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04 Apr 2024:
networking goes bye bye after the kernel gets the boot

I have a list of steps to rebuild my linux kernel and the final one is to get the latest network card drivers and manually build them against the newly created kernel.

If I forget I have no networking :(

Which is why I was a bit confused after building a new kernel, following all my steps and rebooting. There was no network...

So I installed the driver again and it instantly work ! :D

make install

which runs

install -p -m 644 8192ee.ko  /lib/modules/6.6.21-gentoo/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/
/sbin/depmod -a 6.6.21-gentoo

But interestingly, running


showed this message twice

module 8192ee: .gnu.linkonce.this_module section size must match the kernel's built struct module size at run time

and Googling that showed a lot of results in the last few months :o

Lots of other people had tried insmod-ing a module and got

insmod: ERROR: could not insert module /lib/modules/version/module: Invalid module format

and then they saw

module 8192ee: .gnu.linkonce.this_module section size must match the kernel's built struct module size at run time

in demsg

So what if the kernel running at the time I compiled the newtwork module was different to one after I rebooted ...

Yep, turned out that usually building a kernel and then compiling the drivers works just fine, even before a reboot.

So I now need to update my notes to only compile the driver after a reboot. Or clean out config versions, but who is going to do that? :)

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