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29 Aug 2007 21:19
http://topblock.sf.net has launched, go there for all your topblock on windows needs.
26 Aug 2007 14:56
Gentoo updates and having no free time has meant I have not informed you about a windows release of the infamous topBlock screen saver. It was a hard slog, but I converted it to c# and added all the required windows bits, works well. Everyone in the office use it !
22 Aug 2007 22:05
Gentoo updates and having no free time has meant I have not informed you about a windows release of the infamous topBlock screen saver. It was a hard slog, but I converted it to c# and added all the required windows bits, works well. Everyone in the office use it !
15 Aug 2007 22:38
I have completed Serious Sam II so maybe I like it more than I once thought.
The last few levels were pretty good and the final battle was very hard, at last I might have some time to devote to krum
13 Aug 2007 22:06
Blender can be odd at times and although there are hundreds of tutorials out there you can still be left floundering in the dark about something that seems simple at first glance.
I have created a very nice 3D jar (don't ask) and all I wanted to do was add a label, what could be simpler ?
The confusion seems to surround the fact I am using the Ray trace Transparency not the old Alpha settings. The Ray Trace stuff affects any textures I added, so I would add my label image and it would be mostly transparent and whatever I did it was always as transparent as the glass I was laying it on. But, if you use Alpha as the setting to control the objects transparency then the texture you apply to it is NOT affected.
On top of that I always find getting textures to line up very difficult, but now I have the answer: Emptys! (not empties).
Add and Empty to the scene and orientate it so that the Y axis points up the Z axis points out and the X axis points horizontally. More specifically, if you were set looking at your object (not the camera view) the Z axis should be invisible (it's point directly at you) and X is pointing directly Right. For some reason a lot of the tutorials keep referring to the Empty's axis point toward the camera.
Then the clever bit, edit the objects materials adding your image as a texture and set the Map Input from the default Orco to Object and type in the name of your Empty.
In the end I had an extra cylinder holding the label texture with its alpha set to 0.
If the texture has an alpha channel then remember to set Alpha in Map Output as well as colour.
Phew, you can not imagine how long I spent looking for this stuff.
11 Aug 2007 21:38
I can not believe it, I missed this months LUG meeting !
Still I was in Spain at the time on a last minute 4 day holiday meeting up with grandparents. It was very hot and I came back with no sense of taste, specifically I can not taste anything sweet, it affected the front of my tongue only.
What affected my tongue ? the foot tablets I had been taking for over 6 weeks.
Ita a bit od, I can tell you, Coca Cola tastes like fizzy water, Pepsi Max tastes URGK! apples are odd, carrots taste the same and for some reason water now seems to taste better.
The Doctor said my sense of taste would return "In a while" but I did not get that qualified as to how long ...
03 Aug 2007 22:15
that link was infact toast4messenger.sf.net.
03 Aug 2007 22:13
Another day another project, well not quite this one has been ready for a while. But it seems to have taken ages to get the sourceforge site setup.
So without further ado I announce the toast for messenger project.
02 Aug 2007 22:02
Looking at list of hundreds or URBs it can be difficult to see patterns, but using my modified SnoppyPro to dump to text and then a bit of C# I have seen the light!!
Well, I have seen a common pattern in most of the transactions the Digital KeyRing does.
The one thing that worried me about this project and was made worse by reading the gphoto guys discussion on the Mars chip was compression of the images.
Luckily it seems there are totally uncompressed, so getting the data on will be a doddle of corse converting existing images into the right format might be a pain.
Stay tuned as Krum has been submitted to sourceforget.net as a new project.
01 Aug 2007 22:18
One of the other projects I had been working on was Kanji date scroll an html based Japanese clock with date.
It started life as a simple side project and the requirement was to have static Kanji characters displaying the date and time. Got that working so added a requirement that the characters be animated so you could see the stroke order of them being drawn. Got that done as animated GIFs but then all the characters would draw at once and it looked a bit messy. So the final version uses a Javavscript queuing system. Each time a new character is needed the request is added to the queue and then drawn in stroke order one PNG file at a time.
The background was 5 mins in the GIMP and the overall results are pleasing enough.
Kanji date scroll
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