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12 Sep 2015:
How pi camera can be toggled
The Pi cam is still working well. But the space issue is still a problem. So bad that I have taken to ssh-ing in and disabling it. Which of course leads to forgetting to re-enable it.

Ideally it would need an indicator for "enabled/disabled" and and external physical switch/button.

options include;
  1. An LED running as a "On Air" indicator plus a physical toggle switch.
  2. A Mobile phone app that shows the status and allows it to be toggled.
  3. A web page available on my local network that and browser can visit see and toggle the status.

Number two sounds too time consuming for value I would get from it, Number one sounds the simplest but I can never get switches to work with the GPIO pins so there would be a lot of research, though I have the Pis for it. Number three fits with other projects and I know I could get node to do the necessary work.

If I use node to control everything then it would be practical to add other data such as the time of the last shot and a URL/thumbnail and of course then DropBox size limit.

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