Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2013

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables ;)

Jan How to find your new Raspberry Pi
The Saturn lives to find there is no Burning Rangers
Feb Panic button on the Raspberry Pi
raspbmc and a bigmac codec
raspbmc USB keypad control
BT Buzby Flash hacking
Angels and Demons PhotoSynth hack finally revealed
Mar USB temperature logging on the Raspberry Pi and plotting with GnuPlot
Building Minecraft stairs on the Raspberry Pi
Cory Doctorow and the Seven trials(book reviews)
Raspberry Pi spreads out on SD TV RCA(read: non-HDMI)
Apr ....
May Mini guide to contributing to open source with github
Close up with the git process
WEP up the raspberry pi
Automatic WEP on the raspberry pi
Slapping a new MAC on the Pi
WEP key recovery with the Pi
Switching to WPA2 and about time
Reaver can not eat my WPS
Testing the Pi with WPA2
ssh pi swapping warning fix
Automatic pi wifi wpa2 connection
Jun Demarks tripple whammy, not my fault
pi problems, blame the psu, really
miss-fueling! when will the government step in?
Jul GPS enabling the raspberry pi
Grep your GPS satellites
greping a stream? then you might need a line buffer
Aug Sky ate my wifi
Failure is lack of failure
Just a quick note NAME is no longer active
Readme Read Reamde read Neal Stephenson
Trojan horse for for your bookshelf
Sep bing has secret powers to reverse ip domain hosting
Teensy, it begins in windows
Teensy dev on gentoo linux really is this easy
Teensy comms what could be easier
Oct Teensy 3.0 LED basics
Teensy powered 8 segment led display
Soldering for the Raspberry Pi
MagPi vol2 circuit with a little cobbler
berryclip at home on my pi
Is it a magazine or a book, just buy it(raspberry pi for beginners)
Nov Pi Matrix powered up
Pi Matrix row and columns step demos
Pi Matrix failure; story time
get serious with the Pi Matrix (Famous Ghost anaimation).
Dec Moto G the most amazing Android phone ever(so far)
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