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28 Mar 2003 19:44 -- seti : 2368 -- folding : 1097.29
here is that address for netcat(nc)
they even have a versions for windoz
So many things you could do with this util !
Finished E=mc2, good book but ends half way through, continues with extras(expanded foot notes more than anything else), very good history as opposed to mathematics surrounding the equation.
Sarah's dad is still in hospital and has been in surgery all day :(
The train company are refusing to pay me a refund for all the normal tickets I had to buy while waiting for a change of season ticket, well it is not as simple as that as my 922 word text (rough) would explain, and it is not over it !!
Still have not tried SLIPing my Revo/l but I have everything printed out ready :)

27 Mar 2003 19:53 -- seti : 2365 -- folding : 1097.29
Completed Luigi's Mansion, seems to have unlocked a mirror image version, but otherwise exactly the same. Beating bowser was tough but somebody had to do it and anyway king boo was inside all the time ;)
Now just need to create a plan of action was making sure I get every star on Mario Sunshine :(
Sarah's dad was in car crash late last night, so we got little sleep, Sarah had to drive six hours and her mum had a ten hour train drive, we do not know much, but he is in a bad way, broken arm, shattered leg, broken ribs and various bruising and short term memory loss.
I have set up all sorts of shell and perl scripts to auto update the flog, so do not be surprised by any oddities.
I normally do not get 'political' but I had an idea for topical cartoon (not sure if I try and draw it or not)
[Scene: black and white, large American style street with a large box on the pavement(side-walk).
Hanging by a chain on the edge is an assault rifle, the box is labeled
" 50c = 20 rounds "
" For indiscriminate use ONLY on; "
" Muslims "
" British "
" Dr ZoidBerg "
The cartoon is labeled "American Gun Control"
The Muslims/British entries should be obvious with what the Americans have succeeded doing just one week into the war, the Dr Zoidberg entry is from a Futurama episode where the good doctor eats the star spangled banner and hilarity ensues.

27 Mar 2003 17:31 -- seti : 2365 -- folding : 1097.29
Completed Luigi's Mansion, seems to have unlocked a mirror image version, but otherwise exactly the same. Beating bowser was tough but somebody had to do it and anyway king boo was inside all the time ;)
Now just need to create a plan of action was making sure I get every star on Mario Sunshine :(
Sarah's dad was in car crash late last night, so we got little sleep, Sarah had to drive six hours and her mum had a ten hour train drive, we do not know much, but he is in a bad way, broken arm, shattered leg, broken ribs and various bruising and short term memory loss.
I have set up all sorts of shell and perl scripts to auto update the flog, so do not be surprised by any oddities.

24 Mar 2003 20:00 -- seti : 2364 -- folding : 1097.29
Why create a new spell checker when Linux has a perfectly good one, ispell
It did not find everything but it did pretty good job and fixed hundreds upon hundreds or spelling mistakes.
Most commonly mis-spelled word was Damn (as damm) shortly followed by finally (as finaly)
Re-Revol'd up my psion but to transfer files you need to setup SLIP, hmmm i am thinking about it and once established you can use netcat (nc) to transfer files, I have been reading up on nc today and it looks really interesting ;) (I will post link tomorrow)
I still need to run ispell on the rest of the site but at least the flog is in a better state ;)

23 Mar 2003 11:52 -- seti : 2364 -- folding : 1097.29
Of course what I need for me flog is the monthly swap over automated, it should not be that difficult !!
Spam levels are going through the roof, I can filter 96% of it, but that is not the point.
I really should back up my old firewall and install Debian 3 and an old 56k modem I have lying about and do all my net access through Linux.
Did not get far with the spell checker, oh well.
Notice I still have not completed Mario :o
And speaking of.... I have now got to the last boss in Luigi's Mansion and its BOWSER !! (but he is to hard to beat)
One of the problems found with quantum physics is that different things happen at a quantum level if you are looking at them, I thought this was some kind of analogy but an experiment with Beryllium ions show that they will boil if no individual measurements are made but will not if they are constantly monitored.
So "a watched pot of Beryllium ions never boils", isn't that what your mother used to teach you ?
Went to use my Linux server(old firewall) and could not ssh in, odd, so i hooked up a monitor to it and found that A: I had plugged the network into the wrong card(doh!) and B: the NICs were never initialized due to DHCP never receiving an ip.
Easy to fix, just manually 'up' the NICs and make sure the cable is plugged in the right card (doh!)
I have found the Linux dictionary, it resides in
so i will have a look at that spell checker now.
Oh and do not run
grep 'monkey' -rI *
in the root directory, hangs when interrogating certain directory's, on the other hand DO run it in /usr

20 Mar 2003 19:32 -- seti : 2342 -- folding : 1077.59
Just finished "Schrodingers Kittens" by John Gribben as a sequel to the excellent and informative "In Search of Schrodingers cat", which I started reading in January.
I feel it is weird how much I do not know about quantum physics as most of my work colleges have been to uni and learnt it all before, but i am definitely starting to cotton on, although it has taken a few books to get there ;)
I was going to praise Luigi's mansion, but two things stop me, one, my biggest pet hate in video game is re-spawning enemies, if you have killed an entity it should be dead never to return, but every single time you go in or out of a room the entities reset >:(
And then when I was starting to like it all the areas I cleared got reset ! (restored later) and I could have given up on the game if I had not blundered into the wardrobe room (it has mirrors you know) and gotten the key to the room that had always been previously unlocked and could not be interacted with.
It is surprising how innovative the game is and how each ghost is a different challenge, it is like having lots of low difficulty boss to compete against (and you get major bosses as well!!)
MY pet project for the day is to look at a spell checking routine for this page, I swear it gets worse every time I look !!

16 Mar 2003 11:52 -- seti : 2342 -- folding : 1077.59
I noticed that the Xbox hacking thing is back on, but should i switch off seti or folding ?
Got my soldering done and by gum it only bloody works ! Of course I actually have no use for it, but it is still a very good AMP !!
I originally bought it to pre-AMP a cheap mic so I could record my voice on the AMIGA, the way I ended up recording was to use a tape deck and play it back into the AMIGA :(
Having completed Pikmin I have gone onto Luigi's Mansion, very original game but not what I expected. Repetitive, but nice GFX. Basically you have to ghost bust and freaky mansion, but you have to get the ghosts to show their hearts or else you can not vacuum them. This leads to some nice puzzles, but at the end it is still repetitive.

15 Mar 2003 11:08 -- seti : 2325 -- folding : 1077.59
Speaking of Pikmin, I completed it with all 30 parts, well worth it just to the ending !!
But it was tooth and nail as i killed emperor Balblax with 1 second to spare !! Good thing i saved 40 pikmin to carry the damn thing home !
Now all i need is a few cute pikmin toys to sit on my desk ;)
It sounds like a short game but i think it was VERY well done and if it had been longer may have become repetitive.
If you ever get stuck just watch the multitude of movies at the intro screen (hands off the controller!) and watch the pikmin do there magic !
My site is becoming to famous
http://www.kids.net.au"> border="0" src="http://www.kids.net.au/kidsnetausmall.gif" width="226" height="42">

Top of the list no less !
The Monkey Drummer has set me straight about the AMP, so I WILL be soldering it tomorrow !

10 Mar 2003 21:34 -- seti : 2320 -- folding : 1077.59
Could not find any data sheets on the web for my amp project, so i will have to search every last place here, could take a while.
Ducks got a work out today, I think i am finally getting somewhere, it was just the thought of all of the work together that put me off.
If you play Pikmin try holding the D-Pad down when you are controlling at
least 4 pikmins ;)

9 Mar 2003 18:41 -- seti : 2311 -- folding : 1077.59
the last post was not very wide because it was copied an pasted from an email i sent myself ;)
Painted the Guyver women, looks good, tried to do some soldering, not perfect but problem is i can not remember which wire goes where :(
Got to the last level in Pikmin, first off it has a VERY annoying tune and i can not beat the the end guardian because he changes tact after you get him down to half health, which is not easy in the first place !
Tried to show Sarah the house applet but PNG files are not supported, very odd, converted all to GIF and works fine, surprisingly the GIF files are only 10% bigger than the slimmed down PNGs, which in turn are a hell of a lot smaller the JPG and JPG can not handle transparency !!
I used http://dorgem.sourceforge.net and did a nice motion capture base AVI of the day, but it record to much of the cloud reflections, I need to write my own filter.
No duck action yet :(
The AMP that i am trying to wire was a kit from Maplin [TDA2822] [GE21X] [ISS 2] and is actually the second kit i bought from them after i snapped off one of the special capacitors legs :(
Oh, and last but not least I found my Compuserve toolkit, the best thing about it is it includes a hammer, essential for computer repair ;)

8 Mar 2003 11:35 -- seti : 2311 -- folding : 1077.59
Will I successfully removed the annoying BEEP! from my DV1 camera.
After removing the only visible screws (in the battery compartment) and
finding that the case would still not come off I started trying to prise
the thing open with numerous screw drivers, more than anything I was
impressed I did not break the camera in anyway.
But it would not budge, I took advise from the Monkey drummer and
concluded that removing the mirror off the front of the camera would
reveal an important screw. He is always right, and many/many screws
(tiny almost invisible screws) later I could remove the circuit board
from the case (both halves) and there was a surprisingly large piezo
Again consulting the oracle, I proceeded to cut the red wire to the
speaker, without putting the case back on I added the batteries and low
and behold the mod worked ! No more annoying BEEP!
It took a while to put (all) the pieces back, and I was even more
impressed to find no extra screws or parts at the end, oh and it still
works fine !

4 Mar 2003 20:57 -- seti : 2261 -- folding : 1034.29
the problem with the flog is some steps need to be done manually, like the month change over, i need to spend some time to write a script that will do it all for me.
I am getting seriously spammed daily now and it is really starting to bug me ! 100 emails a day and i can see it was all to an email address i used to enter a competition online, note to self enter no online competitions !
Pikmin graphics are excellent and you have numerous views and zoom levels to check what's going on, i will say again do not be fooled by have kiddie this looks the games is damn hard but fun to boot !
Music is repetitive but survivable (is that a word?) sounds are cute but no voice acting all subtitles.
I got a VERY cheap DV camera today from http://www.scan.co.uk and i strapped it onto my desktop rover, for my next trick i will open the little blighter and remove the annoying BEEP every time you doing ANYTHING ! AGHHHhhh its driving me nuts !! (to late i am already nuts).

Which leads me to the prints out I did for work
"You do have to be crazy to work here, but it does not help "
well i thought it was funny !

3 Mar 2003 21:35 -- seti : 2261 -- folding : 1034.29
Failed to do any soldering, but i did do some gluing of female Guyver ;) (that was as old as the amp and incomplete)
I managed to flog the flog with the month change over so erm, sorry :)
One of the game cube games i got was pikmin, the weirdest game since seaman on the Dreamcast.
It is RTS(real time strategy) game but you have to move as the general to direct anyone, and you are directing alien flower people.
There are three colors and each has their own characteristics i.e. fire resistance, gills for water and light weight ones for throwing.
The controls are ultra simplistic yet you can control one hundred of the pikmin at once.
Simple is the name of the game but it is not an easy game, far from it, behind the peaceful flower person exterior lurks a nasty campaign of ganging up on other creatures and over powering them with numbers, oh and all the prey is much (some really) bigger than individual pikmins. And then there are the devious puzzles, fun addictive and cheap, well i bought mine second hand from Game.

2 Mar 20030 9:37 -- seti : 2261 -- folding : 1034.29
the ducks live and house is going pretty well oh and the monkey drummer is coding a VB webcam motion detection proggie so he can connect it to his PIC for motion tracking, respect !
House interface is nearly complete but the psion lost battery power and has reset to ol' psion OS, so i need to Linux it up again some time.
Due to me never uploading the above it now continues.
House interface is 100% complete even with sound (which I might change in the future).
Got some game cube games cheap but have not played any of them yet.
Plan on doing some soldering to complete a hand held AMP i built (kit) some 5 years ago and never finished.

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