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02 Sep 2012 14:52
So the Saturn problem I was having was not what I feared, a knackered motherboard. A number forums were reporting that newer TVs could not cope with the badly designed Saturn SCART cables and suggesting convoluted workarounds using SCART switcher boxes, but, in fact it was a bent pin in the video connector.
Slowly applying pressure via a small screw driver restored the pin and it lives once again.
Sadly my favourite Saturn game Burning Rangers never survived the loan of the Saturn, but I can still some retro gaming with the kids.
01 Sep 2012 10:16
Got the old Dreamcast out to try an entertain the kids (that was after faffing with the Saturn and getting *no picture).
Lots of games, short attention span (not me), match made in heaven.
What was odd was their favourite game was Crazy Taxi, which was odd on many levels, from controls to ease of failure.
One thing Crazy Taxi does well that a hell of a lot of other Dreamcast games did really badly was time from boot to actual game play.
What with opening sequences that could not be skipped to numerous "select a save file"/"Mission briefing"/"select character(even though you only have one choice)" screens.
My all time favourite game that I thought would capture a child's imagination was Toy Commander, but it was just to complicated and they did not connect with the fact you were playing/imagining with toys!?
* might be updating that soon after doing an hours Googling.
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