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31 Aug 2006 18:09 -- 3156602 keys/sec
Wifi seems to be there just not completely ...
In other news I had my first caesarean Tuesday, it was plastic doll and it took more than the eleven people we had in the room to complete the procedure :)
Watched Ichi the Killer (live action version) you may remember that I watched the anime version a while back. Wow! this film is something else, the over the top violence and blood contrast against various characters and their mental states, more thought provoking than you might imagine. If you can see past the blood and gore a very good film.
Tufts open course-ware has released a large set of PDF and video tutorials http://ocw.tufts.edu/Course/28 and after downloading the PDFs with WGET I set about trying to get the video files.
There were streaming Real-Media so I used some sed scripting to strip out the URLs and build the file names and mplayer's -dumpstream option to save them to a local file.

28 Aug 2006 21:38 -- 3155672 keys/sec
Hmmm, first impressions, u-boot system : GOOD, ROM : missing wifi :(
Time to read even more, I am sure someone already posted a complex fix for this ...

28 Aug 2006 12:05 -- 3155672 keys/sec
I have finally taken the plunge and installed PDAXROM beta4 on my zaurus. I had to read through many forum posts as the procedure changed after it was initially released, this post helped me the most http://www.oesf.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=19809&view=findpost&p=130540 , the first "writing" stage went to 4c4000 and the second on went to 2EB80000 and took a while.
I will report back on what the new ROM is like ...

24 Aug 2006 13:59 -- 3153548 keys/sec
Talking clock is live ! http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/scripts/talkingclock/
In fact I will go and add it to the front page.

23 Aug 2006 22:55 -- 3153234 keys/sec
A talking clock is great if you remember to turn your speakers off when trying to sleep.
I got in late the other night and was rudely awoken by my voice (speeded up) saying "one", "twenty", "four", "AM".

23 Aug 2006 21:45 -- 3153234 keys/sec
I am still tidying up the talking clock information page, but with the help from http://www.linuxquestions.org I have finally finished of the script its self.
I needed to know where the script was being run from
if [ $installDir = $0 ]; then

now $installDir is the location where the script is being run from (. is 'current directory')

23 Aug 2006 20:32 -- 3153234 keys/sec
why not take a short flight over my house http://www.isoma.net/games/goggles.html?loc=tqsrsrsrrsrqrtqqq and while you are flying there if you follow the road you will end up over Steve's house http://bagofspoons.net

21 Aug 2006 21:14 -- 3152606 keys/sec
OK, now I have internet access again I have calmed down (a bit), back to normal business...
Watched the anime DVD "Grave of the Fireflies" from Studio Ghibli, very good if you are in the mood, cos there are no explosions, monsters space ships etc. Just two main characters who have a very tough time in war torn Japan, and ends up making you cry, well I did not cry but did 'well up'.
Finished the book I was reading "Seven Deadly Colours" by Andrew Parker, all about colour in nature and how and why it is used, including pigments, fluorescence, structural and ultra violet to name a few. Very interesting and a part from a few heavy science bits, very excessable, I will be looking out for his other two books regarding eyes and sight.
oh, and because of previously mentioned computer troubles the final release of the talking clock will be delayed, please stand by, but do not hold your breath.

21 Aug 2006 21:00 -- 3152606 keys/sec
Its hot and I am annoyed after spending 8 minutes with a Sky Tech. rep. that I hung on for over a hour and twenty mins for !
And I had a little bother this week ...
1. No internet on my main box, all wifi enabled computers work fine.
-Cycling the router made no difference.
2. Could not find the kernel module for my network card and my kernel was out of date anyway.
-turns out the module was complied into the kernel but I found that out to late.3. Kernel built with specific modules, system reboots no network.
- My setup has the option of THREE network card driver modules for its two ports, I rebuilt the kernel seven times trying to find a combination that worked.
4. Wired a completely different machine to connect to the switch that comes off the wifi router that in turn comes off the ADSL router, no network.
-Hard coding the network address did not work either.
5. Setup another machine with a huge 1u T10 hub (that often comes in handy for troubleshooting) and up'd the network cards on both systems to see each other, works fine, network cards are running the right driver.
6. Connected to the wifi router via the on board web server, all seems fine, ditto for the ADSL router.
-Mucked about with lots of settings and deleted some old settings from the ADSL router, still no change.
At this point I knew the wifi router was running (wifi linked systems still have internet access), the ADSL router was running (it provides the internet), the network cards on my machine worked (linked to another machine via a hub worked).
Also at this point I realised I needed to goto bed ...
No time to fiddle in morning, so I shut off the ADSL and wifi router and left them while I had breakfast.
Switch them on while I get read for work and what would you know network is working again !!
This is the ideal time to refer to that old web favorite WTF!

14 Aug 2006 21:06 -- 3145087 keys/sec
I have question on http://www.linuxquestions.org that I need answered to complete the talking clock.
If you need to add a % to a crontab you must escape it with a forward slash, thus /%

14 Aug 2006 20:24 -- 3145087 keys/sec
The talking clock script web page is still being written up and will be very detailed and colourful.

7 Aug 2006 20:49 -- 3142823 keys/sec
Just a quick note on the RSI front, I used to use a Microsoft track-ball as it resembled the logitech one I had before but the way it forces the hand to twist appears to have been one of the MAJOR irritants for my wrists !
I realized that the pressure at the base of the hand when using the track-ball was tremendous and no amount of shifting my posture/environment alleviated it.
When I swapped to a standard mouse to relief was immediately obvious.
I have found that when at work I must, sit up straight as much, get up and stretch as often as possible and DO NO STRETCH to reach/operate the mouse !

6 Aug 2006 20:50 -- 3139828 keys/sec
Ubuntu continues to amaze me, although not good for my usual hacking/tinkering, it just works ... great for zero admin mucking about Linux boxes.
I have been forced to watch ch4's Big Brother and each day is a summary with voice over of the previous day. The voice over always starts with the time and I wondered how easy it would be to recreate.
I quick sampling of my voice and an even quicker bash script hack and I now have a talking clock, including random voice modulation, web page coming soon.

1 Aug 2006 19:27 -- 3139821 keys/sec
Well thats summer and the annoying heat wave over, back to laughing at people wearing shorts rather than donning them myself.
I mentioned that GPE version (there is an OPIE version) of OpenZaurus looked like an Atari ST, well its the default blue background and blocky icons.
But if you get beyond the look there is quite a lot here, now if I could just get my WIFI card to work ...



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