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30 Mar 2006 21:17 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
many years ago I did a page that has been copied and linked to plenty of times,
disk ripping here is the video video.
(sorry no pumping techno beats ...)
Another video tomorrow, new york built and destroyed in time lapse.

29 Mar 2006 22:23 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
And I am tweaking topblock to make it more compatible and cleaner for xscreensaver version 5 (currently in beta)

29 Mar 2006 22:11 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Still working on the mahjongg builder, is very nearly ready.
I completed playing Doom3 Resurrection of evil, cheat for te last level and boss, but only because I did not know what was coming next and did not want to use up all my ammo, plus it was getting boring and there was NEVER anyone network games/players!

20 Mar 2006 21:28 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Still working on the mahjongg builder, it did work fine but I am adding all sorts of checks and user friendly options.
I'm also playing Doom3 Resurrection of evil, which was boring and easy but has suddenly turned much more interesting and challenging.

15 Mar 2006 19:37 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I finally found a web site that had scans of a lego model I transported in pieces when we moved house three years ago. But it would not let me download the scans in one go and there were 48 of them.
Not a problem for wget and some bash script, first up I saved the cookies from the parent site.
wget --save-cookies cookie.txt http://parent.site
then I cobbled together a bash script that would create the wget instructions to get each scan.
score="wget --load-cookies=cookies.txt "
fix="-O "
for ((num=1; num <= LIMIT ; num++))
result=$score$fix$num".png "$root$num"/"
echo $result

the images were generated by some kind of default CGI script so the URL ended each time in a forward slash.

12 Mar 2006 22:21 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
No response from jwz :( maybe he did not like it or maybe he has not got the time as he is working version 5 of xscreensaver !?
Well it gave me time to finally finish the mahjongg builder I mentioned a while back.
This shell script uses the power of http://www.imagemagick.org to take a blank tile from the existing Gnome Mahjongg installation and 42 image files of your choice, merges them into neat tiles concatenates them, builds the selected and special versions, you copy the result to the mahjongg directory and you can use them as a tile set.
I am working on a how-it-works page to go with it.
One reason for no recent log entries was me working through Myst III on the Xbox, I only got it because it was very cheap and the Myst adventure had always fascinated me.
I was good but damn hard, I cheated a lot thanks to http://www.uhs-hints.com/uhsweb/hints/myst3/122.php which give layered hints as opposed to the answers straight out.
Some of the puzzles I might have worked out given enough time but others I could not solve due to the process being 1% off and I then abandoned the route when it was in fact correct.



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