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19 Jul 2011 23:18
Changed hosting from freenetname.co.uk that gave me my jumpstation.co.uk domain name (for free) to http://1and1.co.uk who I have used for http://pay4foss.org, http://slsushi.co.uk and a surprising number of others.
Freenetname was bought-out by at least two if not three companies leaving my account in the hands of http://www.madasafish.co.uk who offered excellent broadband prices but when we moved house the broadband dropped to almost 1mb and we had no need for 50Gb a month.
We switched to sky.co.uk and strangely the line speed seems slightly higher.
Madasafish termination department did point out that according to BT our area was due for a fibre upgrade in August, so heres hoping.
19 Jul 2011 22:52
Finally got around to torrenting the completely free 3Gb horror flick http://www.thetunnelmovie.net after getting my movie frame a short while ago.
I still cannot decide if I like the film or not. The first 5 minutes make you feel it is a real Hollywood blockbuster with tasteful artistic shots and pans.
Then the film starts and you are hit with strong jarring Australian accents, this immediately put me at odds with the movie just because I am not used to watching a film without mainly American or British actors(I know, my loss).
But after the plot got moving things did settle down, but maybe not for the best, shot in an interview/documentary style it does take a while to get going and then when it is going seems to drag.
I am not going to spoil it but there is one point that literally made me jump out of my chair and the overall 'do not show the monster' works to its advantage.
Plot holes are minimal but can still be observed and annoyingly the story is never fully resolved, this obviously intentional.
For a free movie I say go get it but do you need the DVD ? jury is still out, I want to love this so much more.
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