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08 May 2011 16:49
You can protect you computer from power cuts using a UPS but it will not protect your system from small fingers pressing all the buttons and pretty lights.
Maybe I need to setup a web cam with alarm !!
06 May 2011 22:58
Just started a new job, and they have put me on Windows Phone 7, which is different.
06 May 2011 22:53
You may remember the fun I had with windows XP and an HP C4780 printer the dark room.
That eventually resolved itself after removing all the HP bloat-ware and finding a 'driver only' installer.
In other news I bought the Tron Legacy Reconfigured CD which has some binary messages on the box sleeve and the insert. I wounder if I could get the wireless printer AND scanner working from Linux ?
Turns out HP should be praised for their open source support as the tools to installer and configure have lots of sensible output that tell you whats going on.
I got the printer working with a few easy steps using the CUPS web front-end, but the scanner gave me a headache.
XSane and scanimage both told me no devices were found, but this is where it gets weird because if I told xsane what IP the printer was then xsane worked.
This had the side effect of not being able to use GIMP to do the scanning.
Resolution (and it took a while to work it out) was to run the hp-toolbox and to add the printer using the ADVANCED settings entering the IP address, sounds simple but it quite happily auto-discovered the printer on its own in a slightly different way.
Now I can scan in GIMP from a wireless printer !
maybe HP aren't quite so bad after all.
Now back to Tron, I have scanned the images just need to tidy them a bit and the work out the best way to OCR them.
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