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17 Feb 2012 21:33
Just last year I was tasked with making a laptop with Outlook 2002 send email via Demon when not connected directly to the Demon network.
So it would be simple to setup Outlook 2010 to do the same, right ?
the settings from my previous post are controdictory of the settings that work for OL2010.
And yes I spent many hours again on this issue...

On the "Internet Settings" page for you email account make sure
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) [post.demon.co.uk]
[ ] Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

([ ] is the checkbox UNCHECKED)
Then in "More settings" on the "Outgoing Server" tab you have
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
Log on using
[your username]
[your password]
[ ] Require Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

Finally on the "Advanced" tab you need
Outgoing server (SMTP) [587]
Use the following type of encrypted connection [Auto]

bootnote: did you know I used to support Outlook 97 through Outlook 2000 and Mail/Schedule proir to that on Microsofts help desk.
12 Feb 2012 18:04
To try and resolve the virus issue I downloaded the Trinity Rescue Kit live CD.
This is an old Windows PC with XP on it that is happliy used for email and legacy programs, and guess what ... ?
It will not boot from CD, BIOS says it will boot from USB/FDD so I write the Trinity live CD to a 512mb USB stick.
Boots but errors "NTLDR is missing" which is dos thing. Try quite a few variations, reformat drive, try another USB stick.
Then I have a brain wave, the USB ports on the front of the machine are from a USB extension panel, what if I plug the USB stick into the main ports on the back of the machine ?
Success, system boots and is now running (after downloading) the latest clamV.
I will report on how it turns out ...
12 Feb 2012 17:55
Sarah caught a virus (worm/trojan/etc). She clicked a link in an email from the Post Office, something along the lines that a parcel required redelivery.
She was supprised to find pops and fake anti virus all over the screen.
I asked a couple of questions:
Had she ever given the Post Office her email address.
Was she expecting any parcels.
Both answers were "No".
So started my journey into windows cleaning from live Linux CD.
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