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31 Jan 2002 21:26 -- seti total : 1050 -- dnet : 27,148
I know this laptop is old, put the bloody power button just flew off !!.
Luckily I can use and alum key to start it, AGHHHhhh
Speaking of this old laptop it now seems to be losing 10-15 mins here and there, leaving it on for more than an hour means it gets hot
Todays link is an old favorite of mine and used to be hard to find, but the author Marcus has made it much more readily available.
Marcus is the guy who wrote the VMU asm system and lots of VERY cool Dreamcast development things.
I played this a lot before I finally won, pity nothing happens, very disappointing :(

30 Jan 2002 200:6 -- seti total : 1048 -- dnet : 26,987
I have just found out i am number one on the search results at
The interesting thing with my quiz is that is pure javascript, I have already had some emails about, one complaining that I called him (I presume it was a him) an idiot, and if the had bothered to read why the page had referred to him so he would have realized that he was !
No news on me doing any more dev on the website, Shenmue II is sucking my soul, had my first Shenmue II dream in Sunday night, weird. And then I had a dream that a dentist drilled a hole in my front tooth and then left, I could clearly feel the rough edges eghhhk.
The odd thing is I normally can not remember what I dream about.
Link of the day is http://www.irtc.org/anims/2000-01-15.html
and if you like those browse around and see what they are doing now !
Man, I wish I could render like that !!

29 Jan 2002 20:32 -- seti total : 1046 -- dnet : 26,767
Shenmue II, carry the books, catch the leaves (of which I am a true master), oh and do not forget scrubbing the temple walls.
Such is Ryo Hazukis life, but what lies ahead ?
I got some cheap speakers for the PC but I am not in the mood to play RTCW online right now.
I really do want to do some more work on the web site but I am so damn lazy !
Oh well time for todays link
I bought a great selection of weird and wonderful candies here and then gave them away with xmas presents, of course I then reordered the lot and woofed them, well what I managed to pry off my work mates.

28 Jan 2002 19:18 -- seti total : 1044 -- dnet : 26,631
I had a look and the CMOS battery for the laptop but it is soldered in so replacing it is out.
I think the more my machine has power the more the battery recharges, but I tried this before and it failed.
Spoke to soon about Shenmue II, after I got the forth Wude it changed to disk 2.
How about some 3d pong ?
And if you are looking to purchase some unopened empire strikes back wallpaper, look here
Ignore the price and make me an offer

27 Jan 2002 12:25 -- seti total : 1042 -- dnet : 25,500
Opps, three days without a post on flog, I am getting sloppy.
My laptop a screwing up again, but thats cos the CMOS has died, i might make a script to pull the time off my main machine rather than entering it on login.
One bit of news I have resurrected my ALC project which died 3 years ago.
ALC Automatic Link Checker, runs from a web browser from the site in question as opposed to running as a platform dependent application.
If you have used seti@home you will be familiar with the certificates for completing 1st 100 then 500 and I have got now one for 1000
I though I would play with the URL they emailed me and found that you can get a spoof award with your current number of units completed in the style of the aliens from the simpsons.
just change the email address to your own !
Shenmue II is to big, I keep finding stuff and people and place that are just there.
And talk about ways to waste your time, arcade machines and numerous gambling opitunities not to mention arm wrestling and crate carrying and I am still on the first of four GDROMS !!
The level of detail is also much improved, it will be interesting to see how the us XBox version fairs. Congratulations to James and Cherie on there new baby girl Marissa !!
Link for today is http://www.essbasetools.com/instest.htm the ever popular insanity test (need sound) and yes, I failed and have not found anyone who can survive even 10 seconds, let alone 60.

23 Jan 2002 21:23 -- seti total : 1034 -- dnet : 25,386
Weird, may laptop is losing the time but keeping the date, time to backup me thinks. Its a compaq lte 5000 p70 with 16mb and a 500mb hdd, running Debian 2.22.
The main battery has not worked for years so it mains only for me, the motherboard was replaced even longer ago after a pcmcia CDROM drive blow it up.
It is the perfect machine to run non X stuff on (X is 640x480 16 colors, urggk).
I hope it does not go kaput, i will not be able to replace it :(
a 4d maze !? http://www.imsa.edu/~jhayward/other/maze4d/

22 Jan 2002 21:16 -- seti total : 1032 -- dnet : 25,217
Quick post 2day, made nice java yesterday but nothing else.
Shenmue II is good but in crowded areas the 30fps slips, still with some much going on you can not complain.
Here is a good game, pity about the ads everywhere http://zone.msn.com/bejeweled/

21 Jan 2002 19:37 -- seti total : 1029 -- dnet : 25,051
Although my f-log perl and shell scripts have been running fine, I noticed that the last weeks worth of entries have the wrong date.
The date is formated by a small C program but I do not think it is at fault as the laptop seems to have the wrong date again.
As this is just run on text files I have had to manually edit ten entries, but it could have been worse.
Shenmue II, wow, its all in Japanese (original was dubbed (badly) and I am learning Japanese, best way to learn :)
One thing bad about Shenmue II is it makes you think you are playing for hours and hours (due to its internal time system) when you are not, makes you very guilty about wasting time.
I like this adult cartoon series that is not really adult, http://sinfest.net/index.htm ,I check the new episodes everyday.

20 Jan 2002 22:13 -- seti total : 1027 -- dnet : 24,432
Its a tough choice, use my speakers on the PC so I can play RTCW online or switch them over to the Dreamcast now I want to play Shenmue II.
Actually no contest, Shenmue II me baby !!
First time I have been online with my Dreamcast in months, I ordered my *FREE* DreamKey 3, thanks Sega (DreamArena) now I can play online with my free ISP.
I got some of the java problems on the rndurl applet fixed, but I think Shenmue II might now take over my life, my java is never as good as this ...
http://www.plumbdesign.com/thesaurus/ (click on the click to launch text once loaded)

19 Jan 2002 21:36 -- seti total : 1025 -- dnet : 24,123
I have finally completed Return To Castle Wolfenstien, ending was a bit week.
The level before the end of game boss was very hard and had some very tricky bits, but there was always plenty of health packs, ammo was a bit more limited.
The end of game boss (Hienrik the first) was dissapointlingly easy to defeat, even on the medium difficulty setting.
I just gave him and all his goons as much juice as I could while constantly circling the arena, when the plasma ran out I switched to flamethrower (took out some of the zombies nicely) followed but only a short use of the Venom and he screamed and gibbed, the end.
So surprised at the easy of defeat, I went back and did it again and only while running around the arena not shooting did I find various supply packs and ammo.
Anyway, now thats over (except multiplayer) I can hopefully get on with the web site.
Money is a sore subject for me at the moment, but back when I did have money I got some really cool stuff from here http://www.coolvcd.com
My first machine a 486 66DX has an MPEG decoder card so I could play VCDs and it is only now I have a machine that can play them without additional hardware.
Maybe I should try and flog the card on eBay :)

18 Jan 2002 14:47 -- seti total : 1023 -- dnet : 24,043
Talking of things I want to buy (or get free)
1: Lan adaptor for Dreamcast
2: Coders cable for Dreamcast
3: Samba de Amiga with maracas for Dreamcast
4: Typing of the dead for ... (you guessed it Dreamcast)
No cats were harmed in the making of http://www.cat-scan.com/
but it still got banned.

17 Jan 2002 13:32 -- seti total : 1021 -- dnet : 23,848
Snack attack number two, fresh British chips (fries are no good) and apply soldered high quality chocolate, wait a short time for the hot chips to melt the chocolate and consume, mmmmm
I know plenty of CDs I would like to do this to http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~wwl/cdzap.html
I need money to buy a binary watch http://www.rsi-digital.com/

16 Jan 2002 12:9 -- seti total : 1018 -- dnet : 23,752
I can not get over the AI in RTCW, shoot and fail to kill and they will run off and hide or seek more soldiers to back them up.
What does annoy me is my careful supply hoarding going to waste as the way back becomes inexplicably blocked !!
Now this is a good use of the web http://www4.telge.kth.se/~d99_kme/

15 Jan 2002 5:53 -- seti total : 1016 -- dnet : 23,636
Time for a quick http://www.jumpstation.co.uk snack break;
Hard boil two eggs (no runny bits left), lightly toast four pieces of bread (no burnt bits, still bendable) butter to taste, cover liberly in strawberry jam (i tried raspberry and it was not nice) mush each egg (while still hot) onto the toast (still hot).
That is my best snack ever, try it before saying how disgusting it sounds, anyone I have convinced to try it loved it !!
This is something we should all have, http://www.pantscam.com/ :)

14 Jan 2002 4:00 -- seti total : 1014 -- dnet : 23,470
Although this site does not betray it, I am a big anime fan.
Got "Blood, the last vampire" (VHS, still no DVD) from HMV at the weekend.
One word review wow, I had not heard of it b4 so I was a bit wary, but how wrong could I be.
I do not want to tell you the plot as it works best from a blank view point and do not expect dodgy DJ wearing undead to be sporting fangs and punchering necks, no this is something special.
If I could find only one fault, it is simply to short and almost no hope of any follow ups, but to make up for this it does have a 20min "making of" documentary.
In the documentary you find a fair bit was done with CGI, but watching the movie I only noticed a couple of tracking shots and even then I could not be sure, very slick.
RTCW is a pain, I want to quit cos its getting predictable but it keeps sucking me back in. Maybe if I complete it then it will leave me alone.
No hope for the website, today I am knackered.
Lin..k f..or to...day <puff> is sweet http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/homepage.shtml , I ordered a good selection from them and was not at all disappointed, just do not try it if you are on a diet, on the other hand do :)

13 Jan 2002 3:40 -- seti total : 1012 -- dnet : 23,062
RTCW got interesting again but then boring again, to hard to easy, to linear to non linear, to ..... you get the point.
Still gave me some time to work on jumpstation, but what I though was going to be a quick fix turned into a nightmare rehash that I have still not completed.
The main random URL applet had some faults that had to be resolved but then I started trying to improve on the basic design, bad move.
I am trying to get some random polygons to appear but have less than no luck, maybe I should take a break and play some multiplayer RTCW, hmmmm?
B4 I go todays link is http://www.snakerobots.com/S5.htm , the world needs more snake robots !

12 Jan 2002 2:18 -- seti total : 1010 -- dnet : 22,435
Well at least i booted up my dev machine today, but it got side-lined into doing some CD burning so I can clear some space on the hard drive, and then i went out.
RTCW keeps changing pace and location and style, very slick. Had fun yesterday whopping ass in multiplayer if you see me I am Bluenuht (a variation on the rednuht thing).
I try and use this link once a day and if possible twice (from two different locations/systems) http://www.saverainforest.net/ , go on you know you want to, and it costs you nothing, no you do not have to enter personal details just click the button, thats it !

11 Jan 2002 1:24 -- seti total : 1007 -- dnet : 22,435
Hmmm, second day off and I did not even boot my development machine :(
RTCW is to addictive, although I do now grow weary of single player and multiplayer is sooooo sweet, (dumb humans).
And talking of the dumb ones check out people searching for the stupidest things at http://www.metaspy.com/
I really need another speaker so I can play Shenmue II or REZ is going to be out and that will take all my time, I think its out today.

10 Jan 2002 20:13 -- seti total : 1005 -- dnet :
First day off, did i get any work done on the website ? no.
Return to castle Wolfenstien is just to addictive, after the nicely presented but nothing really different first few levels of going around the castle and killing everyone I got to the underground catacombs.
Full of zombies and monster guards the atmosphere is unbelievable and the pace steps up more than a few notches.
But heck, I was playing all day so I did get past that and onto a few levels, that were graphically very amazing but also had you thinking about every step you took.
Maybe tomorrow I can get some work done, cos for now I going straight back to RTCW, shall I continue my one player mission or sock it to 'em in multiplayer, decessions decessions
Link today is http://www.bossmonster.com/games/antcity.html take control of a giant magnifine glass and fry people in the city like ants !!

9 Jan 2002 20:37 -- seti total : 1003 -- dnet : 22,037
Sorry but i can not but keep going on about rtcw, even if you can not see an enemy you can see there cold breath condensing in the air.
I little unnerving at moments. I started on the normal level but it seems to easy, I always leave medic packs etc when i leave a level at full health, but i can not complain, oh i can :)
Todays link is personal favorite time waster a patience game but with two decks and anime cards and top top it off its written by the original Dreamcast VMU dude, Marcus !
I have completed it once (its hard) but nothing exciting happens :(

8 Jan 2002 21:18 -- seti total : 1001 -- dnet : 21,871
I have spent some more time with RTCW, single and multiplayer.
Come for the multiplayer stay for the single player, or the other way round.
Either way this game is class and it does not suffer from my pet hate in games, enemies appearing from nowhere or regenerating.
And speaking of enemies, the AI is great, you even find soldiers hopping round fires trying to keep warm up in the snow heights of castle wolenstein.
Website update, I have the day off on Thursday and Friday, so work will begin in ernest then.
Link today is a great one if you live in the UK and do not have access to traffic master reports.
http://buypower.vauxhall.co.uk/trafficnet/ Im sure there was something else i wanted to say ..... oh well, maybe tomorrow.

7 Jan 2002 19:33 -- seti total : 999 -- dnet : 21,871
Installed Return to Castle Wolfenstien, 800mb from one CD.
But playing the game I can not complain (only had 30mins).
Finally started updating the web site as per the mission of this flog, got the layout of the main randomization page pretty much sorted, just need to setup the applets and speaking of applets I need to put no java options on all my pages.
Todays link is a commercial site but well worth a visit if you are into gadgets and fun.
And of course after having the curfufle Unreal torny, i now have issues with the mouse setup on RTCW.

6 Jan 2002 19:38 -- seti total : 997 -- dnet :
Ok I have another excuse for not starting Shenmue 2, mono speakers (ie there is only one).
Still that has not stopped me playing Unreal Tournament, sadly the euro version is offline only (SEGA MARGETING SCUM!)
Bots are pretty good and as with Q3A having a keyboard and mouse makes a world of difference, except I could not set the mouse up to have a run option, only pre-configured mouse setups were allowed :( weird as the keyboard was 100% customizable.
Link for today is cool game.
http://www.bigidea.com/penguins/kids/k_spacedpenguin.htm I have completed all the levels, can you?

5 Jan 2002 19:55 -- seti total : 995 -- dnet :
Todays the day this flog goes live !
It has taken me a while to get all the files an procedures into place but I think i have cracked it.
Just to let you know, I pay zero for this web domain and the FTP space all thanks to freenetname.co.uk, but although this is a great deal it means my website has to be 100% html, simply meaning flog is not generated automatically from a nice database server.
Instead I have found a use for my old P70 laptop running http://www.debian.org quite a few steps are necessary put with perl sed wget and a few others I can download my seti and dnet stats and create an entry that will then be formated into the flog you see before you. I will not be posting the scripts here but if you want them just mail me.
The link for today is one of my favs
http://thcnet.net/error/index.php When you visit a page that does not exist instead of getting the boring 404 message their server generates the text based adventure.
When I have loads of cash I am going to have my own webserver to run jumpstation.co.uk and have cool 404 pages amongst other things.
I forgot to mention it before but I have moved office, and this one is four times as big, sweeeeet.

4 Jan 2002 15:31 -- seti total : 993 -- dnet : 20,195
Way Hay, I knew i could not keep this up forever, still this will be a morning post and i will do another one tonight, maybe no one will notice :)
So, what was more important than updating my flog? Mission Impossible 2 thats what and no, it was not very good but it is a film I have not seen before (very rare).
Not a very good film story / acting wise but great fun special effects and that was all i was interested in.
Hey, maybe i should start doing movie reviews.
I saw Lord of the Rings (part 1) on xmas eve, very impressive but you should still read the books, bit long three hours though.
Thanks to the usenet community I completed HeadHunter, very nice, it said I had taken 14 hours to complete but I do not think that includes all the failed missions
It restarts in V2 mode which I think is just a harder difficulty, but I want to move on to Shenmue 2.
Before I forget link of the day is
http://alicebot.org you can have a surprisingly realistic conversation (use the link top right)
Oh, and some one bought a t-shirt, ME, but it was a gift, I will save up and get all three for me though

3 Jan 2002 10:48 -- seti total : 990 -- dnet : 18,549
WOW third day and the 3rd flog entry, but how long can i keep this up !?
I have just got a load of spam, but instead of being annoyed (that comes later) I am happy, why? because the spam has been addressed to the many email addresses i have scattered about the site which means I am hitting the big time baby!
On to todays link (or two)
I used TechnoSphere about four years ago (if not longer) and then lost the address, welcome back, I have a good 50 creatures on the go.
Hey check out my t-shirts, and no i do not make any money them, how? cos the service is free !!

2 Jan 20020 1:43 -- seti total : 988 -- dnet : 17,365
Well this is the second post on flog and it to contains nothing about getting the new version of the website up, oh well.
I have to say HeadHunter on the DC is a class piece of work, talk about the DC going out in a blaze of glory !
Please note I also got Shenmue 2, power stone and quake 3 for the DC at xmas (I already had Q3A, but hey I swapped it for Unreal torny) and i will start playing them as soon as I complete (or get REALLY bored with) HeadHunter.
Not to mention RTCW and sheep (!?) for the PC.
Todays link is http://www.insanepictures.com/pictures/0573.jpg which is cool, its a pity insanepictures.com is so lame :( but you can not win them all. Im keeping this short so....

1 Jan 2002 17:52 -- seti total : 985 -- dnet : (na)
This is the first entry into my new f-log in the vague hope it will get me motivated to complete more of this website.
You should be able to guess what the f in f-log stands for !
I will try and add an entry everyday with odd links and tit bits of information.
Todays link is http://score.sega.com/games/supermonkeyball/contest/Monkeyball.swf I am still in two minds about getting a GameCube or an X-Box, only time will tell.
I got loads of cool games for Xmas and I am currently wasting most of my time with HeadHunter on the Dreamcast. In the bank shoot the acid spider spiders once and then take control of them and try and 'jump' them into the door. (work out their attack pattern.
Happy new year everyone and congrats to Maverick for proposing to Karen, and her saying YES

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