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29 Jul 2004 22:14 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
job done, well almost

29 Jul 2004 21:50 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I have started writing the Java pop3 server page I just need to finish it off and then uploaded it.
The blender logo for the blender (blender in a blender project) is coming along just need to spend some quality time.
The machine is single headed due to laziness but of course is 100% stable !

27 Jul 2004 21:36 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Reasoning time, thats right its not an excuse but a reason that I have been light on updates.
It all began last year when I bought a Nvidia FX5600 graphics card, once installed I downloaded the Nvidia drivers and setup TwinView, giving me a desktop of 2560x960 across two monitors. Only problem was anything full screen seemed to screwup the system (CPU pegged at 95%) so no games for me, I have tried new motherboard and CPU, new PSU and cooling system and every driver as it has been released not to mention recompiling the driver to use reduced AGP speeds. All for naught but today I know something new, disabling the TwinView has stopped the problem !
This may sound like a step backwards but I can now setup a separate X session on each monitor ... stay tuned.
In other news the blender in the blender project was on hold but I think thats were I am going after this.
The Java POP3 server project worked like a charm and I will be creating a web page just for that.

20 Jul 2004 22:01 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I (like many others have downloaded Fahrenheit 9/11 as per Michael Moores suggestion that if it is not being distributed for profit then download at will(not a quote). It comes as cd images and I have not got round to burning them yet.

20 Jul 2004 21:55 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well the blender is on hold cos I have been writing a pop3 server, sort of, in Java.
When I had a demon.co.uk account you had unlimited email addresses and by logging onto the pop3 server in different ways you could get email for one address or all. But with my freenetname account its all or nothing but the Kmail email reader I use has a filter that will allow you to dump emails to disk this combined with my single threaded Java pop3 server mean Sarah on her windows machine using outlook express can get her email with out bothering me.
I thought it would be a simple task but what I got stuck on was I thought all my transmissions were terminated with CR/LF but in fact it was only LF and outlook express just hung waiting for the correct CR/LF. Which is odd because it excepted it earlier in the protocol, listing messages,
I watched Excel Saga vol3 at the weekend, this Anime is totally mad and takes the piss out of other anime and anime genres, this can mean it can be hard to follow but also a lot of fun. And I did not buy it in the states I found in still shrink wrapped from when I bought it earlier in the year and I still have vols 4 and 5 to go !!

15 Jul 2004 20:15 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
New drivers same old problem, system hangs with full screen apps (xscreensaver) seems to hang more quickly no that the xscreensaver runs twice, once for each display.
Finally finished Steven Kings IT, what ever i expected, I did not expect that and I also can not believe the inclusion of the seven unnecessary pages near the end which means I can not honestly recommended it, even though the is such an epic :(
Watched the other mini Anime DVD, Pretear (there is a French accent on the first E) bit odd but cool, basic demons come to earth and the protectors have to find the fated one to save us all. Again the DVD had no menu or language selection and was only 25 mins long, I would be interested in seeing more of this.
Also watched Nuku Nuku TV collection vol 2, I am pretty sure the VHS Nuku Nuku I have from possibly tens years ago has the first collection. I like the Nuku Nuku characters and this is more of the same, over the top fighting against the evil(?) Mishima corporation, funny? no this is plain silly just the way I like my anime. The Style seems a little dated but I will forgive them that.

10 Jul 2004 11:47 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
New Linux drivers from http://www.nvidia.com 6106, please hold while I try to connect you.

4 Jul 2004 22:00 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
No book reviews as I am still reading Steven Kings IT, very VERY good book !

4 Jul 2004 21:19 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
We used to have a demon account and it worked great for email, especially that one email address could be downloaded instead of all of them.
Now I have my http://www.freenetname.co.uk account and I have to download all or nothing meaning I can not let Sarah get her mail.
I have been trying to think of a way to download the mail to my machine filter it there and let each of us get our mail, but for some reason unless you are a pop3 server (not just running a pop3 server) it can not be done.
I think I will go with KMAILs filter for pipe and build my own simple POP3 server that Sarah can access via mozilla.

3 Jul 2004 14:15 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
The US animation was "The Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury" a link between what happened in Pitch dark and the new "Chronicles of Riddick" movie.
At only 35mins long the film feels a little compressed and forced but it also makes me REALLY want to see the new movie when its released.
It is not a TV series on anything like that it is more like the Animatrix only better, OK not better different. They have got all the original voice actors and the styling and movement really works for the Riddick character, but I did not like the elongated necks AKA Aeon flux (MTV),
Not a lot of story just feeling and fighting, plenty of blood and bone crunching. the extras were nice as this DVD was only $9.99 about (£5.80) including the fully movie voice track against the story board, a short documentary on the idea of Dark Fury one about the director and one about the new movie.
I then watched on of the mini Anime DVDs "Princess Nine" which I have to say I would never had bought if it was not the only (other) mini DVD for sale.P9 is baseball anime and it did not make me want to buy any others in this series, but the mini DVD is so cute and at only $6.99 I could not resist. The mini DVD style does have its faults though, no inlay card, no menu of any kind so not extras of even language choices. Maybe the other one I have well be more fruitful.

3 Jul 2004 14:02 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Excuse time, but why have I not been updating the flog ?
Cos I have been on holiday in the US for more than two weeks ! Florida to be exact, Disney thing, but we did plenty of none Disney.
In fact I ended up buying a few DVDs, not all at once mind you, we went on a number of shopping trips or just came across them.
16 x DVD items
of which 3 were DVD box sets and 2 were mini DVDs
They contained
26 x DVD(full size) disks
2 x DVD(mini)
2 x audio CDs
Of the 16 boxes, one was Documentary and one was a US animation (more on that later) all the rest were ANIME !
According to the information on the back of the boxes the main feature times added together is
2128 mins
This value is only the main features and does not include any extras, interviews etc.
I also came back to 1011 emails of which 95% were spam, totalling 8.2mb, which was not bad.



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