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22 Mar 2004 21:33 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Damn power cut, I know I should get a UPS, but the are loud and only offer seconds/minutes of power anyway !!
Finished reading "The Skull Mantra" by Eliot Pattison, amazing book starts off in a Tibetan work camp/prison and quickly turns in to a fast paced, clever and involving murder investigation, I still think the ending is incredible !!
On top of a really well told story were believable characters and great insights into the Tibetan/Chinese world and how they collide, can not recommend this enough !!
Still can not get LMSensors to work even sent a bug report to the lm sensors ppl but they never came back :(
When I am not watching GamePad I am waiting for http://www.apple.co.jp/quicktime/trailers/casshern_large.html

16 Mar 2004 22:08 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Speaking of Splinter Cell, I am STILL playing it level 9 so can not be much to go, it is just such a good game, better than Halo ...? hmmm different game completely.
Kitchen flooded again at 01:45 this morning :( but they did come and replace the value so heres hopping hoping...
I now have almost everything working on the new 2.6.2 kernel, I was going to complain about gtkcam as a gphoto2lib interface to my digital camera, but I some how recompiled the library without specifying which camera drivers to use, so I ended up being only compatible with AGFA cameras, quick recompile with canon and it works fine.
The only thing now not working is LMSensors so I can not check what temp my CPU is, right pain, especially as the LMSensors is now part of the kernel grrr

15 Mar 2004 13:03 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Could not find my health meter, no first aid packs or ammo to pick up, no extra weapons to find. you can not even climb or jump up anything but the most meager slopes. Nor jump cliffs or enter deep swamps, although only the fact you can not step into the water lets you know its to deep.
Splinter Cell is much more fun !

15 Mar 2004 12:36 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Hmmm, Ghost Recon Island Thunder, completed training, seemed pretty basic, went to go on line and found ten downloads .... a short while later. Tried the quick match and either I got empty servers (i.e. the creator was not playing) or full servers that I could not join. Tried Opti-match for some reason can not join, but there is nothing saying the game is in play or a timer or another info.
Created my own server and nobody joined while I was playing against AI, but I did learn this is not Quake or Unreal, you can not act other than a human would which I am sure makes it more realistic but I found it restrictive being used to rocket jumps and speedy side steps.

15 Mar 2004 11:00 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I stayed over night with Sarah in London so we could do the touristie thing, went to a couple of museum and then to a west end show.
The performance was The Reduced Shakespeare Co. at the Criterion Theatre, very funny but I would not pay full price, we got the hotel and the tickets from http://www.lastminute.com and it all worked out very nicely.
The The history of the machine was updated but I forgot to post the link.
I had written up the SV-3 page but only just uploaded it as I finally got the images together.
I expect to write up (finally) the LED thingy later today and I still have not tried Ghost Recon, maybe its time for a break ;)

11 Mar 20040 8:37 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I got Ghost Recon Island Thunder for the xBox so expect to see me online as "L2Hacker"
Its day off to use up spare holiday day and I am just about to write up the SV-3 (yeah right!)
Also updating today will be the machine history.

6 Mar 2004 13:59 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Finally seem to be getting somewhere with the drying of all the towels that were mopping up the kitchen.
For those of you who noticed Feb was missing from the archive, well its there now !

2 Mar 2004 22:20 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Kitchen flood yesterday do da do da, oh the do da day



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