Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2014

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables ;)

Jan Tasty KitKat fixes Moto G sideloading woes
PiGlow makes me pi eyed
Found this HTML5 colour sphere gradient picker, very cool
Flatlands many dimensions and Enders battle with battle school
Feb Making the Raspberry Pi listen to the Daffodil USB soundcard
raspberry pi is stepping up with a stepper motor
Load testing the stepper motor with 90p
Does Blade Runner dream of electric sheep
flog archives FINALLY updated for 2010,2011,2012 and 2013
Mar Twin stepper motors, python and the Raspberry Pi
End of an painful podcast audio era, problems and solutions, with bonus problems!
Experiences with Umbraco on 1and1 shared hosting
Windows 8.1 did not eat my hamster, bad PSU and fun the PSU connector
Apr Moving Umbraco at 1and1 for a better root folder experience
jsfiddle is the answer to everything
A list of jsfiddles 201404 with screen shots
Umbraco database holds old media prisoner
Pirate Cinema gets a big thumbs up
2048 investigations or seven ways to skin a tile
jquery cdn to the rescue
2048 investigations is now my first gihub project
May github project html5eyeball with demo
birth of the html5eyeball project
eyeball scaling is number one
the importance of eyeball canvas layering
non linear circular scaling for a better eyeball
Lightning strikes a cord with veins in the html5 eyeball
tie up your pupil in an iris
html5eyeball highlights the highlights
Hating jquery is overrated
Jun auto offsets make eyeball life easy
html5eyeball settings and methods
spectrum jquery plugin saves the select your eyeball demo
saying goodbye to the html5eyeball project
improving the flog blogging system
Jul uv4l userspace driver gives life to motion and the raspberry pi camera
motion does not like certain resolutions for the Raspberry Pi Camera with uv4l
Windows 8 happy transfer including outlook
Freesat Android app is better than nothing
Raspberry Pi WPA2 capture and decryption
Microsoft Network Monitor WPA2 packets cannot be decrypted
Aug JavaScript memory leak in firefox X halts all other activities
Sep What time is it Android?
What does a seven year old know about Spainish
Cat in motion bothers pi camera
Pycon UK 2014 kids robots quadcopters minecraft and raspberry pis
timsort ballet
cygwin conspires to keep windows vista at bay
Oct Wheel of destiny is revealed on github
Tunnel announcement for new homepage
Windows 8 updates fail again
Nov Firefox bisected with magic equals bad doodoo
digging into firefoxes history looking for the leak
firefox spelunking pays off a little
Pumpkin pi gets diffuse
Time lapse shelve construct with cat
Pumpkin Pi slowes down as it reaches X
Build your own firefox and die in a podrace
Dec wacky wuaki denies free account unless accompanied by parent company
motioning the raspberry pi camera into dropbox
Demystifying the prime number regular expression
How to cheat at regex crosswords
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