just another web log
2 Mar 2002 10:54 -- seti total : 1107 -- dnet : 33,129
Could it be I have missed another one ? - nah, well maybe
Note to self http://www.iomega.com zip drive Par 100 on win98 needs the 8mb plus drivers the old win95 guest95 etc can not find the drive on any BIOS settings.
not much else to say, just i am very busy with everything and the poor old Dreamcast has not been on for a while now, and i do want to complete Shenmue II.
Talking about Dreamcast Still have not received DreamKey3, although most ppl on the dc news group have, must chase Sega!!!
No uk photos, but still impressive http://terraserver.microsoft.com/

28 Feb 2002 200:0 -- seti total : 1104 -- dnet : 33,084
Missed another one, but I have a good excuse, I was served redundancy papers(ish).
Well preliminary, but talking to the others in the department (we are all going) it would seem it more than pretty inevitable, and the company is just following the legal step to lose us :(
After much too-ing and fro-ing I have worked out the X + Gnome were not actually running enlightenment, in fact NO window managers were running, hence the border less windows.
After reading the FAQ at http://www.gnome.org I worked out that even though the setting said enlightenment it was not, but changing was not easy.
To change window manager in gnome, click the foot (if u use it u will no what i mean) select Settings/Desktop/WindowManager and then select Window maker, *ONLY USE THE OK BUTTON*, once it has switched over close all open windows, repeat and select enlightenment, my problem was I kept clicking the TRY button, but it does not work properly.
Now my desktop looks pretty sweat, just need to spend a short while in the Gimp to create a nice backdrop image.
If you have never used the Gimp before, beware it is unimaginably powerful, kicks ass !
OK I am off the find my dusty CV and give it a spring clean and then I might visit http://www.monster.co.uk or http://www.jobserve.co.uk

26 Feb 2002 20:36 -- seti total : 1100 -- dnet : 32,850
Got the mouse working again in X, gpmdata had fun linked it, just
rm /dev/mouse
ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/mouse
and everything was cool, shutdown the machine and rebooted and now it goes straight into X, how annoying.
When i had the same problem with this laptop, it took me a while but i did work it out.
I have worked out the window maker is where all my icons are coming from, I will install enlightenment later, and possible gnome is not loading at all.
I have installed looooads of packages and will proberly never find, let alone use them all.
My Linux Docs book, has lots of info on networking, I had previously ignored, it looks like it should be *very* possible to set this machine up as a DHCP server/firewall and much more to secure my poor little win98 box when we go *always on* next month.
Pizza is going fine, have complete the base, the cheese and three toppings, peperai, beef and chicken.
My dialup is not working very often, connects but can not ping anything let alone connect to any servers :(
Wrote a cool little C proggie that does byte by byte comparasion, well it worked for me :)
Life is ... http://el.www.media.mit.edu/groups/el/projects/emergence/index.html

25 Feb 2002 20:15 -- seti total : 1097 -- dnet : 32,716
I saw Oceans Eleven in the cinema, what an unbelivebly BORING film, and do not just take my word for it, over half the cinema (which was packed out) tried to leave before the end of the film.
Still no Shemuing at the moment, Linux is talking all my time, I installed loads of games, doh.
Speaking of which the xscreensaver I had heard so much about did not want to work, so I checked out there docs and it seem that where being root on my x-less laptop is cool (bad, but cool) x is a whole different ball game.
So exit X as root and login as <cough> user and try an run startx, cool, but the mouse will not respond, no problem just runXF86Setup again, no, root only, so I su into root and the mouse is still dead, still I managed to get a 1024 768 desktop.
I can not believe these people get enough orders to stay in business .... http://www.youpieceof.com/pricing.html

24 Feb 2002 20:20 -- seti total : 1095 -- dnet : 32,409
I do not think I should be allowed to use Linux, I keep screwing it up !!
First, I zapped the nice Debian backdrop by starting the UI configure app then I tried to change the resolution and bang, now x is dead :(
no sweat, killed the config and started again, oooo, it looks different (yet again).
Hmm, as long as I keep it in 800x600 everything seems OK, ran esd and now I can play CDs, cool.

24 Feb 2002 130:9 -- seti total : 1095 -- dnet : 32,409
I missed another day, but what the hell, I was out all day.
Been thinking about my mouse problem, I checked out the /dev/mouse link, not there hmmmm.
ls -l /dev/mouse
made a new one pointing to com1 thus
ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/mouse Found XF86Setup in /usr/X11R6/bin/ ran it and ...
AGHHHHhhhhhh.....! it worked, yeeehaaaa and the third mouse button works !!!!
Now to see if I can setup the gfx display... I decided to quit the direct program and go back to tasksel, as it does some other nice X'y things (i think).
hmmm, nope but it says x is running ok, now how do I start an x session ???
ah, its startx not xstart, ohh pretty colors.
Note to self, do not run twm, its killed X !!!
no worries, just exited X vi ALT-CTRL-BKSPC and ran startx again, now the background image is wrong :(
Time to read the docs
Check out my house ... http://www.lightfantastic.demon.co.uk/house/

22 Feb 2002 21:39 -- seti total : 1091 -- dnet : 32,281
Did I write all that yesterday? must be my longest post to flog yet.
I ran the tasksel (simple) installer and selected just about everything except the German and Chinese language support (plus a couple of others), it then warned me it was going to install 348mb, I laughed, I cried, I ran a bath.
I.e. it was going to install a lot, mainly support/dependency packages to go with the main stuff, should be interesting, I not sure if I want a NNTP and IMAP server, but you never know.
I hope to run the Linux system as a firewall proxy for the poor defencless win98 machine so hosting NNTP and IMAP should help.
Of course apart from the basics I have know idea how to accomplish that :)
Ooo my bath is ready .......
That was refreshing (or not, it was very hot ! ) .....
So it has configured a few things, loads of messages scrolling up the screen and then it asks
This may take a while...
Press [Enter] to continue...

Which sounds reasonable, the screen goes blank few 2 seconds and then flicks back to
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
Unable to communicate with X server!

The /etc/X11/XF86Config file was not created.
Press [Enter] to switch to graphics mode.

Which seemed fair enough, it had failed to setup X on the resolution it had just tried.
The same happened again when I pressed enter, but each time the screen flickered into and out of GFX mode it seemed to be different, sometimes big text sometimes small and some times random graphics, but only for half a second.
So it was obviously testing the modes to find the right one?
Not on your life it was just stuck and after 100 reties I finally CTRL-C'd it(remember this X setup was running as part of a 380mb install and I really did not want to screw it up)
After a few messages the whole thing started all over again, doh !
CTRL-C'd that and it merrily went on its way and then failed.
Problem is I have no idea what state the system is now in, ......
So i run tasksel again and only select X core and of course it only goes and works :)
But, nothing is going right, my ps2 logitech track-ball does not want to work on any of the protocols, so selecting anything is a nightmare of tabs.
Looks like the serial (ps2 converter) is IRQ hogging, must find fix ...
http://www.users.mwfree.net/~genocide/ Something I did a couple of years ago, java fillings.

21 Feb 2002 20:30 -- seti total : 1089 -- dnet : 32,040
Installed Debian, not as easy as i would have hoped.
First off I download
11 base disk images
4 driver disk images
1 root disk image
1 rescue disk image
+ all the utilities from the FTP site (just Incas)
Spend ages getting and then writing all the floppy's.
BTW the rawwrite for win32 always failed when I used a new disk, it was like it was trying to write the data before the head had engaged, just clicked OK and tried again, worked but I had to do that for each of the 17 disks.
Now what, I have not got a boot disk and I took some time to find *any* information about installing from floppy, other than 'you should not do it' !
Turns out you boot of the rescue disk, I almost did not write that image because it looked like a windows ERD (which I rarely use).
So I boot off the rescue disk and everything seems to be going fine and then it asks if it can install off the CD, well I have some old Debian CDs (installed this laptop), so it seemed ideal, no more disk swapping.
But no, it kept giving me a message the modules were not found, after fiddling about on the install menu I managed to complete some steps out of sync, but to switch back to floppy install.
It worked fine, but it was getting late and I was beat, how much longer was this going to take?
It next went on to installing application, I set it to none in the hope I could goto bed, no such luck in *had* to install a base set.
Speaking of base, I never needed those eleven base diskettes....
Oh, and Shenmue was taking a break while I was doing this, after I spent my last day spending money on all the gambling boards and then the toy capsule machines.
Started the day with $5430 gambled on everything and ended up with $5520 and then spent $520 on toys, but I got the cherry/fire tree and a couple of chain saws :)
Eventually the bas install finished and I could play with my new Linux machine, or I could login as root and type shutdown -h now.........
link/s http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-init-config.en.html#s-dbootstrap-partition

20 Feb 2002 21:12 -- seti total : 1087 -- dnet : 31,906
Laptop is holding steady, pizza is coming along fine and Sarah fails her bike test, again.
I have in my had a pack of floppy disks, I had to go to some lengths to get my hands on the these legacy media.
Let the debian'ing begin !!
I keep saying information wants to be free, http://decss.zoy.org/

19 Feb 2002 20:10 -- seti total : 1085 -- dnet : 31,728
I have finished downloading the many boot disks for Debian install, just need some floppies to put them on
I have beaten the three street fighters from Shenmue II and have $5500 HK dollars, not bad.
It appears I may only have one day to spend them though .....
Doh, just found out that I need sixteen floppy's!! AGHHHhhh.
Enjoy this chip art http://www.chipworks.com/art/gallery01.htm

18 Feb 2002 200:6 -- seti total : 1083 -- dnet : 31,521
did I tell you the DC cable had been open by customs? well at least they resealed and left me a nice note.
The dev machine is fully backed up, just need to start building the boot install disks as it can not boot from CDROM :(
The website had the main page inadvertently over written by the index.htm file here, doh
The cost of everything has gone waaay up in Shenmue II, I do not understand how people survive with out the money cheat.
like for today is ... http://www.krysstal.com/borrow.html which shows where some everyday words come from

17 Feb 2002 21:27 -- seti total : 1079 -- dnet : 30,758
Laptop lost no time today, but I did, another 2 hours tightening bolts on the huge heavy bike shed.
Would you believe it I actually worked on and FINISHED the website !!
We are live and kicking, and I just looove my tunnel applet, even though it is so old !!
Over 420 file in 36 folders for just over 4mb, hmmm might not hit my 20mb limit for a while.
With the website live it is time to purge my dev box of the evil windows and get down with some http://www.debian.org .
Got to go but I will leave you with http://www.humanclock.com/start.php

16 Feb 2002 21:17 -- seti total : 1079 -- dnet : 30,758
Sarah has not passed here test but she now has a motor bike so day we are mainly putting a bike shed together as we have no garage.
It only took six hours !! aghhh and some of the 250 bolts will need tightening tomorrow.
The webcam to a picture every 6 seconds but the color is a bit washed out, still shows it does work.
In fact, it works very well with sun light, and that is what I have also found with my digital camera.
If you look at the http://www.jumpstation.co.uk Lego and fx7 a strong dedicated light source was needed to take any pictures and then they all had to be lightened in paintshop.
I took some nice pics of the bike, maybe when we a broadband-ed i can stick them on another server.
Broadband countdown is one month, I can not wait.
Before I forget even though we will be paying for broadband it looks like microsoft will be Charging for any networking, talk about rip off, this might be the final nail in the coffin for me and billy Gs machine.
Link, erm how about http://www.bootlegactionfigures.com/whatsnew.htm very entertaining :)

16 Feb 2002 11:28 -- seti total : 1078 -- dnet : 30,758
Missed a Friday yet again, but believe me I was complete exhausted, and I am making up for it now.
I got me DC coders cable, and it looks like it was just in time as the US DMCA have been impounding them in the US.
I still can not decide over the XBOX vs the GAMECUBE debate, the XBOX will launch with many many games of a very high quality (but nothing I really want) where as the GAMECUBE will launch with 25% less games but have at least a few games i really want.
Like pikmin, super monkey ball and the new Mario sunshine, also I have heard nothing of GAMECUBEs networking caperbilites, will it have and Ethernet port, the XBOX will but I will not hold my breath until the servers go live :(
The laptop had lost 10 and a half hours, not good, need to speed up website update and then clear the machine ready for Linux.
Check out some cool images here http://whyfiles.org/coolimages/archivesframe.msql?cat=100
Here are the links for the DMCA and the coders cable discussion on slashdot

14 Feb 2002 19:42 -- seti total : 1075 -- dnet : 30,707
Got a note from the postie, a parcel is waiting to be collected.
I hope it is the coders cable, then I can get busy on some serious dev work.
Need to get the web site up first doh.
any way keeping it short and sweet, I am number three in the car parking list at work and I found my start date was 31/8/1999.
The laptop had lost 4 hours :( but on another note we have been offered broad band woohooo.
Fox want to cancel futurama make your voice heard !!
Bye, I off 4 a romantic meal at a swanky restaurant :)

13 Feb 20020 80:3 -- seti total : 1072 -- dnet : 30,588
I can not help noticing that Ryo never dreams in Shenmue2, yet this was a major story point in number one, weird.
I went over to http://www.shenmue.com in the hope of seeing some XBox screen shots, but there is nothing and very little about anything, other than the online stuff from Shenmue one is being axed 03/2002.
I did watch a trailer for shenmue 2 and either they have cut a lot out or I have a long way to go before I complete this.
The spin applet is going well, just needs a bit more tweaking and it will be good to go, I think I may not try and link it to the random pages but instead give it its own space.
I caught the 1st 30 mins of Final Fantasy Spirits with ins DVD disk one extra boards and bangs, which is the whole movie with the standard sound track but the display constantly changing between various rendering stages, pretty cool to watch, especially when ppl start floating across the floor :)
Anime if everyone tried it with an open mind everyone would love it, well I would, but I do so ... http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/mlvanbie/anime-list/classic.html
Now I am offer to wrap valentines pressies :)

12 Feb 2002 12:10 -- seti total : 1070 -- dnet : 30,529
Am I cheap or what, that camera was half price, well half cost price :)
But if you see my earlier post (five mins ago) it only works on win9x, I guess they can only sell it to a select few, oh and Kensington have stopped making them.
Of course with anything bought second had there are problems, NO LENS CAP !, what am I to do ?!!
I thought I had come to the end of Shenmue II when I finally found the big Z, but there is till more and loads of toys I have yet to collect :)
I saw Final Fantasy Spirits within on Sunday, if that is the future I like it.
No not a future where Earth is nearly wiped out, the future of films and games.
The graphical detail is unreal and the Dr. looks often like a real person digitally inserted in to the CG world.
Personally I liked it, but I can see why a it did not so well at the box office.
It is pure anime si-fi, and I think a lot of people stuck with the stereo type associated with this genre instead of letting the film just flow and appreciating the original story, kept me guessing.
Quick link cop out is http://www.apple.com/trailers/ where you can find the latest trailers for new movies, sadly quick time itself is not the best way to distribute video, so I avoid it.

12 Feb 2002 11:12 -- seti total : 1070 -- dnet : 30,529
Missed another one, why ? I got a webcam and have been playing with it.
No pics yet, but it is a Kensington SVGA webcam 67016, as per advise I found via http://groups.google.com I did not install the software that came with it instead I got the latest from http://www.kensingtonvideocam.com and a link to the FTP site.
Before doing anything I ran the firmware update and it worked first time, (note there are no real drivers (just beta) for win2k and nothing for WinXP, so my win98 setup is ideal).
The frame rate was embarasing 3 seconds per frame on a good moment, but hacking around the settings I found a exposure setting that was almost on max, as I lowered it the image got darker but the frame rate went way up and the imaging controls allowed me to compensate anyway, so its cool.
This is the best place for any acronym (computer/internet related or not)

10 Feb 2002 11:51 -- seti total : 1067 -- dnet : 30,039
This machine is still losing time, but only two three mins a day :(
Joy and Wong have both turned up on disk 3 of shenmue 2, I wonder where Eileen is ?
But best of all I found some where I can bet $1000, and use my money cheat.
Kowloon is so dirty, broken buildings, rubbish, abandoned trucks, but that makes it so much more believable.
And still there is so much detail that you will never see unless you go looking.
The game keeps getting bigger and there literally crowds of different people everywhere.
The password script was using a string a characters A through Z, so that is what I based my breaker on, but it turns out it uses a full stop as the last character. The lookup on the A trough Z string simply returns a zero if the requested character is not found, modified my breaker and it is running now
Playing Shenmue II while it runs I can not help noticing there is a lot of humor in this installment.
Talking of humor, it would be cool to include some serving instructions on my tshirt design, like "warm gently before peeling and lay bare ...".
Hmmm, need to complete Shenmue II before I finish the new look website and then trash the machine and install debian.
Of course that will make this little baby obsolete ;(
Link for today is the Java programming Faq very useful http://www.afu.com/intro.html

9 Feb 2002 21:28 -- seti total : 1067 -- dnet : 29,626
I had written a javascript system to break the pass-code for level 4.5 but it was way to slow, I have now written a version in C, we will see how well it does.
I used my xmas tokens to buy Final fantasy Spirits with on DVD, two disk with four hours extra footage, might take me a while to review it :)
The breaker coded in C is going about one million attempts per second against the javascript managing ten thousand (on a faster computer).
The C is running on a P200 with 80mb and the javascript is running on a 1400 512mb, javascript is pretty slow huh?
Someone posted the password on the forum, it will be interesting to see if my cracker gives the same result.
Some odd devision of Sega let you play some old puzzle games http://www.segasoft.com/gamedept/obsidian/incoming.html

9 Feb 2002 13:31 -- seti total : 1067 -- dnet : 29,626
Doh, missed another one, what was I doing? trying to brute force a quick password for a web challenge. http://www.shadowagents.com/aimhack/
Start of the challenge is here http://shadowagents.com/aimhack/hackme/level1/
Yesterdays link was/is http://mrl.nyu.edu/~perlin/demox/Planet.html java world

7 Feb 2002 21:53 -- seti total : 1066 -- dnet : 29,360
Shenmue II disk three !!!
Disk two ended with Ryo trying to say goodbye to everyone he meet, except most people I spoke to were not interested, except the girl in the Tomato store, she wanted me to go to her place, bit out of place but it means no more talking to elieen
Joy found me so apart from her and Wong there was only the collection of people at the temple, which the game warns will trigger disk3 and the leaving of hongkong.
I had a cool idea for a new t-shirt design, see current designs here
http://www.cafepress.com/cp/store/store.aspx?storeid=jumpstation,jumpstation_,jumpstation3 . Make the wearer of the t-shirt a product, so have warning and informational messages.
"Not suitable for home freezing."
"Refrigerate after opening."
"may contain nuts."
you get the idea and have a bar-code down one side.
List of ingredients, we x% water,fat protein, other .
Titled mind body and soul.
http://odur.let.rug.nl/~kleiweg/abclock/ analog bitmap clock

6 Feb 2002 20:55 -- seti total : 1063 -- dnet : 29,117
One thing I love in Shenmue II is the follow me option so you can stalk anybody you meet.
Of course it has a proper purpose, main story characters will sometimes take you places and it is nice to let the game do the walking while you take in the scenery.
Tom left for Lim, traveling on Friday, wish him all the best and I am sure we will see him on the web cam.
In this ever changing technology world one thing stays constant, ASCII art
No time to work on the spinboard applet, I need to think about exactly how I am going to use it ...

5 Feb 2002 20:44 -- seti total : 1061 -- dnet : 28,981
I have found a way to cheat in Shenmue II to get loads of money, I wish I had thought of it sooner, its so simple.
Just make some money as normal and then save the game, try betting it all, if you win save and repeat if you lose just reboot and load from the last save !
But at least try to work for the money first and only when you are really pissed at having no money and you want to buy all the Sega&tm; toys
I saw Evolution last night, I can respect what they were trying to achieve, but I does not quite make it, funny though.
Sarah though it was so bad she walked out after half an hour, she did the same with Austin powers II.
The spinboard applet is coming along in leaps and bounds and should be very ready by the weekend.
I want Rez, that game looks amazing fun but I am really interested in how the dynamic music really works.
Still waiting on the coders cable, although http://www.lik-sang.com say it has now shipped.
Todays link is playing with lasers, literally http://games.lasers.org/pictures.shtml
extreme hardware hacking.

4 Feb 2002 19:45 -- seti total : 1059 -- dnet : 28,747
Sarah blow up the cooker yesterday, wonder what she can nuke this week ;)
I need money in Shenmue II, problem is all the money I make I gamble, doh!
I keep seeing Joy's Bike everywhere, is he following me and who is Elieen, I thought she would teach me a new move like Delion did.
I did not realize you could work at the docks all day and I keep finding new and interesting bits.
The new spinboard applet is taking longer than I thought, to make it nicer I need to spend more time on more difficult bits.
Anyone got a cheap USB or IDE CD writer they want to sell? I need to junk my HP 7100e parrell port CD writer so I can trash my system, although I might have got at partitioning the drive or fit windows on 500mb ? never gonna happen.
Link of day is ... http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/ look at the moon or the earth.

3 Feb 2002 17:35 -- seti total : 1056 -- dnet : 28,016
Time is still holding steady, but a slip could occur at anytime :)
I went online and kicked butt at RTCW, the only draw back was I had to turn up the monitor brightness and now I have a headache from using it at full glare to work on the website.
Which I actually made some headway with, the random URL generator is fully test and has been packaged ready for upload, just need to do a bit more overall tidying and sort out my new fortune board.
Shenmue II grabbed me again, sooo addictive and so much detail, I a currently looking for Heavens ....
Link for today is http://www.liquidcode.org/worm.html
I remember a game on the BBC that was very similar and was only ONE line of code :)

2 Feb 2002 20:30 -- seti total : 1054 -- dnet : 27,529
Hey leaving my laptop to get hot is working well for charging the CMOS battery, and about that search engine quote last month, I am number two on http://www.google.com when searching for computer + quiz
My first DVD is Miss Congeniality, hmmmm, not a bad film, funny in places just not a an amazing film.
We have the cheapest DVD player we could find, a Crown CDV661 bought from a super market.
Its says its region two only but thanks to the magical internet I can get it to play any region, how?
With no disk in the machine (and it saying so)
press MENU,1,6,7
and then press 1-6 for a specific region or MUTE to allow all.
Worked for me, just watched Anti-Trust cool film, number plot holes but a great fun and even my wife liked it.
" Human knoledge should be free, information should be free "
And if you look around my site you will find that it is !
Oh, and I you live in the states PLEASE send me a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red, I used to live on the original until the UK killed it :(
and we have no hope of ever seeing its sequel.
Link for today (part two) is http://www.hackthematrix.com/ which you can have fun with .

2 Feb 2002 14:34 -- seti total : 1054 -- dnet : 27,529
Opps missed another day, still so far thats only once a month :)
This means that the archive page is live (ish)
I forgot to mention I saw Vanila Skys last week, very impressed, talking to others a lot of people found it to much but I though it flowed very smoothly, a must see
In other news I have a DVD player, woo hoo !, now I can spend no existent cash on animes from the US :(
Except I order the Dreamcast coders cable from http://www.lik-sang.com
Shenmue II has finally taken a back seat and I WILL do some website stuff today (or tomorrow), so I can trash the dev machine and install Linux ready for the coders cable
Note it was cheaper to import the cable from Japan and pay 70% P&P charges than to buy it from the UK
I could make that the link for today but instead I give you the opitunity to read some old stuff :)
Even though it is well past midday this is still me yesterdays post >:)

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