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29 Mar 2008 23:34
I have been updating the Alex web site and I needed to sort through 113 images that had been taken on different days but uploaded and the same time and had the same time stamp.
Konqueror would show me the real "creation date" when I hovered over an image but in the View menu "Show Create Date" column option was grayed out.
Turns out the Creation date is part of the JPEG meta data not the file data sooo ...
I downloaded exiftags to get some command line tools that look at photo meta data EXIF data.
Then I wrote this small shell script, worked perfectly.
#takes supplied file name extracts exif creation information and applies via touch
#call with ls *.jpg | xargs -n 1 exiffix.sh
# to update all jpg files in current directory

dtstamp=`exiftime $1 | grep Gen | sed -e 's/[^0-9]//gi' -e 's/\([0-9][0-9]\)$/\.&/'`
touch -m -t $dtstamp $1

Small note, any backup software/scripts may exclude these files as the dates are further in the past.
25 Mar 2008 20:38
Note to self:
/tmp get wiped on reboot.
I have not lost anything important but I did have some stuff in there that I was still using :(
that will teach me to have 150+ uptime.
19 Mar 2008 21:41
Funny and clever ?
11 Mar 2008 23:01
111 stars 6 to go before 00 but at least 9 to go before all and then do all again as Lugi !
Some are not as difficult as they first appear only requiring a bit of strategy.
11 Mar 2008 23:00
OK, fixed wifi, the sync cable network interface was taking precedence, even though it was not connected.
11 Mar 2008 22:57
The following took place a few days ago...
many moons ago I purchased a zaurus 860 and I used the default sharp ROM.
But there was only add hoc development of programs I wanted to run so I switched to cacko ROM.
After sometime this too became unstaffed (there was only ever one developer/maintainer) so I sought out the many different ROMS available, looking for one that was in active development.
I thought my search had ended when I found pdaXrom but last year after enjoying very active development community all development stopped :)
I had looked around and found Angstrom but it was targeting lots of PDAs and no stable releases had been released back then. Well I had another look and it is much more spritely now.
pdaXrom was famous for its uboot system, so I had to revert to the original sharp ROM but installing Angstrom was then easy.
Wifi support was the main problem I had had with the zaurus so I was very pleasantly surprised that it worked perfectly, though there was no obvious dhcp client, had to use the GUI (now found udhcpc).
So everything was hunky dory ? almost. I used the package management system to install applications I wanted one after another via the wifi until "Error: no space on device". Oops! I had forgotten how small the internal drive is.
I had a 512mb SD card in the machine soooo.. I was VERY sneaky, I do not recommend you follow what happens next ...
I used du to find out that most of the space was being used by /usr, so I created a copy on my SD card and tried to make a symlink to that directory but couldn't cos the drive was FAT16 (needed for all the ROM swapping).
Reformatted ext2, re-copied /usr successfully created a symlink from /usR to the /usr on the SD card moved the original /usr to /usr.old and moved the /usR sylink to /usr and rebooted ...
It worked everything worked perfectly ... NOT! most things worked but the special keys on the keyboard were failing so I could not type "/" which was a pain, luckily I could use the on-screen keyboard but it still took ages to run commands etc.
The "Fn" modifier key was returning a "~" and shift was not affecting the other keys as expected.
Turns out the loadkeys command was in /usr/bin and was run before the drive was mounted ;)
Copied over the loadkey cut and awk commands to /bin but it needs libconsole from... u guessed it /usr/lib.
In the end I just moved the startup script for loadkeys to the end of the sequence after the drivers are mounted.
hmmmm, now wifi is not working :(
11 Mar 2008 22:55
Just saw Untracable a movie about an internet website setup to kill the victims faster the more people log on.
Strangely enough this is a good film, not an amazing film but above average. There are moments of over acting and when the FBI officer states the "IPs are being blacklisted" she looks like she's faking it.
However, the tech speak, tech story and tech usage is about 95% accurate, some minor hollywoodnisms but on the whole total believable, of course things are missing and I am sure the FBI would work slightly differently but ...
This such a change from for instance the computer usage in first mission impossible film and numerous others where Hollywood just did what ever the hell it liked and damn the techno geeks watching.
Untraceable also asks a lot of questions, like are the visitors technical accomplices? and what is the FBIs role in free speech.
04 Mar 2008 22:36
In other news "FOR PETE's SAKE WILL SOMEONE STOP! THE PHUN" as it is sucking time I should be devoting to krum and other such projects.
That said I created a wicked block launcher fed by a hoper that fires different weighted blocks all over the palce including into a set of almost weightless towers that crumbly most pleaseingly ;)
04 Mar 2008 22:29
Sanity is restore, this a repeat of an earlier post that got removed, but will be duplicated in the RSS.
It took a while ( I have been sick) but here is chat☆, enjoy.
04 Mar 2008 22:26
Main page is gone so is my other post, trying again ...
04 Mar 2008 22:20
Oh! something went wrong, we went off the air for a moment, lets see if just posting again fixes it...
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