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28 Jun 2006 22:00 -- 3076157 keys/sec
Random note, went to the dentist and needed NO work, must be a record !

28 Jun 2006 21:42 -- 3076157 keys/sec
I have setup http://www.distributed.net again (see stats above), arrow denotes trend from previous day.

28 Jun 2006 18:24 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
vist http://linuxgazette.net and http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk/ for a good time :)

28 Jun 2006 13:04 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Before I forget here are the steps to get my broadcom pci wifi card working with knoppix.
make original broadcom driver available (download from ndiswrapper site) on USB.
set password with passwd
ndiswrapper -i /mnt/uba1/R8433-wifi/ar/bcmw15a.inf
modprobe ndiswrapper
iwlist wlan0 scan
iwconfig wlan0 essid MYESSID
note that because of security you will continue to see "any" as the essid in iwconfig
iwconfig wlan0 restricted HEXKEYNOCOLONS
now because we are associated with the access point iwconfig shows the essid correctly.
Knoppix does not have dhclient or dhcpcd so we use pump -i wlan0
job done !
Oh, Conkers bad fur days crashed on the last level again so I will have to get a replacement and play through it ALL AGAIN !!!!

27 Jun 2006 20:48 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have been playing Conkers bad fur day on the Xbox after missing the experience on the N64 and I managed to get to the last level but the xbox crashed and the save now is stuck in limbo where I can not completed the level.
Soooo I started again and its funny how quickly I managed to get back to where I was previously.
Great game but bizzare to the max, peeing on fire demons is just one of the squirrels adventures.
I found there were 26 config files needing an update in gentoo and I have threatened to write a script to help me do this before and this seemed like an ideal time to complete it.
echo "preparing to deal with `find /etc -name ._* | wc -l` files "
# for each line produce a meld and a mv with a test input inbetween
for ifile in $( find /etc -name ._* )
        echo ".$ifile."
        echo ".$ifile." | sed -s 's/\._cfg0000_//gi'
        ofile=`echo "$ifile" | sed -s 's/\._cfg0000_//gi'`
        meld $ifile $ofile
        echo "over write $ofile with $ifile ?"
        read a
        if [ $a = "y" ]; then
                echo "YES"
                mv $ifile $ofile
                echo "skipped"

In development I acidentaly executed all the config files including halt ...

21 Jun 2006 22:00 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
A power cut that lasted longer than the UPS could handle took my machine down today, first time since I got it.
I watched Doom, I had heard a lot of bad things about it but I got it as part of a deal and I thought it could be fun.
Started off OK, little dodgy with the ARC, but I can live with that, pootled along quite nicely and I thought this ain't half, bad whats all the fuss about ?
Then there was the flying tongue, followed by some bad special FX with bodies suits and an end fight I wished I had missed.
It was as if after doing half the movie everyone got bored and started doing as little as possible trying to get done as quickly as possible.
I can not even recommend it to fans, although some sets, props and sounds are authentic to much is cheap rubber body suits and plastic tat.

20 Jun 2006 21:08 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
One of the web sites I have been working on needed a news ticker, the project manager had mentioned it would be a small task to fit in at the end, everything was being supplied by a 3rd party.
But no, all the 3rd party was suppling was an RSS feed, I had to build the ticker. Sounded easy, just some javascript to get and process the RSS then some string manipulation to get a scrolling ticker.
RSS feeds contain items, each having title,description and link, in the ticker the title would be bold and both the title and the description would be an html link.
This is where things started to get interesting, for a text scrolling ticker you simple show X number of characters, removing one from the beginning and adding one on the end to obtain scrolling effect, but with html you had to preserve not only a emboldened title but the correct anchor link. I had a debug output area that showed the mess of HTML the browser was working with to produce what appears to be a simple scrolling message.
Then I find IE will not allow you to click on the scrolling message (firefox worked fine), so I had to add a system to pause the message when the mouse hovered over it, not a problem, but what was a problem was restarting the scroll when the mouse was removed.
Got that sorted, then someone mentions that the scroll is very jerky what with swapping single characters in and out, so I build a pixel scrolling system that just buffers the whole text by eight pixels to zero before allowing the next character to appear.
Then I find that when the emboldened title is showing the message takes up more space so I have to build in factoring system.
Then I have to build an XML proxy system to allow the local Java script to see the 3rd party's web server and build all sorts of redundancy.
Such a simple idea ended up taking the best part of two days (I had to work on other stuff at the same time).
In lighter news I am planning on installing seti@home and distributed.net clients soon.

19 Jun 2006 23:01 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have released a patch for the topblock bug, also included is some tidier code and gltrackball support which allows you to use the mouse + button to look around while the hack is in stand alone mode, its one of those features all the xscreensaver glx have.
Details at the end of the page http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/xscreensaver/topblock/

19 Jun 2006 19:33 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have been wearing my new t-shirt design thanks to http://www.spreadshirt.net it reads "Don't collapse my wave function" and has a 3d graph in the middle representing a mood/personality.
I have a number of other designs in the making ...
Someone has found an interesting bug in http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/xscreensaver/topblock/ and they were kind enough to supply some coding tips which I am in the process of introducing along with the fix and other bits.

10 Jun 2006 18:57 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Finally finished reading "The thing on the doorstep and other weird stories" of H.P. Lovecraft's.
It's worth noting that a lot is explained in these stories so I would recommend reading them last (or first).
I also now 'get' the whole H.P. Lovecraft 'thing', he writes using a lot of real places and law but it appears that main reason the literary world loves HPL is because of the many pen pals he had in the more mainstream fiction world.
My cousin got married http://www.vectorsupport.co.uk/jkwedding2006/

1 Jun 2006 20:28 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
As I bloggedflogged little last month I have plenty to talk about not excluding being 3 meters from Lordi and managing to take a picture with my phone (but its not very good quality and will take a lot of work to get posted).
First up, someone found a bug in topBlock, but its not major but I do want to look into it.
I have been trying out some more designs on http://www.threadless.com/ but they keep getting rejected, but I am not too disheartened.
The many DVDs I bought in America many years ago have finally been defeated including the box set of ElHazard: the alternative world, funny clever and not bad, but not anything special.
I rarely buy music of a specific band so Daft Punk must be something special, as I opted for the CD limited edition with DVD.
RSI is manageable, sit up straight, do not rest on wrists/arms and avoid stress.
The last one may sound strange but I have noticed that if am stressed then my muscles tense and aggravates the issue.
Oh the one other point that I can not avoid is the handles on trains when standing :(



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