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28 Aug 2012 18:48
I am sure you have seen the "wannabe" DVDs usually in the supermarkets pretending to be the latest film at rock bottom prices.
The key one that sticks in my mind was a cartoon with a cover that so closely resembled the Pixar UP multi-coloured balloons it was uncanny, there have also been numerous super hero film releases that conveniently tied into to expensive re-releases of the original cartoon.
Tintin is a good example, as soon as the cinema had the film all the DVD shelves were stuffed with the previously un-selling, now over priced original cartoon series.
Anyone who is not savvy with the intricacies of the latest releases would have trouble distinguishing the wheat from the chaff (I am think parents and grand parents).
I was also sure I would never be caught in this way, but I bought the original Swedish "The girl with the dragon tattoo" thinking it was the latest release. To my defence, it was difficult to detect it was in Swedish, the cover was covered in UK companies star reviews, there was a label about the forth coming cinema release and the there was no mention of the actors names or the language except in tiny writing.
That aside I did find it comical that my wife recently bought "The Kings Speech" except it was the Documentary and then "The Iron Lady" that once again was only a documentary. In her defence, although I saw through "The Kings Speech" straight away, I actually looked at "The Iron Lady" and put it in for us to watch and then it took a further 5 mins of watching it to realise it was not the film we expected.
There must be a marketing school teaching how to do this stuff, because they seem to be getting better at it and the number of them out there seems to increase all the time.
Currently on the SyFy channels is "Almighty Thor" not be confused with "Thor" the 2011 cinema release.
May this be a caution to me, not to buy DVDs from supermarkets ever again!
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