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31 Jul 2006 22:08 -- 3138598 keys/sec
I had reinstalled cacko ROM just becuase I knew it worked but I have just installed http://www.openzaurus.org/wordpress/ GPE version and at first glance it looks like an Atari ST !?

30 Jul 2006 22:03 -- 3135585 keys/sec
The Zaurus was not behaving because of a dud Compact Flash card, admittedly I have had the thing for 5 years.
I have submitted a patch for ophcrack to stop the initial screen being unusable on the default 640x480 X display created by the live cd.
And I found a bug that meant the correct directory could not be automatically used on my dodgy machine (the CDROM drive is connected to the secondary slave IDE connection instead of the Master.
I have had some fun following the tutorials GIMP tutorials at http://gug.sunsite.dk/?page=tutorials

27 Jul 2006 21:42 -- 3131000 keys/sec
I have been playing with the Olphcrack live CD v1.1 just use it to boot any old windows machine and it will happily crack the passwords of any accounts in a few mins (more complex passwords may require addition steps/tables).
And although I found a NAND backup for my Zaurus things are not going well ...

24 Jul 2006 20:29 -- 3121902 keys/sec
Linux(v1.0) Pub Quiz is now front page along with the long forgotten http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/img2/img2.html which has been around but only if you knew where to look.
My ISP had a major outage yesterday and my amazing ADSL modem reboot script began to be run even when it was in the middle of running, so I have had to add safe guards.

22 Jul 2006 13:49 -- 3116714 keys/sec
My dnet stats always seem to be showing the down arrow (less than yesterday). Well I looked into it and perl does not use "<=" instead it uses "le" so lets see how it does now ...

22 Jul 2006 13:41 -- 3116714 keys/sec
The Pub Quiz is now live, but I need to check it for errors before I add it to the front page.

19 Jul 2006 19:56 -- 3112058 keys/sec
My Python script for blender is ever so slightly more famous as it is linked from the main blender site http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Modifier_scripts.62.0.html
In other news I am having 'issues' with my Zaurus, it does not help that I trashed the NVRAM, but as no one has a working pdaxrom version available I think it will just sit gathering dust for a while ...

17 Jul 2006 21:23 -- 3111351 keys/sec
The second book is one I have been working my way through for a while "Life's Matrix - A Biography of Water".
This is a very thorough look at H2o in its many guises from rain to religious significance. Some of the world and weather sections were a bit long winded and some of the chemistry stuff went straight over my head.
But overall this is a good book with something for everyone, I guaranty you will learn something, like, did you know that water has more than the three common states we are used to ?

17 Jul 2006 21:11 -- 3111351 keys/sec
Finished two books, first is a quick dabble into obsucra medica "Why do men have nipples?" with a highly descriptive sub title "Hundreds of Questions you'd only ask a doctor after your third martini".
Great fun, though my main criticism is it is too short ! The book makes a story out of the two authors and their quest to discover this book with apt locations and situations ranging from "you are what you eat" starting at a party buffet and ending up with "getting older" at the somber end of the party, not forgetting the sex and bathroom humor in the middle.
Very entertaining and I now know why men have nipples ...

16 Jul 2006 22:31 -- 3110997 keys/sec
I have been very busy and very hot the last few days, what with not being able to open any windows or doors because of the invasion of the thunder bugs from the freshly turned fields.
One thing that had been bugging me was errors in my weekly backup script, I have very few folders/files with spaces in the names but tar would give me an error processing them and I tried all sorts of ways to escape the space characters but nothing worked !
Until I found xargs has a -0 option and find has a -print0 option that complement each other, followed by grep having a -zZ option that accepts and then produces the null terminated format that the two previous commands use, perfect :)
I saw the legendary Serenity and was very impressed, well recommended to all sifi fans. I especially liked the fact the the fight scenes were short, clever and to the point and that the story is so strong.
I was under the belief that after the success of the film, the series FireFly was produced but it is the other way around.

13 Jul 2006 21:42 -- 3109024 keys/sec
The secret project was revealed at this months LUG, a Linux pub quiz with javascript scoreboard, web page coming soon.

11 Jul 2006 20:29 -- 3096515 keys/sec
want to spend some time here http://gug.sunsite.dk/?page=tutorials but a secret project is brewing ...

8 Jul 2006 21:09 -- 3089956 keys/sec
Odd, the flog archive index seems to have vanished ...

8 Jul 2006 20:38 -- 3089956 keys/sec
I had been busy hating Ubuntu after it failed to handle partitioning my hard drive, but it is hard to stay mad when everything else 'just works', the live CD for http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ fixed me up, but even that hung for 25mins working out the state of the old windows partition.
Ubunut 6.06.6 recognised my new Belkin wifi card with Ralink chip set from http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk/, that is a native Linux driver, not needing ndiswrapper.
Richard Grant managed to update to modular Xorg before me and was nice enough to supply the necessary updates for my http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/linux/cymotion/ web page, which is still being referred to as the best place for information regarding this keyboard !

3 Jul 2006 21:50 -- 3084433 keys/sec
Well most of the ten thousand bugs have vanished without a trace but watching a Howls moving Castle yesterday I found them inside the case sleave and just now I can see two BEHIND the glass on my monitor !
Oh and the movie was soppy but overall good.

2 Jul 2006 12:37 -- 3082227 keys/sec
AGHHHHhhhhh.....!!! its attack of the thunder bugs ! run for the hills.
We live a little too near fields and every summer of a couple of days we get clouds of tiny black bugs that get into everything.
Biggest problem is that they only visit when its really really hot, so closing the windows makes it just that bit hotter !.
Talking about hot, the resivator is handling the heat with out blinking, the temp went up from a normal 17-19C to 24-26C but the CPU went up by a max of 5C.



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