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30 Jan 20060 7:51 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have fixed my normals problem, I added a sphere that had automatic normals and changed the block normals until the lighting matched.
But now I have issues with the camera, I need the camera position to exist before any transforms but the destination of the camera to be based on a coordinate after transforms.

29 Jan 2006 15:35 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have finally completed Oddworld Strangers Wrath on the Xbox, great game, good graphics weird sense of humor and a lot of fun.
I did cheat right at the end which was disappointing because when I read how to beat the end boss that was exactly how I had been trying to beat him but as nothing had happened I had abandoned that strategy.
Also early in the game I referred to a walk through but could not follow their suggestion and I ended up using my own formular.
I finished reading another Dan Brown book Deception Point, much more mature than the previous two I read but I still had the main story pegged long before plot revealed itself, although the ending left me wondering if I had missed something, overall very good fun read another one you can not put down.

26 Jan 2006 22:45 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Sarah is pregnant ....

25 Jan 2006 21:01 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Best excuse for not posting for a while, I have been in Rome, saw the Pope and the sights, nice but VERY cold !
Reason we saw the Pope was we got on the wrong bus and ended up at the Vatican city, with no where else to go we wondered in and noticed the place filling up, when it got to capacity his papal nice emerged.
I still have a normal problem, but I am working on it.
Sarah had some interesting news today, but it is unconfirmed so I will say nothing yet.

16 Jan 2006 21:39 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well I have worked out what is wrong with the lighting in my openGL scene, the vector normals are not set!
What does that mean in English ? well to work out how things are light (and to do clever stuff) openGL requires that each point have a normal that describes which way a face is pointing.
Having no normals is actual have a default normal that may well point straight up and openGL then can not compute (meaningfully) how light should react to the face.
So just run a program that calculates these normals, I would love to but it is quite complex math and it is difficult to see when it is done right !
but i will persevere.

15 Jan 2006 21:29 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
After spending far to long on Lego Star wars last week I was a bit horrified to find I had spent most of Saturday playing Oddworld - Strangers Wrath.
But it force me to plan Sunday avoiding all games and giving me time (amongst other things) to work on topblock my openGL xscreensaver hack.
I had got the block falling and settling logic all working so I spent today getting the camera right.
I have it half working but I would like to have the camera track to the block if it is at the edge as well as following it down but because the arena is rotating the camera direction is off and in trying to fix I gave myself a head ache as the world spun dizzyingly around and around and around [Bleurrrrk!]
Ignoring the little issue for a while I still have to getting the lighting to work better, as this is an area I have not played with I feel sure the current problems are just a setting value.
I should mentioned that in looking for http://www.mindcandydvd.com no.2 I came across http://www.maz-sound.de and Assembly 04 DVD which the winged to me in just over 24 hours, but I have yet to watch.

9 Jan 2006 20:51 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I was a bit miffed when Linux format did not print the results of their Sudoku competition after I put some much work into getting it done before the deadline.
But after 6 months they have finally announced the winners, appears the took affence to my cross platform product, they wanted a purely Linux result, oh well.
I finally finished reading "the Dreams in the witches House and other weird stories" from HP Lovecraft, Some of these tales are very hard going but the overall result is very rewarding and will go on to read more of his work.
Some are stright short horror, others are long twisted journies through fantasy lands and still others are clever twisting hops into madness.

8 Jan 2006 22:38 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Its rare I note anything about food, but I just had a Uncle Sam burger from Express Bar and Grill in Stevenage and it was Very good!
Why am I writing about it ? cos it had two odd ingredients, Peanut Butter (chunky) and strawberry jam, yum yum !

8 Jan 2006 17:49 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Its over !
After at least 16 hours over the last 24 I have been addicted to playing Lego Star Wars.
I have failed to answer any email, pay bills and numerous other things that should have been done previously all to complete one little game.
Still it was a good game and I did have fun completing it 99% including the secret level and unlocking all characters.
99% well I missed one canister on the last level, still I did not need it to unlock the secret level and I am never playing that game again !
very good game, bit short, lots of fun, laugh out loud moments in the cut scenes.

7 Jan 2006 14:23 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well I got bored with Oddworld (for the moment) so I tried out the other game I got for 10 quid, Lego Star Wars.
This game is almost too much fun, and has consumed more hours in the last two days than I would like to imagine, so much to do see and explore.
In other news I had to help the police at the station yesterday morning remove a abandoned ruck sack left on the train, then the funny thing was another bag was left on the train I wen home in in the evening, though this one was just a carrier bag with a dress in it that the guard took.

5 Jan 2006 20:11 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have not even turned on my Xbox for well over a month that was until yesterday when I managed to get two games from Blockbuster for ten quid each.
I heard a lot about oddworld strangers wrath when it was released and did seriously consider buying it, but the reviews noted it was too short.
For ten quid I can not go wrong, the graphics and animation are very impressive but so far the game play has been a little repetitive.
One of the most interesting things about this game is the lack of a conventional gun, instead you have cross bow that fires small animals, from bad mouthing chipmunks that attract enemies to lighting bugs and furry things with teeth.
Now if you will excuse me I have try and get further into the game.

4 Jan 2006 12:27 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
last years year summary is complete

4 Jan 2006 12:07 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I missed new years due to very bad flu that kept me in bed and I am still recovering.
I got some time to play with topblock xscreensaver project and it now has the main functionality.
topblock screen shot
The image on the right is taken a few seconds after the left. Notice how the falling orange block has settled.
Where as the previous screen shots were taken of a block placed specifically for spacing reference this is actual random blocks falling in random orientations land on one another.
I still have a long way to go though, the light is a bit off and I want the camera to follow falling blocks.



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