Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2012

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables ;)

Jan Blender loves saltshaker so much it eats it.
Hacking hashes
X setup when the keyboard fails
Orange can not deal with anything out of the ordinary
bash loves ALT+.
Feb Fixing a virus ridden XP machine with a bootable linux distro
Outlook and demon mail, Again!
Mar 71716 TV programme listings
Finding films
SQLite my new best friend
noticed all my "Permanent Link" links were failing
Linux Virus checkers fix windows XP
Hacking Goolge's Input/Output
Worked through solution
Apr New window decorations?
Selecting the channels I like
May Only watching episodes I have not seen
Cory Doctorow's must have book Content
Scummy postcard
Jun physical spam
LinkedIn hacked
Jul ....
Aug Attack of the wannabe DVDs
Sep Dreamcast revisted
Saturn video pin poked
Oct ....
Nov Blender eyeballs lead to watermark shock
Dec Wood work
LED sign hacking
Non rewritable RW DVDs
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