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31 Dec 2003 17:52 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Reason for no updates is kittens, that are very time consuming, but sooo cute.
that is Minky on the left and Sofie on the right.
And here is my new desktop, which although simple went through a large number of design phases.
background speakers
The speaker cones were actually supposed to be pill cases but I rotated then on the wrong axis ....
oh, happy xmas and happy new year off to party now !!

13 Dec 2003 20:34 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
We have Kittens !!
One male tortoise shell and one female orange marmalade, both 16 weeks old!
They are soooo cute, expect pics soon.
I have finished another book, "twelve" by "nick mcdonell". I was surprised to find the 1st few pages were tens of quotes from magazines newspapers and reviewers saying how good the book was and while there was nothing wrong with the book I would not say it was brilliant.
A strange tail about youth drug dealing peer pressure murder gun culture, not to mention a myriad of others. It was deffinatly hard to put down but had a rather rushed ending as if the author had got bored.
My NVidia is more stable but still not sane, I might try the new drivers but I am wary.

9 Dec 2003 22:42 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Not much of an update more of a presumption.
Nothing has been done on the LED front, although it is cool to watch when the machine is booting up.
I am thinking about bring back dnet my openGL project is on hold.
In fact the only news I have is since I changed my XF86config-4 (again) NVidia seems PERFECTLY stable !!
lines are now
Option "NvAGP" "1"
Option "UseInt10Module" "true"
Option "RenderAccel" "true"
So the question is Do I dare use the new drivers (if they are ever released ) ?
Oh, saw XMen 2 (finally) not bad at all better than the first and although there are plot holes, it is fun to watch.

5 Dec 2003 20:15 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Another book fully processed, "Why do buses come in threes?" an interesting and fun romp through mathematics and statistics.
yes I did use the term "fun" and "mathematics" in the same sentence, and this where the books strengths really shine. It is honestly fun to read about math when it is presented as fun things, like magic puzzles, lottery wins and gambelling. But it turns out that buses normally come in twos not threes and the book itself is a little short, what with large text and lots of diagrams (cartoonie fun ones) at at 8.99 I really expected a little more. bottom line good but pricey.
I am having to much luck with the NVidia thing, but this is a bad thing ! I want to make it fail so I can track down why, but instead the damn thing keeps working fine !!
here is the 51 openGL hacks that come with xscreensaver running no problem!!
a lot of gl
Out of the 51 17 failed to show anything, and only 3 were running above 20fps at the point the screen shot was taken, although XMMS was playing oggs perfectly.
I might not have to worry about it much longer as beta version of NVidias next drivers have surfaced are getting VERY positive reviews.



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