Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2017

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables ;)

Jan blend notice, tongue injury and Florida - brief
Feb apple makes me sick but details lost to the ether
trying to blend too much when all that was needed was a slideshow with sound
a menu of things to come
Christmas animation, in Feb
amazon s3 absence means I cannot setup my pebble time watch with a new Pixel Really Blue
notice of the coming large screen shots
Mar Christmas animation Tutorial part 1: Tree
Christmas animation Tutorial part 2: Hair on the tree
Christmas animation Tutorial part 3: Tinsel
Christmas animation Tutorial part 4: Tree lights
Christmas animation Tutorial part 5: Tree light and tinsel random colour tricks
Christmas animation Tutorial part 6: Bauble
Christmas animation Tutorial part 7: Presents and physics
Christmas animation Tutorial part 8: Video Sequencer
retro Moto G charging cable fix
playing with a new Pixel Really Blue phone
detailed Blender tutorial for my two minute tentacle
Blender two minute tentacle tutorial video
First status update for modeling a Raspberry Pi 3
Apr Raspberry pi 3 model : update, what textures?
Raspberry pi 3 model : shaping the board
Raspberry pi 3 model : board holes
Sir, your internets are slow
Blender bump maps in cycles
Raspberry pi 3 model : solder blobs
Raspberry pi 3 model : SD card slot
May Raspberry pi 3 model : display and camera connectors
how i killed sudo and then the internet
Raspberry pi 3 model : USB power connector
Ranting on domain name legal scam
Jun hash a bye bcrypt with your salty workload
Joes Robot Challenge fights PyUSB for control of the button
Jet Set Radio 64bit util blast from the past
Alex's viral moon in the bath
wacom wacom where fore art wacom hung
Jul Joe's Robot Challenge is over!
joes robot challenge, left bias
Aug Blender tripple buffer for less bitter graphics
Outlook account transfer with passwords
2016 Yearly review, bit late
Kanban for the (cheapo)masses
Blending procedural wood table tops
Sep Ubiquity is just so eays
Raspberry pi 3 model : HDMI and audio connectors
Oct blending up a reverse build glare world
Raspberry pi 3 model : Ethernet connector
Blender python nth select script fun
Blender VSE star compositing
Raspberry pi 3 model : USB connectors
Nov Joe presents Spain in a blender
Ranting about printers with Chromebooks
android pong denied
Wacom support back!
Blender wave as described by eSpeak
Raspberry pi 3 model : top side components, basic
Raspberry pi 3 model : re-doing the SD card slot from scratch
Raspberry pi 3 model : tracking update and SD card slot comparisons
Dec GoPro timelapse hacking
Raspberry pi 3 model : tracking update
Raspberry pi 3 model : tracking update
Raspberry pi 3 model : top side components
Raspberry pi 3 model : tracking update
Clawing at a mail issue so big I post in the forum
Dropbox version bump big changes for the toilet roll camera
A rare Flog system update, support for mobile, slightly
Missing blog post about Pebble Time watch from Oct 2015
Missing blog post about Windows share permission bug from Oct 2015
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