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14 Nov 2020:
security so good no one can get in ever
When is a username and password not good enough?

The obvious answer is 2FA, but my really old Netgear spare-ish Wifi router seems to have lost the plot.

I know its IP address, I know the username and password, but it will not let me in. Apparently I enabled some kind of only connections from "this IP address" are allowed to login. So I found what IP address I had before this new machine and matched it, same error.

It appears it wants the original MAC address LAN card in my old *dead* linux machine...

Security so good, even the owner with the correct username, password and IP address cannot get in.

OK, time to reset the sucker and start from scratch. All this to get a couple of streaming devices to work in a separate VLAN.
07 Nov 2020:
totally legit antivirus messages in windows but from the browser
Another tale of tech support;

User contacts me. They are getting repeated notices that they have a virus, but the virus scanner is out of date and needs a new subscription. What spooked them was both McAfee AND Norton messages were appearing.

It was Windows 10 and the messages were in the Windows Action Center. Very clear Norton logo, looks legit. But underneath was another alert and this one had a perfect McAfee logo ... legit?

In dark text on the black background under each logo and message is a URL for Bestdealfor32.life Definitely NOT LEGIT!

A quick Google around for this and hit a YouTube video from just a few days earlier on how to specifically remove Bestdealfor32.life Popups.

The short video simply showed how to remove the Google Chrome notification authorisations in the browser... Dum Dum DUM!

So all this was was the user hitting a random site (which they said was legit) and when prompted, allowing notifications. I never knew they showed up IN WINDOWS! and could have any logo!

It appears that "legit" is the word of the day!

Oh and the same scam was setup on a load of other URLs with similar names.
07 Nov 2020:
functional skills are cracked
Yeah! Passed my Functional Skills Level 2 - English crushed it, but Maths just scraped a pass. Which I not very happy with, as I revised my arse off :(

In other news: found this in a scammers fake page

Mr P. Ogunwusi

no idea what it is .... but .... possibly the scammer was working on a copy of their own banking page and that is their name ...
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