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28 Feb 2004 13:37 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Having always on internet is great if you use Linux, I have googled away so many issues in no time my last being Alsa on the main machine now I have Linux 2.6.2
I had to run the snddevices script after downloading the drivers package and then run alsaconf as root before finally alsamixer as the user, it had been really strange with no music.
Finished reading "Riot" by "Shashi Tharoor" very odd naritive style, using interviews and skipping backwards and forwards in time recounting the experience of many characters including the murder victim. Reading this book is like being dragged by a large wave, constantly twisting and turning, you think you and figured it out and something else comes along. recommended. Oh and I learned a hell of a lot about Indian history and culture.
No SV-3 page yet .... what can I say ?

24 Feb 2004 17:30 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Wire free I am not but the SV-3 is allowing me to watch a DVD(futurama session 4) on XBox and write this at the same time, which is very useful ;)
Can not get apt to use FTP servers not sure how I am supposed to get the server info, can still use the CD set though ;)
I am halfway through my next book and I have not told you about this one yet, "The Dante Club" by Matthew Pearl, I had heard of Dante's Inferno before but I really had no idea what it was about, it appears to be part of Dante's Comedy a poem from 1300s. This book is about a group of literary fellows in the 1800s translating the works into American from the original Italian, bit boring I hear you say, but wait as they are translating the punishments of hell a series of bizzare murders are taking place to mirroring the current area of translation. I tangled webs of lies deceit and dishonesty the fellows find themselves the only ones with a clue to the killers identity, but can they act in time. Thrilling to the end I will now look out the translated poem.

24 Feb 2004 15:37 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have been recompiling my kernel on the laptop over and over again, good thing I found this Debian guide to help me along
Why recompile you ask, well first it was to get the system ready for the NVidia binary drivers but then I blew up my ether net port, never let anyone tell you a badly wired cat 5 cable will not damage your machine >:(
Talking of NVidia I will write up and link the SV-3 page later today.
I am off work to day, due to Explosive Decompression, not fun.

22 Feb 2004 17:26 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
done lots this weekend but i am not writing what :P
might start my SV-3 page later ...

or not

21 Feb 2004 11:58 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Sorry about the lack of updates my firewall was disallowing the FTP script to upload the files and I have only just had time to fix it.
Had another Kernel 2.6.2 related issue, my USB pen (disk) would not work, lsmod showed the usb-core and usb-storage and ide-scsi but no.
More importantly I found the HUB was not showing any lights, turns out the uhci old module is now called uhci-hcd, modprobe it in an i am away.
I will be creating a separate page for my sv-3, if you are interested.
Got XBox live working and had a few hours playing the demos, very cool with the headset.
After loading the 5336 NVidia drivers with Kernel 2.6.2 I started running the xscreensaver, with all the evil openGL hacks that I just knew were most likely to screw up my system and they did.
On investigation I found the fan on the GPU was stupidly close to my sound card, I have now moved the cards AND installed a PCI bay fan, my investigations will continue and I will be able to rule out heat.

16 Feb 2004 23:39 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Fixed me mouse problems ,simple removed one reference in the XF86config-4 file and left the other.
Broadband rocks, had xbox live running and during matches I was sorting out my bank statement online while Sarah was ordering off the web for her mum in the other room.
the NVidia 5336 would not load after I rebooted, after some fiddling I reinstalled the 5336 driver again and now its fine, even though the right lines were in modprobe.conf

14 Feb 2004 20:02 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
i am writing this from kernel2.6.2, installed scaryly easily,
make mrproper
make bzlilo
make modules
make install
then ran the NVidia installer 5336 and worked first time, now to test some openGL (where NVidia was crashing b4)
oh, b4 I go the strangest thing has happened by installing k2.6.2 --- the mouse is twice as fast :s

12 Feb 2004 22:36 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I got me tumbler AND broadband is here, only i have not had time to config the router yet :(

10 Feb 2004 21:08 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well it has taken me a while to get all the necessary tar balls installed but I am now ready (ish) to do the kernel thingy.
Oh the tumbler is on its way and is expected before Friday and the sv-3 is two weeks anyway and broadband is just two days away !!!

9 Feb 2004 21:21 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
A film crew was shooting scenes for "Bridgets Diary two" outside our office today we thought it was very exciting until after some 6 hours they had finished three four second shots of cars in the rain, which was good as it was not raining (lots of water sprayers)
I am almost ready for kernel 2.6.2 in fact I have DL all the requested software, hmmm, give me five mins and I might be ready.

8 Feb 2004 20:01 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Broadband update have router go live date is 12/02/2004 .....
If you have an XBox then you must have Splinter cell, I can not get over how good this games is, constantly challenging allowing you to do things your way, shoot, hide, sneak etc and the graphics constantly blow me away, oh and do not get me started on gadgets, night vision heat vision, sticky camera that you can shoot onto the wall (and retrieve) see under doors, non lethal shock shots, the list goes on and on.
I am in the process of preparing to install kernel 2.6.2 I have the source code but the read-me list quite a bit of software I have to have the right versions of.
Oh, I took out the rm line from my backup script and expect to add some option to see how far the process has got.
I am now waiting on the successful kernel install before I install the new NVidia driver, but I am almost ready for the linux infusion to my predomantly win32 laptop, but not today, maybe tomorrow.
SV-3 has been some what delayed grrr
Have my XBox live starter kit in anticipation .....

5 Feb 2004 21:16 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
http://www.blender.org new version
broadband ordered ADSL router delivered, waiting ......

2 Feb 2004 21:44 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Not in the mood to write anything so here is the finished bed project, fully scalable etc.
bed project



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