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20 Aug 2011 22:14
Saw Horrible Bosses on Oranges two-for-1 Wednesdays deal.
Easy to write a twitter reviewhorrible bosses : 5 thumb-stars-tomatoes up: cinema was packed and everyone was laughing out-loud #FTW #horriblebosses
go see it!
20 Aug 2011 22:04
My Orange DEXT failed again
Completely dead, would not respond to charging, took it to an Orange shop (marked as a repair center) they confirmed that even replacing the battery did not revive the phone.
Bought a cheap PAYG Samsung GT-S3350 otherwise known as Ch@t 335 that just works.
And that should be the end of the story, but I though I would try the Android DEXT one more time to see if the PC could see it, BING! it just started up ...
So now I have a nice PAYG phone that works well for Phoning and SMS and my beat-up Android 1.6 DEXT time to root !
I had been avoiding rooting due to the risk and the fact that the DEXT has a cousin in America called the Cliq that all the root guides had been referring to this when anyone mentioned the DEXT
But now the DEXT has been recognized and I have cyanogen-mod 7 and Android 2.3 later than most off-the-shelf- Androids !
None of the "single-click-root" apps worked for me due to the Android OS version being soooooooo low.
The question is what do I do with the phone now ?
Go back to using it and ditch the PAYG? I would but the battery life in the Samsung is phenomenal compared to the Android.
20 Aug 2011 21:46
my forum post http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?91248-Agility-3-not-recognised-after-activity-can-not-upgrade-firmware
Scary google advanced search
20 Aug 2011 21:34
I can not say this will be the experience of ever OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD Linux owner, but this was mine.
Drive was detected in the BIOS [OK]
Linux live CD (on a USB stick thanks to unetbootin) fdisk partitioned the drive [OK]
mkfs.ext4 [ERROR]
dmesg showssda: detected capacity change from 60022480896 to 0
reboot [OK]
fdisk sees correct partitioning [OK]
mkfs.ext4 [ERROR]
dmesg showssda: detected capacity change from 60022480896 to 0
reboot [OK]
hmmm, try OCZ own live CD with ROM updater.
Detects SSD [OK]
Updates ROM [OK]
fdisk [ERROR]
dmesg showssda: detected capacity change from 60022480896 to 0
Tried changing so many settings in the BIOS but the main one that came up in my research AHCI was not a setting :(
Convinced it was a problem of my own making I spent a whole week reading many many OCZ posts with similar (but never exactly the same) problems.
Created a post on OCZ with tons of detail, no response.
Returned to Overclockers [OK]
Selected Intel SSD (only 40GB for the same money)
Connect [OK]
Boot [OK]
fdisk [OK]
mkfs.ext4 [OK]
everything [OK]
well, not quite anything, ext4 and Nvidia SATA support were missing out of the kernel I installed, but after fixing that the Intel just works, no fuss no muss.
20 Aug 2011 21:03
Outlook 2002 (XP) (on windows Vista) Demon SMTP authentication settings !
"More Settings"
"My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication"
"Log on using"
host name is the bit BEFORE ".demon.co.uk"
password is the same as the password used to connect via broadband/dial-up which maybe DIFFERENT to your POP3 password
(check at https://www.password.uk.demon.net/ )
Check "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"
"Advanced" Outgoing server settings change port from 25 to 587
and do not check "this server requires an SSL ..."
The number of man hours I wasted on this is phenomenal .
20 Aug 2011 20:55
Time for a story;
Once upon a time someone asked me if they could send email when they were on holiday via Wifi.
Seemed a logical question: "Yes, wifi is just another way of accessing the internet".
The came back from holiday very disappointed, the email would not send but it did receive.
I looked in to the issue and sure enough it is common for ISPs to block SMTP that does not come from client connected directly into there systems.
Some offer alternate secure routes to send email but you have to know how to set them up.
The network in question was Demon who are well renowned for their technical prowess.
And there on their help pages was how to send email when not connected to Demon.
But it did not work and every permutation under the sun of security / post hostname settings would get it anywhere.
Demon do have a Live Chat support option and I suddenly realised that I had exhausted all the settings possibilities the problem had to be elsewhere.
After trying alternate email clients and machines I know what to ask the Live Chat person.
"Can the POP3 password be different to the SMTP password ?" remember POP3 (incoming) mail worked fine and sending from inside Demon, i.e. from home worked fine.
The answer was "yes they can be different", it never occurred to me that the sending mail password would be different to the receiving, many ISPs I have used in the past do not even have the option.
Armed with this crucial piece of information I now setup the SMTP and it worked.
Due the power of the following information it is provided in a separate post [ see above]
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