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31 Jul 2002 21:00 -- seti : 1480 -- dnet : 67,183
Well it rained so the heat has subsided a little however our modem housing obviously has far better insulation that it needs.
Do not get me wrong having a warm house in the winter is great (although we never turn the heating on then either, next door heat the whole street) it just there is little to nothing we can do about the heat in the summer (opening windows turning on fans etc are only marginally functional.
I have been listening to Elastica again, I wonder if they have done any new stuff, cos the album I have is KICK ASS !! http://www.stutter.demon.co.uk/elastica/
I would write more, like, "throw another barbie on the shrimp" or "out of the frying pan into the fire", but I really want to do some Munch'ing.
http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/ - GIMP for windows !!
http://www.switcheroozoo.com/zoo.htm - very clever morphing flash
http://www.swma.net/pics/gallery.html - nothing at the mo .....
http://web.cs.mun.ca/~michael/c/ascii-table.html - Coders unite, very useful
http://acronymsonline.com/tcp-udp.htm - extensive port number list - my old friend TechnoSphere
http://www.tenhand.com/squid - Squid are cool, it says so !

29 Jul 2002 22:13 -- seti : 1472 -- dnet : 67,183
HOT ! not even close mate, in fact it was so hot on Sunday that the win98 system shutdown 100% lockup, could not even use the power button so I had to turn it off at the power supply !!
And it is still hot now, and I have no doubt it will be to hot tomorrow.
Played South Park Rally one last time, lots of stuff but still gets boring after a bit.
Munch's Oddysee on the other hand is getting better every level, you do need to use the save game feature a lot, although that is a laugh when it says 30 blocks required and the Xbox note 50,000+ are currently available HA.
Still need to turn everything off b4 it over heats

27 Jul 2002 12:29 -- seti : 1461 -- dnet : 64,096
Got broadband back, it appears there was a cable explosion that took out most of west London.
Jigdo has now got me Debian 3.0 CDs 1-6 and 7 is going now.
This of course allowed my dnet stats to go up as the machine is running all day, problem with that is it is quite loud and can get warm/hot.
Speaking of which, I came home last night dripping from head to toe after being cooped up inside the train !!
Seems a bit cooler today, but we will see.
South park rally is getting me down, the action direction arrow that shows you which way the prize is does not always show and this makes it more than a little frustrating, not to mention colliding with another vehicle and not getting the points for it !!
Maybe its time to try the next Dreamcast game, I have not been back to Munch's Oddysee for a bit either .....
I am so happy the internet disconnection was nothing to do with my DHCP client, fixing it would have been a right pain !!

http://spiritonin.com/interactive/games/sharkgame.html - be the shark, a messy flash game !
http://www.slipups.com/ - movie bloopers plus much more
http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/impact.html - plan interplanetary destruction
http://spaceinvaders.retrogames.com/html/index.html - ultimate Space Invaders Shrine
http://www.sfdt.com/ - stick figure death theater
http://www.stupid.com/keychains/index.htm - read the url and guess

25 Jul 2002 20:03 -- seti : -- dnet :
Something interesting has happened, the fifth Debian 3 CD has downloaded successful via Jigdo (for windows) and I went to got for the sixth and got server not responding messages.
Then I noticed dnet had 200 unflushed blocks, there was something up with my internet connection.
At 17:19.02 (or a short while after) I lost my IP address.
The only reason I can think of is the longest timeout (DHCP) has been reached an my firewall rules stopped any chance of an update.
I will try and restart the DHCP or just reboot.
Restart did not work, try to reboot now ....
While we wait let me tell you about the http://www.monkey-music.co.uk gig I went to last night.
I took some cool videos with my digital camera (only manages 30 second clips) that were pretty neat.
They played the same set as last time which was disappointing, although it is a good set, I just would have liked to hear something new.
The drummer let slip they had a couple of new tracks there were just not quite ready yet, so lets hope there next gig is soon !!
Reboot has failed to get an IP address, I reckon it is my ISP so I will try again later.

23 Jul 2002 21:49 -- seti : 1443 -- dnet : 58,922
Jigdo tells me that CD2 did not download correctly to promptly tell the checksum for the whole image was good !?
And the official news is now out about Debian 3 so I expect the servers to snarl up.
I can not say enough about Dreamcatcher, if you had told me it was about alien encounters I would have never even picked it up, let alone read it.
There is some really well thought out stuff here and the writing just brings it all to life better than a 100% digital movie :)
Damn it was hot today and a weird heat at that, and now it is hot and humid, I wish it would rain a bit !!
Off to see http://www.monkey-music.co.uk again tomorrow at the water rats in London, should be a laugh, I will take my digital camera and try and get some better photos than are on there website at the moment :p
If you unplug the XBox from the mains all the time and date info vanishes, unlike the Dreamcast that had a CMOS that could hold on for weeks if not months without power !!
I keep picking up the Dreamcast controller to play Munch's Oddysee, doh !!

22 Jul 2002 21:00 -- seti : 1443 -- dnet : 58,922
So which DC game did I go for ?
Tried Kao the Kangaroo and found it graphically exactly the same as Croc on the Saturn but not much fun, to many pixel perfect jumps (and it kept jumping when the button was not pressed). Not to mention it restarted at the beginning of the level every time >:(
From there I tried Hydro Thunder, one of the original UK release games, but to my horror it is not VGA compatible [grrrrr]
Then I popped in South park rally, graphics are very limited but the game is loads of fun, I like South Park, non fans should avoid.
Jigdo worked or at least it said it did, only six binary CDs to go (my 2.2r2 was three binary CDs and three Source CDs)
I missed off my todo list UI, Ultimate Intelegance, a AI that only guess to what things are about instead of ridgedly type casting everything.
The plan being it could learn from pages off the internet, cool huh ?
One bad thing about Jigdo is it locks the machine when having problems connecting, it appears that in-fact it is the wget.exe that is not windows broken.
http://www.engrish.com/recentdiscoveries.html - cultrual blunders from the Japanese
http://www.recycledgoods.com/electronics.htm - pity it is not round the corner, I would love to pop in
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1939.html - POP3 protocol, just what I need to make a fake POP3 server !!
http://developer.netscape.com/docs/examples/javascript/formval/ccnums.html - Netscape let you check all your credit card numbers ???
http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/moons.html - Try Jupiter
http://oliver.efri.hr/~crv/security/bugs/Others/ - essential knowledge !

21 Jul 2002 20:31 -- seti : 1439 -- dnet : 57,507
and in addition .....
there was another power cut today, luckily the only thing I was working on was Munch's Oddysee and I was thankful for lots of saves !! (great thing about a 5gig hard drive is that is can hold a lot more saves that the traditional 1mb memory card !!)
I am about to officially retire Stunt GP, what shall I try next .....
Oh, and as http://www.debian.org has gone to version three / woody I am jigdo'ing it :D

21 Jul 2002 18:32 -- seti : 1439 -- dnet : 57,507
Ok so I found out how to play Stunt GP it bit more but it is still to tight, and I can not work out the stunts.
Every time I initiate one I crash, there seems to be no control and thus it is pointless, hmmmmmmm.
Helped my parents move house, unpacking and building furniture etc.
Getting really far with Munch's Oddysee, still not sure about it, some levels are well designed fun and though provoking and others are boring and impossible.
Maybe on negates the other, but I had to refer to the guide a number of times to go "I would have never tried that" or "never looked there" of course one of my excuses is the monitor is to dark.
I noticed http://www.whsmith.co.uk refuse to stock XBox games in any of there shops or there website.
And although they are not a big game retailer you do expect them to have the latest and greatest games across all major formats, does this mean XBox is not a major format ???
I feel like I need a project or else all I do is play games, current things on my mind are;
The intrusion detection system in Linux, and the firewall report part that I already started.
Grenad-a-phone -- needs the art work done before I will do anything else.
peeroo - might get me in trouble ?! but just a fake peer2peer system offering 100% realiabilty, spoof and has one main drawback.
clear up the website, add in the virtual rob, might wait until the above are done first ......
http://network-tools.com/error.asp - a very useful 404 page for net tools
http://nonags.com/nonags/ - only freeware without nags screens !!
http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/OCEAN_PLANET/HTML/squid_links.html - squid links (no really!)
http://promo.net/pg/ - free books (Project Gutenberg)
http://anubis.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n1637/n1637.htm - Egyptian Hieroglyphs
http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q157/6/68.asp - link fails but search google groups for the kb number and have a laugh
http://www.hwnd.net/pub/mskb/Q209354.asp - again, link fails, but lookup the KB and enjoy history :)

20 Jul 2002 11:12 -- seti : 1432 -- dnet : 56,548
After complaining about Munch's Oddysee so much I went back and played it for ages loving every minute !!
Only now I am bored of it again, but I have progresses through quite a few levels.
Oh, and for my notes yesterday(Thursday) was the day when no trains were running in London and I had to walk to work !!
I think it is time to break out the first Dreamcast game, only which one should I choose ........ ?
Well it ended up being Stunt GP by team17 (total respect to those guys for Alien Breed, Project X and shed load of other unforgettable Amiga games(that I have 4gotten)).
So what's it like? well quite frankly I do not like it ! But this does not mean it is a bad game, just not to my tastes.

Basically if you crash once then expect to finish last.
There is a recharge point much like pits that will recharge your battery and failure to do so removes your ability to boost, but I found I had to charge every lap just to avoid running out of juice, I think it was designed as something strategic but in my opinion fails.
Very nice graphics and adequate sound, but really only for die hard race fans, not me.
Still I will not shelf it quite yet .......
Oh and Yesterday I had my mouth attacked and its STILL not fixed yet !
http://www.terraserver.microsoft.com/cmap.asp?ppd=1&r=3&c=6&W=0&ClickAt=?0,0 - just to show SQL can hold BIG data
http://www.dhtmlshock.com/Games/Minesweeper/index.htm - exactly the same as minsweeper but in JavaScript
http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Chemistry/MOTM/silly/sillymols.htm - molecules with silly names
http://www.sumrallworks.com/freebies/buttonhole/multimedia/mpg/link4b.htm - freeware site, lots of good stuff
http://www.napalm.net/index.html - get napalm
http://www.netcraft.com/whats/?host=www.jumpstation.co.uk - who is hosting me and on what !

17 Jul 2002 21:29 -- seti : 1416 -- dnet : 55,459
Long time no update so here it is.
I finished watching one of the anime DVDs I got in the states "Mini-Goddessi, the Belldandy files".
I loved the original AMG series (Carebear : can I have my video back please !) so this sound like great fun, all the goddesses shrunk to a tiny size, but it was aimed at a very young audience and the episodes were annoyingly short, and I found I had bought issue two (even though it had Belldandy's name !) so some plots were lost on me.
Basically avoid unless you are a die hard fan !!
I do not like munches Oddysee, not enough fun in it, gets to hard to quickly, either that or I am becoming a wuss in my old age.
The other thing about Munch's Oddysee is the eirey sound from dune in background in certain scenes, if you heard it you would know what I mean.
thanks to monkey drummer for the CDs, the tower grows ever taller steadily.
not played any of the DC games yet, I feel drawn to playing Munch even though I do not enjoy it so much, weird eh?
I do not like game walk through when I get stuck so it was a breath of fresh air to find this Hints page on the internet
http://cyberian.tripod.com/Munch.htm -Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Hints - not walk through :D

12 Jul 2002 20:13 -- seti : 1398 -- dnet : 0
So I now have the Dreamcast VGA going through the XBox VGA swapper, coool or what !!?
The XBox VGA box also has a source button that switch an overlay on the screen from SV to AV and back, if the XBox has been running then SV is usually very jumpy, but I if try and boot with it set to SV then I get a blank screen, AV always works !?
Got my consignment of ten games from http://www.game-network.net all for fifty pounds, including VAT and P&P.
Tech Romancer
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Giga Wing
Hrydro Thunder
South Park Rally
Gunbird 2
Charge N Blast
Tee Off
Stunt GP
Kao the Kangaroo
Out of the ten, one has a cracked box and one other has a totally wrecked box.
When ordering you are warned that some instructions may not be in English, two had no obvious English instructions.
I have finally finished Plato's The Republic, very odd ending, but as a whole an interesting read.
In its place I have a Steven King novel "Dreamcatcher", very deep, sucked me in and in just a few days I have read over a third compared to taking months to read The Republic and "Dreamcatcher" is over twice as big (not sure about the type face though )
Seti have changed their user links again, I swear they do it just to annoy me and I am not sure what dnet is doing.
I have been playing Munch's Oddysee, very detailed and impressive game, a lot of time and effort has obviously gone into this, not sure I really like though.
Need to play it some more, of course there are lots of things I need to do, so I can not say if it will get priority.
http://www.chem.leeds.ac.uk/delights/photos/ - blowing stuff up (with pictures)
http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood/9060/holye.html - Holy Grail with Lego, I should have thought of this one
http://looroll.com/thesheets/abstract.shtml - very cool art work
http://www.madblast.com/oska/pong.cfm - Pong in the funniest flash cartoon EVER
http://www.mail2web.com/ - any POP3 mailbox in the world !!

8 Jul 2002 19:30 -- seti : 1381 -- dnet : 51,380
Bad tooth day, owwwwwwww!
Nothing else to say other than watch Saiko-Exciting on the SiFi channel (no, I do not normally watch the SiFi Channel)
I just need to find a channel that airs it 24hrs a day 365 days a year !!
http://www.Saiko-Exciting.tv -- needs to be watched to be understood !

7 Jul 2002 21:37 -- seti : 1381 -- dnet : 51,380
Hmmmm, seems to have missed a couple of days, heres the latest.
Installed my GBA after Burner kit, works at treat, can actually play the games :)
Was not the easiest of installs but after making some mistakes I decided to got with the 100% brightness instead of installing the brightness dial.
Looks unbelievable in the dark, oh and I used a knife instead of a Dremel (even though I have one)
On top of that I built a nice little table for my Dreamcast to live on so the space that it did occupy can be relinquished to the XBox.
Got all the cars in Wreckless (some were not easy to find let alone obtain).
I managed to complete one of the missions in less than a second !! I used the tank to blow up my opponent instead of racing him :)
Final stats were
Total Vehicles Destroyed : 1599
Total Objects Destroyed : 27356
Total Play Time : 13:41:25 (I think I did not save a couple of times)
Total Distance Traveled : 422.5 miles
Max Speed : 150.6 MPH (doh yeah !!)
Oh and play in Replay mode is fun (you only get this if you complete all missions on Hard !!
I moved the XBox to the old Dreamcast's location and attached the VGA box, one really good idea is it will swap another VGA source plus audio (came with the extra cables) so I can switch between the XBox and the Dreamcast running its own VGA box !
But I am not sure if I like the XBox through VGA, very dark (even with the monitor up to full brightness and the image is quite unfocused unlike the Dreamcast through VGA which is crystal clear.
I got to show off my Lego when one of Sarah's friends came round for a BBQ who works at Lego Land, cooool.
http://apd.virtualave.net/axbox/wrecklesscheats.shtml - which levels hold the extra vehicles ?
http://www.netmeg.net/jargon/terms/b.html#bug - whats is a bug ?
http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pub/sat-images/D2.JPG - whats the weather like over Europe ?
http://www.ultimatechaos.com/contest/ - what to do with old AOL CDs ?
http://www.vectorlounge.com/04_amsterdam/jam/flamjam.html - how fast can you smack your monkey ??

3 Jul 2002 21:10 -- seti : 1366 -- dnet : 49,375
Hey it works !
I have not been to work today, very ill, I will not bore you with the details, lets just say it was very messy :(
Apart from that I did complete Wreckless, I still think this is the game of the decade !!
I just need to replay three missions and get the extra vehicles to complete my collection and then I will post the stats the game gives for cars and objects destroyed !!
Right I am off to rekindle my love of RTCW, laters...

1 Jul 2002 23:01 -- seti : 1366 -- dnet : 49,375
Not quite right (still) but at least the entries are readable again !!
I officially give up on Evil Twin !! I started to refer to a 'walk through' but it got so hard that I was following it step by step and STILL having problems, I know I am not that bad a gamer, I just do not have time for something that is SOOOOooo difficult !!
But my Dreamcast is not dead yet, I went to http://www.game-network.net (that TV station on Sky) and ordered ten games for fifty quid including P&P, that should keep me busy for a while.
http://www.driver.uk.com/download.htm - just like a BBS
http://totl.net/HonourSystem - go on you known you want to !!
http://remus.rutgers.edu/~rhoads/Obfuscated_C/pi.c - mmmmm, pie
http://www.cards-n-toons.com/cards/humor_bin.swf - VERY funny anti bin laden song
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/DeCSS/Gallery/decss-haiku.txt - the decss as haikus

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