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03 Dec 2023:
Eolia a frustratingly magical vr world

I have been playing a rather odd VR gem called Eolia.

Bought it on the Quest 2 on deal back at the beginning of the year and could not play it.

The first thing it asks you to do is reach forward and bang a large drum. Unfortunately I could not reach far enough to do so. But now I have moved , I can...

The game is Hands-First, which immediately hits some interesting problems.

Depending on how your room is laid out, hand tracking might only work in certain directions or angles.

So, should you bother with this game?


It is truly magical, but it has a steep learning curve. Nothing is clearly explained, but this adds to the adventure(*) and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you conquer some insurmountable obstacle.

(*) The caveat is the hand tracking can go off when you least expect it. I was climbing a vine, hand over hand and the tracking decided my hand was no longer holding on. That vine takes over a minute to climb to the top.

There are a number of other similar examples I could give, but I don't care. I keep coming back and trying one more thing.

Annoyance number two is the "powers". You can drink potions you find to enhance yourself, but they run-out after a short amount of time and potions (nothing) re-spawns. So, you will want to hoard them.

The tutorial introduces you to a flute that when played correctly can give you the same powers. But, and it's a huge But, you don't not get the flute for a very long time and I was worried that I had screwed up the game because of the lack of access to this item.

The flute powers also run-out, but not quite so quickly. The flutes problem is that some tunes are quite complex and will take multiple attempts to perform correctly. The whole time you are trying to add "double-jump" your "torch" is running out.

There is some balance in this frustration to value of working with the game to experience the world and lore. I think I am, maybe, to used to NPC hand-holding my every step. Though I have completed actions that should have triggered results only to find I was in ever-so slightly the wrong place.

Graphics are a mixed bag. Some text is difficult to read on the quest2, some areas are very blocky and angular and others are expansive and detailed.

There are lots of problems with using your hands correctly to bring up the inventory etc but I am not quitting yet!

02 Dec 2023:
adb trumps mtpfs for photos

I wanted to get some photos off my Pixel 7 Pro onto Gentoo.

In the past I used a USB stick that has both a USB type C and USB type A connector, transferred them from the phone, then unplugged and plugged into my Linux machine.

It worked, but was janky as hell. I knew there was a better way.

And slightly annoyingly, I am pretty sure I did this before and forgot to write any of the instructions down :(

this is for reference ONLY!


run groups and make sure your user is in plugdev

then just

mkdir /tmp/pixel
mtpfs /tmp/pixel

takes at least 30 seconds

ls /tmp/pixel
ls "/tmp/pixel/Internal shared storage"
ls "/tmp/pixel/Internal shared storage/DCIM"
ls "/tmp/pixel/Internal shared storage/DCIM/Camera"

and ...

There are no files :(


fusermount -u /tmp/pixel

/tmp will be destroyed on the next boot

What actually worked

(after putting the phone in to Developer mode and enabling USB debugging)

adb pull /sdcard/DCIM/Camera/ .

downloaded all the files from the Camera folder on the phone to the current folder

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