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08 Jan 2022:
graphing 2021 posts
And a few graphs, just because ... reasons :D

2021 graph number of posts and images
2021 graph number of posts and images

Length of posts
Length of posts

combined graph
combined graph attempt
08 Jan 2022:
yearly summary 2021
Yearly review

Sadly I missed posting in the month of June. The last time that happened was 2011! Still, I had a good excuse and made up for it a bit later.

Total number of posts 57

Total number of tags recorded in the flog db

of which were used in 2021

Top tags
19 VR
12 blender
8 update
7 quest2
7 htcvive

Hopefully Godot can make it in to the top tags this year.

See the whole year Year 2021 summary
See the 20 years of posts The archive

03 Jan 2022:
a few Movie and Series reviews
Just before I release the annual Yearly Summary...

Here are a few Movie and Series reviews

Spider-man - No Way Home :: Massive thumbs up! Lots of fan service, but also lots of good story/characters.
The Matrix Resurrections :: Thumbs up. You are going to either love or hate this. Lots and lots of fans service, but a genuinely interesting plot that takes the series in a new direction. I kept smiling throughout.
Falcon and Winter Soldier :: Takes a few episodes to get going and shows some oddly bad special effects. Also some oddly placed special effect sequences. After that it finds its feet and leads to good solid story that is worth your time.
Hawkeye :: Wasn't expecting much and it blew my socks off! Not what I expected from the word go. Genuinely cared about the characters. Want to see more of this great cast.
Snowpiercer :: Yes, that old film with Captain America. Never seen it before and ... Three key observations. 1) It's a horror film first and science fiction second. 2) The actual SY-FI ending is very good, not sure it's worth the runtime. 3) All this is let down by technical plot holes all over the place. Like, where does everyone eat/sleep/toilet/etc and why does the number of carriages change so often?

Don't get me started on the "shoot across to other carriages while going around a steep bend" bit :(

03 Jan 2022:
Life has become a little more strenuous than normal
Life has become a little more strenuous than normal.

All technology endeavours have taken a huge dive, time-wise.

I now have a standing desk. Which is interesting as you have to keep moving :)
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