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21 Apr 2003 21:16 -- seti : 2383 -- folding : 1106.29
I have backed up 95% of all I need to so I may be unable to put any updates up :( unless i am luck in Linux
In other news, 118 shines and all i need now is 18 Blue coins, and if on Gelato Beach you dive (B while in the air) from a high enough vantage point you will stick in the sand upside down, just as in the end animation :)

19 Apr 2003 11:48 -- seti : 2383 -- folding : 1106.29
Just a quick update, I am had a nice birthday, thanks :)
I am currently backing up my system ready for LINUX !!
and while i wait for large files to copy am i catching up with Mario Sunshine, 116 shines !
I even managed to crash Mario, on the Ep5 Pianta Village on the Red coin race I activated a Chuckster as the time ran out, Mario said 'arviadertchi' and sat down but the game just halted, music still played but not even the start button would react, hard to reset :(
So what did i get for my birthday? a glass chess set, load of books, a dremel drill stand and money I spent on an electronics learning kit.
I am currently reading "Linux Server Hacks" which is fun but a little light on details in places, learning lots.

14 Apr 2003 21:20 -- seti : 2383 -- folding : 1106.29
We went to see Sarah's dad, he is doing a hell of a lot better than I imagined considering the crash the police described. He is very tired and has a lots of metal holding bones together, but all the bruising has healed and he has been about on crutches (only a short distance).
With all the fun I had with SLIP connecting to my Revo (Revol) I have decided to put up a small HOW-TO with very detailed step by step instructions (I doubt many people with ever use it, but I can use it for reference_)
Star Fox Adventures has gone back in its box and I hope to NEVER see it again ! time to complete Mario Sunshine ;)
I have had www.debian.org version 3 CDs image for a while now. Well I have noticed that the only things I use my main desktop for are, email, text editing, audio play back but nothing else (on a regular basis). So I WILL be attempting to back everything up and wipe it ready for Linux ! And in true www.jumpstation.co.uk fashion I will be detailing (as much as I can) the whole process. this means I will have to (shudder) update the root/home page to show a Linux section !!
Note to self: Ducks are on ice
I got Urusei Yatsura "Only You" DVD for 1.99(GBP) unfortunately this will be just added to the growing pile of DVDs I have that have never been watched, now including Akira 2002 release (still in cellophane) !
Oh and couple of things to note just for historical reasons, "What Does This Say?" is up on the wall and I finally got a basic LED circuit to work, now to get creative.
Oh(again) it is my birthday tomorrow in case you forgot !

9 Apr 2003 19:56 -- seti : 2375 -- folding : 1097.29
I have been playing even more of Star fox adventures and it still sucks ! but it has a certain addictive quality, but i keep finding bugs and just plain lack of attention to detail, bad game bad game!
But addictive game, but even I have a limit, there is a flying shooting level on Dragon Rock which is so close to impossible that I can not get past it, though, i also said that about the "test of fear".
More flog tweaking, the href sed script now handles http refs in quotes, which was giving me major head aches(encoding http in an a href even when i had hard code one any way !!)
Speaking of which I know know geocities has two "i"s

5 Apr 2003 20:48 -- seti : 2375 -- folding : 1097.29
Well the date changing script went well, except it put everything as April :(
I need a way of getting the date command to show me last month , hmmmm
ah, date use a file for the time/date so just use my comparison file as the date source, oh well on 4 weeks to see it it worked ;)
I did not know anything about t.a.t.u. before I heard "All the things she said" on MTV2 and was surprised addictive the song is.
I spent sometime looking for their album and found "200 KM/H in the wrong lane" in a number of online stores but no local stores, after shopping around I managed to get the CD for 11.45 (in P&P and VAT) from http://www.amazon.co.uk
It was delivered in just two days and contains 13 tracks(music) plus two videos (mov) !
Sounds very good but in actuality 3 tracks are remixes/extended and two are Russian language originals, so you only get 8 songs, still balanced by the price and the videos it is not so bad.
The first video is the "All the things she said" (both are in quicktime MOV format) and the second is a "Behind the scenes" but is more a 5 min interview I also found the music video for "Not gonna get us" on the US official site http://www.tatugirls.com .
T.A.T.U. stands for Teens Against Tobacco Use I found that out along with lots of other things at link button for tatuarchives
I have been playing a lot of Star Fox adventures on the game cube and in all honesty I can say it sucks, this is not say the GFX are bad or it is to short (cos it has amazing GFX and has a lot of story) but it is just plain borring and some parts were obviously created with the N64 in mind e.g. the warp stone warp sequence !!
It has my game pet peeve of enemies regenerating when you return to an area that you had previously cleared GRRRRRR! and some of the puzzels are very odd and not intuitive.
"The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick this also sucks, had hoped it would have more of Mitnicks own exploits but it is stongly aimed at "suits" and although DID have some interesting tit bits I felt that it was a waste of time for someone who has had his/her ear to the computer security ground.

2 Apr 2003 20:08 -- seti : 2375 -- folding : 1097.29
112 shines ;)
Sarah's dad seems to be doing a lot better, so all the best to him !!
I have been trying to get a connection from my Linux laptop to the psion since I put revol back on, so I can back up files daily and not lose everything due to the batteries going :(
I tried following the instructions on the revol site but some how got a bit confused.
The key is to make a SLIP connection (similar to PPP connection you make with a modem to an ISP) across the serial cable and then us nc (netcat) to transfer files (thats what i was harping on about yesterday).
But when I tried it the first time got a connection (or just no errors) then nc did not seem to work (no errors except in verbose mode and then only that the ip addresses where not reverse DNS located) and then odd interspersed "SLIP timeout, bad connection ?" messages appearing any where on the terminal (very annoying).
So I spent sometime trying to get a later version of slattach (the slip setup program) to find the psion had 14 copies running :( a quick killall slattach and we are in business !!
I also have bought, Star fox adventures on the gamecube (it was cheap), Yatsura Urusei Vol 1 DVD (I could not pass this up at 1.99) and 200 km/h in the wrong lane from T.A.T.U, more on all of those another day !
We finally got the turf in for the garden about three weeks ago and since then it has been unseasonably sunny and although we did spend 10 mins every other day watering the thing, most of the turf has gone yellow and separated.
Sooooo I bought a sprinkler, worked really well until the weather changed and now we have torentual rain :(
Oh and I am about half way through "The Art of Deception(Kevin Mitnick)" and I will have more to say about that as well !

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