Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2015

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables ;)

Jan Ethernet adaptor on the Pi causes trouble
Compiling the kernel on the Pi is bad idea
Hacking Pi kernel made ethernet adaptor work
PiHub power win for passive HDMI-VGA
Terrifyingly simple job of copying one drive to another
USB drive booting mayhem, but only for me
GParted graphic woes
Apple TV fight
Feb Birth of the podcast group randomiser
Netgear SOAP hacking with curl
NodeJS helps me create the slowest web server ever(good thing too)
Have I found the FireFox memory leak?
Mar Buried under the Raspberry Pi 3rd birthday swag
Naughtiest adult status confirmed
Two Bluetooth adaptors?
bdaddr made build
Fake bluetooth!
FireFox memory leak finally lost
Silly scratch robot disco hooks 8yr old
Baby boogy scratch hooks 6yr old
Kids get soldering
6yr old teahes you how to use your PiBorg XLoBorg
Lego arctic timelapse
Alex's 12 claymation videos
Apr The only way to have any fun is a XSS attack
Broken Joggler?
Failed Kindle hack
New life for an old Joggler
Start painful work on the Node Google Calendar
May breathing life into Google Ccalendar with Node
let sleeping watchdogs lie?
losing the race with fsck
that local git
absorbed by the entities of agar.io
Jun birth of big fat kidsspot
kidsspot for the win
watch the Pebble time watch
Jul Blending Mario mushrooms
easy wifi Pi ?
Really simple Pi Kiosk
Aug PIR sensor on Pi
Pi camera tripped by PIR
DropBox image upload from Pi camera PIR
Sep Message to myself to improve the previous months PIR Pi camera DropBox hack
Oct gedit segfault and ATI run-around
Fullscreen iceweasel for work
Mega Minecraft party
Nov Blender's Suzanne get twisted
Pizza monster house Halloween
Raspberry Pi screen build
Windows VNC mirror
Where is gcc?
Dec Broken leg mega fun
Blender waves
Kids first video review
Blender camera path
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