking in waves of eighteen.

If the aliens get to your location, the impact forces you back a sector and removes one layer of your three layered ship.
The aliens rejoice at this and slow down contentedly.

As you lower their number, you enrage them to attack faster and faster.

Each new wave of alien invaders are more and more angry at you for the death you bring to their kind.

But do not feel sorry for these unarmed attackers, for they only wish you and all of earth's inhabitancies harm.


The game will start by showing you the loading screen, after a short delay [PRESS A] appears and you may do so to begin the game.
Failing to press A will result in a short scrolling credit sequence.
Although it has already been preordained, you will only find out weather or not you are playing at night or day once the game begins.
Your ship can be moved left and right as well as firing small anti alien missiles (with explosive tips)
You may launch one missile at a time with the A button
Only if the explosive tip comes into contact with the lower armour of the alien will it be destroyed.
Each alien is worth ten points.
You may review your score at anytime during your battle by pressing B
This information screen can be dismissed with the A button.
Each time you destroy a complete attack wave the score and level information will also be displayed.
Your ship has three protective layers and the aliens take great joy in stripping you of these.
If you lose the last layer you are unfortunately destroyed and the gameover screen is displayed, followed by your final level and score information.
There is no high score table, so that such valuable information may never fall into the wrong hands.
If you make it past level five, congratulate yourself and make secret note of your top score, show it only to those you trust.Alien sympathisers are everywhere.

Section Three : THE FILES (freely copyable)

SI.VMI(mirror 1)Dreamcast Download.
SI.VMI(mirror 2)Dreamcast Download.
SI.VMSThe file for the emulator (timing is a little off depending which emulator you use)
SPACEINV.DCIThe file for uploading to a Nexus card (can't live without one)
SI.SThe source code, you still need the include files.
SI.ZIPAll the above files plus all the include files.

Section Four : THE LINKS

Internal Links
The history of "Space Invaders (VMU style)" (boring read)
Space Invaders (VMU Style) Wallpaper is now available
1024x760, 800x600, 640x480
A sweet of Java utilities I created that include
application to convert two color GIF/JPG files to assembler include files ( thatís how I did my credits, score, load and game over screens)
One to convert 16 color GIF/JPG files into include files for the Icon (thatís how I have such a cool icon)
And finally a quick a hack of the above that takes any JPG/GIF and converts it into pure HTML, won an award!.
JVMU-Java applet for showing off LCD and VMI/VMS animations
Arrow Demo - Example sprite demo for the VMU
My page to the great DREAMCAST.
External Links
Marcus - Hard core details, including the Opcodes!
Author of the Assembler and Tetris plus numerous others!
john maushammer * John - A detailed site with links to most
Author of the dissembler and beta pong
good info site
Alexander - Fighting for our rights with Sega(tm) for the original dev kit. Author of the American Football game. Sega(tm) official site
Richard Munn - The Faq man, Author of the etcha sketch and mainly tools and amiga ports. again, links to most.
Alessandro Sanasi [aka Tyro]
skeleton.s (THANK YOU!)
lots of cool tools
and some of the greatest VMU games so far including PACMAN!
VirtuaMUnstaz -- A demo group for the VMU
Soeren Gust - minesweeper and audio stuff
Antoine 'MORB' Chavasse / CdBS Software -- rotozoom
Isaac Rounds - DIY battery pack and windows port of the simulator
Author of some useful code snippets
The VMU dev mailing list, can't live without it :)
The original home of VMU development, sadly over run with idiots(simply because its to popular)
If you look at the original posts lots of info can be gleaned


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