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30 Aug 2004 15:12 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
The finally version of my http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/javapopper is available now, it has multi-threading but I do not recommend you connect more than one at a time, it was just so I did not have to keep restarting it.
I am sure there is a native way of doing this using tools such s fetchmail and the various mtas, but this does exactly what I want and could be easily expanded upon.
the "blender in a blender" tutorial is coming along nicely and will get its own page (And possibly site) soon enough !

30 Aug 2004 15:07 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Watched another Slayers movie from my DVD pile, don't you just love three day weekends ?
"Slayers Great" sees Lina and Naga pitched against each other using giant clay "Golems", who is fighting on the side of right and who on evil, its impossible to tell, classic Slayers silliness, loved it !
I have finally shelved SSX3 on the xBox (as a cheap second hand game it has lasted well) and my replacement (another cheap second had game) is "The Italian Job" which is fun but hard and I have not seen the movie (even the old one ).

30 Aug 2004 15:02 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I am behind a router with no incoming ports but that does not mean I should note be running a fire wall. I tried fwbuilder and got nowhere fast, even following numerous tutorials, what with its drag and drop inconsistencies. But I ended up using guarddog with is still a bit confusing for what I want to do but allows a very quick "no incoming connections but let normal Internet connections (http/s SMTP pop3 FTP) out" but I did run into one problem, the "deny everything no explicitly set" meant I lost control of X, luckily I had a terminal window open so I could nullify the iptables setup.
I then used guarddog to firewall my brothers Linux laptop, which I finally got working by cheating and disabling the internal modem and using and old external serial modem.

30 Aug 2004 14:56 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well its tomorrow (for someone) I wanted to be able to post the full review but I have still not finished "Dante's divine comedy" (the book). But I have finished the three translated parts;
Inferno : easiest to read , surprisingly little detail on the punishments as Dante travels through the different layers of hell.
Purgatorio : Dante continues his journey through the different levels of purgatory, harder to read because of the hidden political references.
Paradiso : Heaven, which appears to be the different planets of the solar system followed by the stars, things just get really wacky, some of it is close on impossible to read, religious and political meanings just get bizarre.
so whats left, the translators notes, which are surprisingly interesting and easy to read, though you have to wonder how some many lines can be written from one word of Dante.
I will leave the overall conclusion until I have finished all the translators notes.

23 Aug 2004 22:31 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
So I have KDE3.2 (just as 3.3 comes out) but the weirdest thing happens with the main menu it only appears on the right hand monitor (running twinview) regardless of all the menu settings which give the impression that any configuration works :(
Oh, and no sound, cos I can not be bother (yet).
Quick book review, why quick, cos I have not finished it yet...
"Dante's divine comedy" (translated into English)

actually wait until tomorrow .......

23 Aug 2004 22:27 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I turned my machine off for the first time in months when I went on holiday and when I came back I found all the water cooling pipes were full of muck, I tried to de-muck them but it does not want to shift.
I also damaged the control box for the pump, I had fun resoildering it and it works ! (not mentioning the glue or staple gun that was involved).
I have not done the blender in a blender page yet but I have knocked up a another nice simple but effective render that I want to do a tutorial on "glass jelly fish", in honour of the last blender splash screen.
I got a twenty one inch CRT for 40 quid, only ways two metric tons :(
But great for the xBox ;)
Speaking of which I am finally getting bored of SSX3, which I at one point attacked for being unplayable, I have almost completed, but I needed to play SSX tricky first !

23 Aug 2004 22:20 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Couple of DVD reviews b4 I 4get.
1st up is Ranma 1/2 "Kiss me, cat" funny but shows its age, now I know why the ever popular Ranma 1/2 manga (paper) is not being translated.
Ranma 1/2 has to deal with a cat curse and the usual love triangle/polygon this time against the evil Ghost cat vieing for various attention.
The other two episodes are really not worth mentioning, "run away with me Ranma" and "lets go to the mushroom temple".
2nd up is Slayers Premium (Reverse the curse), after eating evil sea food everyone is speaking in tongues and its up to Lina Inverse to save the day, predictable but thoroughly enjoyable.

23 Aug 2004 21:49 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
To many things to mention but to start with I have now rebuilt my computer, again with http://www.debian.org but this time I used the web to install all the latest packages so instead of running Woody (was potato) I am running Sid ! (its a toy story thing)

4 Aug 2004 20:45 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I finally have finished downloading the videos here http://home.kcore.de/~kiza/scene/videos as I never have the hardware for the real thing.
Nvidia in dual head still hangs :( and thats with removing the int10 extension.

1 Aug 2004 22:25 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo

Well I finally got NVidia to work in non twinview, but its weird only one login but two independent screens that the mouse can hope between but windows can not and my wallpaper is all messed up :(
Still Xscreensaver works over the two screens so I will leave it running and test the stability



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