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28 Sep 2004 22:28 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
It finished at 2,03036,670 and thats just one drive !
owch !

28 Sep 2004 22:17 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
You know there might be a problem when FileLight is scanning 1.5 million files (and still going)
Explains why KDE Find took so long (ran it over night)

27 Sep 2004 21:18 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
AGHHHhhhhh...... ! DOMINO EFFECT !
(nothing to do with pizzas)
I have a large list of tasks to be done and all of them seem to rely on something and I can never get the one at the top done because it is so time intensive.

23 Sep 2004 22:30 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I was delaying writing anything because I was trying to complete a process and now its complete I have not got the time to use it for what I wanted it for (yet).
Still in the while since I last posted I have watched a bit of anime.
"Serial Experiments Lain Vol 1 (NAVI)" this was a stunning four part DVD with over tones of the cinematic greats like "Perfect Blue" and "Ghost in the Shell", the whole thing is very dark but also very deep. I want to get the rest of the series NOW!
I also watched two of the cheapest DVDs bought on holiday, "Amazing Nurse Nanako" (Vol1 + 2) very odd anime the first Vol is perfectly reasonable and fun but to much emphersis on gravity interacting with breasts, I am not in a hurry to watch the last volume. (they where 7 dollars each).
I have been doing the thing I mentioned earlier so I have not done much with the shirtpocket purchase, but maybe that will all change now !

OH! and congratulations to PitPony and Helen on giving birth this morning at seven o'clock to 8.5lb Conner A Ward !!

16 Sep 2004 21:27 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
first off, I am writing this from my purchase from http://www.shirtpocket.co.uk but more on that later.
the blender in a blender tutorial has sort of died, simply because I have not time, but I will not let it time.
I finished reading the second of Steven King's "The Dark Tower" series "The Drawing of the Three". Its very good but difficult to talk about without spoiling the plot.
As with the previous book the story is bizzare and unexpected, but the one word that really sums it up is not "strange" or "weird" but "Gripping", I do not want to pause for breath before starting the 3rd!

10 Sep 2004 21:32 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
OK, I have played the Italian Job on he xBox to death, great fun, and best of all it was under a tenner, next game to play is Enter Matrix, but not quite yet because I ordered from http://www.shirtpocket.co.uk ...
Oh and Sarah's iPaq was picked up and dropped off (fixed) in 24 hours, free of charge, nice one HP !!
Another week another book bites the dust, this time its the first in series by Steven King,The gunslinger. Great story and I immediately went out a bought 3 more of the series. But its worth noting that the Gunslinger is a thin book (by Steven King) standards and this is made worse by a long (but interesting) introduction and then followed by an excerpt from the next book.
Its also worth noting that the same ('new forward by author') is in the next book, I am reading the revised versions.

5 Sep 2004 21:31 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Sarahs iPaq needed an ROM upgrade to work properly with WiFi but the install hung and now the iPaq is fried :(
I have been getting quite far on the Italian Job on he xBox, hard but fun but repetitive.

4 Sep 2004 17:30 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
And many thanks to our neighbours who brought me back three bottles of the limited edition Mountain Dew Pitch Black, mmmmmmmmmm

4 Sep 2004 17:27 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
The jelly fish have been submitted here (at this time is in the unclassified section) http://www.centralsource.com/blenderart/
I have finally gone Wifi, works great but the devices are old so the AP has been but in b mode (compatibility mode does not work for unpatched iPaqs and MAC filtering is enabled cos I can not get the AP to produce a key that any of the clients can use :(
Italian job is getting much more interesting now I have had sometime to play on it, the tory mode is annoying as you always start at the beginning of a mission regardless of how many parts of the mission you have completed.

1 Sep 2004 20:45 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Talk about blender I knocked up a nice "glass jellyfish fields" blend for my desktop at work and a quick 2560x960 dark block tunnel for my home machine.
block tunneljelly fish fields
The big book of Dante is finally completed (and I am on to another Steven King novel) and I have to say I wish I had read the translators notes along with the main poem, made a lot more sense.



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