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03 Jul 2024:
printing my own sider safe gas cabinet mechanism

Now it is time for another quick (read: long) 3D printing project.

Gas meter box 3D print handle

The house I moved into was missing the little triangular key mechanism for the Gas meter box outside the front door. The previous occupants had used tape to keep it shut by the looks of the residue. On the whole, it didn't bother me, but every now and then, when the wind really picked up, the door would become conspicuously open.

The patient

Gas meter door

Gas meter door sans locking mechanism.

Gas meter door inner

Gas meter inside the door

Gas meter cabinet latch

Gas meter cabinet latch panel

The plan

I could have looked up a replacement lock and printed it, but where is the fun in that?

The locking original purpose is pretty moot. All I needed was for it to not blow open during a storm. I wanted a handle!

The best thing about 3D printing is the iterative nature. So I started with just trying to get the core the right size. Using digital calipers definitely helped and I probably should have done more measuring, but ...

The build

Then I used those same core cylinders and crafted the handle. Finally a back plate that would lock behind the cabinet latch.

3D printed parts for the gas meter handle

First iteration of parts printed

But things didn't quite work out. The Handle broke when I tried to force fit the back plate. Though, it was only printed at 15% fill and not expected to be very strong. I also tried adding a slot in the back plate to allow a small piece of metal to weigh it down when closed. The idea of having the handle horizontal when closed was eventually abandoned.

3D printed parts iterated for gas meter handle

Second iteration of parts printed and handle broken

A number of iterations later and I had added a nifty clockwise arrow to the handle. But that just made it stupid when I found the size of the handle didn't support rotating that way. The back plate's length was also catching on the side of the cabinet on the inside.

3D printed gas meter handle will not rotate

Handle catches on side of cabinet

The designs had changed somewhat by now. The back plate had become considerably smaller and rounded. A new component is included that will stop the handle rotating too far. Also, the arrow symbol has been mirrored to point counter-clockwise.

3D printed components part 3

Final iteration of components

It was just a matter of fitting it. I used a tiny bit of glue to bond the turning plate to the handle and the back plate to the handle.

The installation

3D printed gas meter latch

Does it work? Oh yes. Took quite a bit longer than I intended, but that is another just job ticked off.

3D printed gas meter shut


Erm, so I really should have measured two or three times before starting. At least all those spiders are safe.

I am not going to publish these designs. Firstly, they are not that great and secondly, I have just googled 3D printable parts and there are at least two different replacement latch models you can download. They require additional screws or a retaining ring.

01 Jul 2024:
moss book 2 finally defeated the scroll hole

I have completed Moss Book II thanks to my VR thumbstick cleaning efforts.

I found all the Energy pick ups and I found all the Scrolls. Though I needed help finding one elusive scroll that was down a hole that I didn't think was navigable.

Moss Book II quest 2 screenshot scroll hole

As well as scroll-holes Moss Book II has expansive environments e.g. a castle in the sky. Vertigo was an issue in places, but thankfully was limited.

Moss Book II quest 2 screenshot castle in the sky

and this screenshot just sums up some of the interesting level design.

Moss Book II quest 2 screenshot level design

As I am a pheasant peasant with a 64Gb Quest 2, I immediately had to delete Moss Book II on completion to make room for other experiences.

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