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23 May 2004 21:58 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
scroll down to the AV340 and tell me you do not want one !!

23 May 2004 21:28 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I do not know why I stress so much about not filling up this log, as its only for my benefit !
Any whos, I have completed the XBox version of Futurama the game and I only had to cheat right at the end (and then only checking a guide for the code sequences). Quite an odd game, very easy but varied humorous and great use of the original programs voices, and then ending is very well scripted especially if you let the game restart ;)
Finished another book "Key of Light" by Nora Roberts, the synopsis on the book had me hooked, ancient legends, goddesses magic keys all based in present times. But the book (which is one of a trilogy) is really a cleverly disguised romance novel urgck !! (did not stop me reading to the end though ;)
I have been trying to use SUSE to setup an old laptop for my brother to use just for internet and email but I had some much problem getting dial up connection working I gave up and installed Fedora Core 1 now that seems to be having slightly different problems with the modem grrr >:(
I notice I have not been playing Steel Battalion or doing openGL coding, I have been researching my connection/KDE app startup problem (and getting no where) and playing with ethereal, and trying to get a resolution for the X freezing with openGL.
In fact I have found that the XFree86 process appears to go into a loop where all that happens is SIGALRM and also that ATi owners have had the same issue !!
Still have not sold the car, waiting for parts but I now need it desperately because I need to MOT it so I can get my road tax before I get auto fined (pun intended).
Weather is going mad, heavy rain and cold one day to mega hot and cat hair everywhere !!

12 May 2004 23:13 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Normally I like the idea of a young naked female in the bath with me but the one I got today had long sharp claws and did not like getting wet, of course it was her own stupid fault jumping from the sink onto the damp/slippery side of the bath !

8 May 2004 17:41 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I wanted to check how many times hitherto was in Beyond Good an Evil so I downloaded the text version from Project Gutenberg and ran
cat text | grep 'hitherto' | wc -l
and the answer was 63 out of 6696 lines contain hitherto
not very interesting really :(

8 May 2004 17:22 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
KDE322 is a bust but that not KDEs fault its openLDap and fact I do not want to spend time diagnosing problems !!
Completed unreal championship, well I completed all the ladders and now I have to fight my own team and its impossible, I trained them to well ;)
Another week another book, "in the wilderness" by Manuel Rivas, this book is odd very odd but oddly readable what with the reincarnated the stories the travels the loves the losses and an ending that leaves you wondering, quite short but odd.
My current KDE takes 17 mins to startup if (and only if) I have a connection to the internet ! I have tried everything and it is starting to get me down, thats why I was trying to get KDE322 installed :(
oh speaking of which I needed berkleydb and openldap installed and after much searching this is what was needed.
env CPPFLAGS="-I /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/include" LDFLAGS="-L
/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/lib/libdb.so" ./configure --with-wrappers
to compile correctly, note any paths that might be different on your setup.
I built a nice wooden shelving 'thing' to hold my pump and resivwire, so now the cats are allowed back in my office after knocking the aforementioned items flying more than once!

1 May 2004 10:04 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Two new books read, first up is "Small World" by Mark Buchanan, looking at networks and how they influence everything from social interactions to the internet, frozen water and food webs.
The book has absolutely no math in it and can be read by anyone, however although the subject is interesting and new (well the details were to me) I did find some of it boring on the fact it seemed like simple common sense, over all though if you want to know how close the internet is to being destroyed or how many hand shakes your are away from the US president this is good read.
Second up is a much quicker and MUCH more bizzare affair, "The Suicide Kit" by David L. Hayles is a set of twisted tales usually ending in death, destruction or both ! The text is large and the book short but fun as a distraction from heavier tombs, not for children of the faint hearted, and beware of the Darwf wrangler !
I have completed both the Death match and CTF ladders of Unreal Championship but the DOM levels are giving me grief, this is such a fun game I have not got round to setting up KDE3.2 !!



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